"Are you sure about this? Really sure?"

Gar heaved a sigh. "Yes."

"You might regret it, Garfield Logan. I'm dead serious. There are other guys out there who will kill to have me. I know for a fact."

Here we go again, Gar inwardly rolled his eyes. He'd been listening to his ex-wife-to-be sound like she had everything figured out when in fact she was still the same old obsessed possessive nuisance that Gar never saw in her until recently. They knew she lacked control. She wasn't mental or anything. Gar had made it his mission to support Tara through her struggles, but the more they tried to cooperate the farther apart they felt. They never could pinpoint what was the cause. Maybe it was that Tara had been secretly clubbing and seeing this dude, which one night she had uttered the name in her sleep. Slade Wilson.

Gar knew Mr. Wilson. They were enemies. Mr. Wilson was pretty much the arch nemesis of many people and practically the ringleader of a local gang of misbehaving wrongdoers. Tara would continually promise to never go near him again, but would break that promise just as often. As far as Gar was concerned, they never really did anything, but the mere fact that Tara seemed to forget what her problems were whenever around that mysterious man bothered Gar extremely.

"And what are you going to do?" Tara Logan pressed on, subtly attempting to get out of what the two were about to do at the moment. "Go back to living with the Daytons? This is my house. The Markov Residence. The Dayton Residence is through with you, if I recall correctly. You need me just as much as I need you. Have you considered that?"

Gar remained calm.

"Yes, I have."

Going back to the issue, or maybe it was Gar's realization overtime. Tara wasn't the one for him. He had found the one long ago, but he had overlooked it all those years. It took only until recently for it to sink in. Only when the one he truly cared about was gone.

A flashback hit him at that moment.

"You're choosing her? Why?"

Gar couldn't stand his friend speak as if she were choking. She had heard the news that Gar had proposed to Tara, and she wasn't particularly happy. For months now, she had been telling Gar that she wasn't the one for him.

"What do you mean 'why'?"

"I mean, why?" Rachel repeated. "What do you see in her?"

"It's true love, okay!" Gar snapped. "The reason's not explainable. I don't get it. Why can't you be happy for me?"

Rachel glared at Gar, giving him the you-are-clueless look. Throughout their relationship as friends, Rachel had always been the one putting logic into his senses. It always went well with his zany thoughts. They had the Yin-Yang thing going on between them. But Gar was not feeling zen at that moment. He was feeling impatient with Rachel. Confused.

"You're in that honeymoon stage, Gar," Rachel retorted, brushing her short hair back as the breeze strengthened. "All you two do together are the fun stuff. Temporary fun stuff. The reality has not sunk in. I know. Trust me. I've gone through it. What you have with Tara at this moment? I doubt it'll transcend to how we are together."

Rachel's wordy attempt to make Gar see the light was a lot for him to understand. He had to break down the message. He knew Rachel had had a past relationship that ended not so well.

"What do you mean 'it'll transcend to how we are together'?" Gar asked. Rachel flushed, like she wasn't supposed to say that out loud.

"I-I mean..." she stammered.

"Don't tell me..." Tara gritted. "Her? She was the person who tried to wreck our relationship to begin with! You going to her would just make it look like you're the biggest fool in the entire galaxy!"

Gar gave Tara a serious look, meaning the both of them had the same person in mind.

"Then I am a fool," Gar said. "But I'm not getting any wiser staying here for too long."

Tara sighed in defeat. Her blue eyes were like poison.

"You're an idiot," she said bitterly. "You better hope she still loves you. It's been months, hasn't it?"

"I'll take my chances."

"Better start signing those divorce papers, then," Tara said with a click of a pen. She added softly to herself, "Tara Wilson doesn't sound as bad at least."


Weight off shoulders. Free from prison. After-school detention finished. They pretty much summed up Gar's feeling when the divorce was made official.

Tara and Gar wasted no time packing his stuff up so that he could exit the mansion. He never really liked that place anyway. Too extravagant, he noted the first time he entered the household.

