Here we are again, with Chapter 11. Been away for a few days hence the longer gap. Hope everyone is still enjoying it.


Around three hours later, the 'Old Dog's' along with Emily and Esther had gathered again in the George, celebrating another victory, and a place in the final, even if it came at the clear disappointment of Fletcher and some of those who were also now under suspicion.

"Well cheers everyone" Sandra said, raising her glass towards the others as she sat down at the table, "The Old Dogs are in the final"

"Cheers" replied the rest of the group, raising their glasses with them.

"Not really undercover anymore are we though" Brian said, sounding disappointed,

"We were never really undercover to begin with Brian" Jack said,

"Yes, but they didn't know that we were actually going to be investigating all of them though."

"They knew the minute we turned up at Blackmans house. That's when the cover went."

"They're worried about us anyway" Jack muttered as he sipped from a pint of bitter.

"Why you say that?" Sandra asked, taking one of the crisps from what had become several open packets strewn all over a couple of tables pushed together. Now, just a half dozen crumbs remained.

"Because the minute you started to place Fletcher under arrest she was rather suddenly compliant."

"Well I think considering you've had to release Clare Bernard because of a lack of evidence that you should certainly begin to look at alternative avenues" Strickland instructed. "And remember that we don't focus on the final until we meet at five in the carpark. We have a case to solve, a murderer to catch."

"I meant to tell you dad" Emily said excitedly, "I've got tickets for me, Paula, Caitlin and little Gerry for tomorrow night so you better not lose."

"I'm coming too Brian, Mark is as well" Esther butted in, sounding excited.

"That's great love," Brian said, "I can't wait for it now." Sandra knew that she'd rather have had Esther keep it as a surprise for Brian.

"Anyway" Strickland said, grabbing his coat, "I've got to go, I'll see you all in the office at lunchtime to see what you have managed to come up with, Goodnight everyone"

"Night Sir" Sandra said, waving him on the way out.

"Guvnor, what do we do tomorrow?"

"Well I don't know how far we can go" Sandra summized, emptying her glass, "I cannot imagine that it would be good speaking with Fletcher and Blackman again until after the end of the final, and I don't know whether we could speak to Bernard again now we've had to let her go.

"What about Maura?" Gerry asked,

"What about her?"

"Does she know that the case is currently active?"

"Good point" Sandra said, "I'll telephone her tomorrow"

"Brian" Esther said, sitting up in bed, having been woken by the bedside lamp being on, she glanced at the clock, "it's half past two. What are you doing?"

"I'm reading" Brian explained, showing her the book "10,000 general knowledge quiz questions." "It's absolutely fascinating, did you know that Louis XIV was the king for 72 years in France."

"Why are you reading that?"

"Esther, this is the final, it's a chance to win the trophy, and that prize. I need to ensure that that

"You need to be well rested for the final Brian Lane, and probably that question isn't going to be one that is going to be asked. So turn the light off."

"Aw" Brian sighed, going into a sulk as he went to sleep. By the time Esther woke at 7, Brian was downstairs, reading the book again.

"Mrs Jackson, we'd like to speak with you if it's possible to pop down to the station. Just ask to speak to Detective Superintendent Pullman at the desk." She glanced at her watch, "1:30 will be fine, thank you, bye-bye"

"Who was that?" Brian said, yawning as he walked in, and walking towards his desk. Placing his coat on the third hook up, the one with the stickers of AFC Wimbledon sticking out.

"Maura Jackson, she's coming to visit us this afternoon, we're going to see whether she has anything to say on her husbands murder. Her phone rang.

"Hello?... is she? Right I'

"I've got to go and see Clare Bernard, she's upstairs at the moment, tell Jack to come to the interview room if I'm not back by 10." She hurried out of the office. Brian sat down, rummaging through his bag to find "10,000 general knowledge quiz questions."

"Well in the meantime" He said, opening the book up again.

"Clare what's the matter?" Sandra asked as she was greeted by the sight of a distressed Clare Bernard in reception.

"I hope you are satisfied Pullman"

"Why?" Sandra replied, sounding, puzzled. "What's happened?"

"The studios have sacked me."