Author's Note: This is a collection of my songfics, one-shots, drabbles, one-liners, or any type of fanfic other than the typical chapter-by-chapter one, revolving around the wonderful world of BBRae! While My Teen Titans Post Season Five is put on hold ATM, I hope I can retain readers (if any) with this series! ^_^

So, without further ado, here is the first one!

I do not own Teen Titans, Godzilla, Tokyo, or anything else here except the hands used to type up this lil' piece of writing!

"Awww! How am I supposed to pick up hot Japanese girls with a big green stain on my shirt?!"

Beast Boy frowned at the inky green liquid ruining his vacation attire as if it were the Biggest Disaster of the Year.

Raven, who happened to have landed nearby the changeling to see if Beast Boy had been hurt by the Godzilla-like monster attacking the city of Tokyo, Japan, was merely in shock at Beast Boy's audacity to comment, of all things going on, on the cleanable stain.

Charged by adrenaline, but kept poised and her usual deadpanning self, she swiftly flew to the complaining boy, pinned him down to the ground, and glared at his emerald irises.

"Your skin is green, you have fangs, and your ears are pointed; are you really worried about the shirt?" Raven told Beast Boy. When her thoughts finally caught up with her actions, she almost choked.

I just expressed to Beast Boy three of the top four things I find in this world most adorable, she realized. Of course, they were fourth, third and second respectively, first being the green keen fighting teen himself. Lucky her hood was shadowing the majority of her facial features so that her blush would not go noticed by her long-time crush.

Raven and Beast Boy awkwardly stared at each other for a few seconds, after which Raven could not take it. She released him and hovered into the alley to further mask her increasingly reddening facial hues.

Raven's point finally reaching Beast Boy's almost incompetent hearing comprehension, he flailed his arms at the retreating empath.

"Hey! Cheeks dig the ears!" he complained, but Raven had already disappeared into the night of the alleyway. He jumped up and tried to chase after her to have a chance at opposing her statement. "Ack, wait!"

Unfortunately for Beast Boy, Raven was already back in battle, so he did too.

Raven, on the other hand, thought, Great, if Beast Boy wants to argue about his cute and handsome eyes, ears, mouth and nose, he might find out that I like him. What on Earth should I do now?

She caught a glimpse of the monster smashing its hand aimlessly at a skyscraper.

That's right, I can do things that annoy him so that he'll not think that I have a crush him. I should constantly slap him during this vacation - err - mission, that should be easy!