The first thing he did after that was try to find Rachel.

82 Rose Street. Her apartment.

"May I see Rachel?" asked Gar, brimming with hope and a sufficient pinch of anxiety.

"She moved out a month ago," boomed the voice of the grimy landlord. Gar had expected such an answer. She only lived in the apartment to save money during her college years. What Gar needed to find out next was her whereabouts.

"Why do I care?" asked the man nonchalantly, and he slammed the door in front of Gar.

Gar had to see her. Tell her that he was wrong all along. But they had broken off their connection about the time of the wedding.

"But she has to still be in the state," he told himself, thinking hard. Where would she want to be?

"Gar, do you see that garden there?"

"Yeah. Why?"

Gar spotted the porch perched on top of a little hill. At the zenith was a garden of tulips and morning glories. Further behind the garden was a little cottage. A hilltop cottage. Gar knew only one person who would be interested in a place that radiated such a calming presence.

"That's where I'd like to live," Rachel continued. "Somewhere overlooking the city, but not a penthouse. Nothing commercial or luxurious. I want a peaceful environment where I do my own thing and not get stressed out over the petty issues of this world."

"You really hate Earth so much," commented Gar.

"It's that bad. Like, they're destroying our home. All of us. The end of the world might be approaching any minute. So there," she pointed at the little cottage. "I want to be there when that happens. That's why I'm workig so hard."

Gar had to do a double take. "Not for whatever you told me you were gonna do after college?"

"When did I even tell you about my plans for the future?" Rachel gave Gar a quizzical look. "I want it simple."

"Sounds like you," said Gar. "Go for it."

Gar walked his way, because he wasn't left with much cash so he couldn't hire a cab, to the hill. The garden and cottage were still there.

"She must be here."

Gar climbed up the hill and fifteen minutes later, panting, he reached the top. He peered up the cottage window to see if his suspicions were right.

He saw Rachel on an armchair silently reading a thick book. Gar had no idea what major difference to her usual habits, but it must have been the atmosphere.


Rachel jumpednup and looked around in surprise.


"Over here!" he waved. Eachel noticed and let out a loud and long sigh of relief.

"What are you doing here?" asked Rachel, angrily but Gar could tell she was somewhat happy to see him. She let him in her cottage.

"I divorced her!" Gar told Rachel a bit top enthusiastically considering the issue he was talkig about.

"P-pardon me?" Rachel was still in shock she didn't fully understand him.

"I am divorced!" exclaimed Gar more loudly and clearly.

Rachel finally realized he was talking about Tara. They separated.

"Ok, so you come here to admit that I'm right?"

"You're right!" he grinned. "About everything. Rachel, I finally know what you meant. I love you."

It was all very quick. Rachel was just living her routine, and then Gar, as usual, would sidetrack her. She loved him all that time, she knew, and she was feeling a bot lonely at the cottage without her best friend.

"So let's be together," she urged, Gar could not agree more.

Gar affectionately held her head and kissed her.


"Gar, did you shower the garden already?"

"Yes, dear. Now how about you ask if I have showered?" asked Gar as he entered the cottage. "I'm beginning to think care for the garden more than your boyfriend."

Rachel let out a halfhearted sigh. "Have you showered?"

"Smell for yourself," said Gar before planting a kiss on her cheeks.

"Cheesy," shivered Rachel. "But definitely clean."

"Now, if you will respect my privacy, I have a call I need to make."

"What for?" Rachel made a face that clearly showed her distaste for commercial products.

"I need to It's important to me."

"Okay, but clearly you're keeping it a secret. Once you're done, your tofu will be ready. Meanwhile, since I can't ever find that tofu tasty, I'll boil myself some eggs."

"Thanks dear!" thanked Gar and he shut the door.

Gar quickly dialed the number and spoke really softly, "Hi, it's Gar. It'll be ready by this afternoon, right? Oh, evening? Hm… Meh, a proposal bu sunset sounds romantic too. Yeah, yes. Thank you. Bye."

Gar smiled to hinself excitedly.