Are You Smarter than an Ex Detective?

Hi Everyone, Hope you are well. Sorry I've not been around lately but with a new series comes more from the guys at UCOS. Hope you all enjoy it!


Sandra had been looking at the Television screen for a good fifteen minutes. She'd been told about the approaching case by Strickland on Friday drinks and though she was actually excited by the high-profile nature of the case, she could just imagine that the team would probably wind up getting star-struck. Especially once Gerry had had a chance to go and see the set. She glanced at the screen again. She'd watched this ten years ago. When it was actually on. After a long day, coming in at 10pm and finding this on used to make what was left of her evening.

"Is that what I think it is?" Gerry exclaimed as he walked through the door, hanging up his coat.

"Yep" Sandra nodded back.

"Bloody ell, not watched that for yonks"

"Morning" Brian shouted as he went to place his coat behind his chair. Making sure that the AFC Wimbledon computer mat was now

"Brian, get over here. Sandra's got Knowitalls on"

"Knowitalls" Brian shouted excitedly "gerraway". He quickly rushed to the chairs.

"Where did you get this from then?" Gerry asked, "Surely you don't watch this sort of thing anyway"

"I did" Brian said, "ten o'clock on ITV, never used to miss it. And Esther would tape it for me if I was running late"

"I wasn't talking to you"

"I did" Sandra nods, "beats University Challenge anytime"

Brian huffed. Folding his arms tightly across his chest. Gerry smirked.

"Morning Jack" Sandra says,

"Jack, have you seen this?" Gerry asks,

"and what type of morning rubbish is this then?"


"Knowitalls? You don't mean Simon Jackson's ones do you?"


"Brilliant, summat good on telly for once"

"Don't get too excited Jack" Sandra pressed, "only a bloody repeat"

"What was the name of the actress who played the Queen opposite Lesley Manville as Margaret Thatcher?" The question came from the television screen. Sandra was just sat watching the show but at the slightest bit of competition the boys were at it. Any question that came up and they were shouting at the screen. This one was no exception.

"Oh what's her name" Jack said, clicking his fingers, "I know it, I really do"

"Susan Jameson" Sandra remarked.

"That's the one"

" 'Ere your Esther looks a bit like her Brian don't you think" Gerry said.

"No I don't" replied Brian, still smarting at falling behind the other two in the stakes of the most right answers.

The next question came up on the screen.

"What was the name of the actress who played opposite Ricky Tomlinson as the wife of Mike Bassett, England Manager?"

This time Brian spent all of his time clicking his fingers. "I know this, she's in that detective drama on BBC One. Monday nights, can't remember name now."

"Amanda Redman" Sandra interrupted him.

"Cor' I'd love to mee her" Gerry laughed, unable to stop smirking. "What we'd get up to."

"And you're a real Dennis Waterman" Sandra replied, voice full of sarcasm. Gerry snorted whilst Jack and Brian both tried fruitlessly to supress a laugh.

"You're good at these Sandra" Brian said,

"Thanks Brian" Sandra replied, enjoying the adulation.

"That's because she's seen the bleedin' episode before" Gerry stormed out, "I'm having a fag."

"You've upset him now" Jack smirked back at the Detective Superintendent. "Smartarse"

Brian and Sandra couldn't stop laughing.

"Anyway," Jack said, "why are we watching this now? I mean I don't watch it anymore."

"Me neither" Brian said, "never the same after Simon Jackson died."

"Yes" Sandra said, "Died"

"You mean?"

"Well the original team believed that it had been a heart attack but one of the team who works on the show says that just days before Jackson died that there was a huge row between him and Emily Fletcher. The girl who's now the host now." Sandra explained.

"So we're going to visit the set?"



"UCOS have been entered for the new series" Sandra smiled. "And we're recording tomorrow, so get your brains going for tomorrow night?"

"Who's on our team. We need five don't we"

"That's where I come in" Strickland said as he walked in to the office. "Sandra, the studio are expecting us at around half past six."

"Great. Everything alright boys?"

Brian nodded eagerly. Jack wasn't as keen.

Are You Smarter than an Ex Detective?