They had decided to keep it a secret.

Or rather Loki told Tony they were going to keep it quiet, with which Tony complained that that put a damper on stealing kisses at his locker causing Loki to blink in either confusion or embarrassment. Tony decided on the latter.

Loki also said nothing had to change. No sitting with him during lunch or homeroom and that included not inviting him to sit with Tony and his friends. No one should know and no one should suspect.

Tony retorted with everyone already had an inkling about this but Loki shut him up. They were going to do things his way or nothing which caused Tony to grin goofily at his boyfriend.



How crazy was that? It would take as much effort as Tony could muster not to go blabbing it to the world. But he had given his promise.

Tony gestured a zip across his lips. Secret's safe with me he had said.

Good Loki had said back.

Tony left the Odinson household in a daze. Loki thought it best if he left and honestly he wanted to fight and say I'm staying forever, but decided he was too high off of the magic that was Loki to properly spend the rest of the evening with his brother and parents without bursting.

Bursting was a no-no.

So Tony said his goodbye, or rather kissed his goodbye, and practically skipped out the door. He nearly hugged Thor on his way out.

This was perfect. Well, nearly perfect. He had been hoping he could at least tell Steve. Or Pepper. But he had given his word.

Tony was not going to go back on his word.

Perhaps in the back of his mind there was an inkling of doubt. A small smidge of apprehension but for now, things were perfect.

It wasn't that he was concerned with their newfound relationship. Honestly, Tony still couldn't believe it. Had it truly happened or was he lost in a wonderful dream. No matter the answer he certainly didn't want it to end.

The seed of fear that was planted in his heart would have to wait.

For now, he was perfectly content.

There was nothing that could deter his good mood. Not his father, not his friends, not anything in the whole wide universe and it was wonderful.

It was as if his entire life had led up to this moment of acceptance. Loki was everything Tony could ever imagine and more. In a strange way Tony felt that they were two halves of a whole, despite how cliché and sappy it may sound when spoken out loud.


Loki was restless.

He was never restless.

Tony had left and suddenly Loki wanted nothing more than to run after him. Not to take it all back, because now that the words had been said and the air had lost its weight he couldn't have been more relieved and more at peace with himself.

It was a lovely feeling.

A contentment that Loki was unaccustomed to. Perhaps that's why he was restless.

He wanted to jump and dance and sing and run around like a mad man. It was a new sensation and a completely insane urge. It took all his self control not to open his window and scream. No words, just a good scream. A scream that would just let out the bubbling volcano of despair and happiness.

Rid his system of all he had locked away.

Loki really hadn't want Tony to leave but it seemed the best option and calling him now, or texting seemed rather clingy. So Loki did what he always did.

He lay on his bed and stared up at his Millennium Falcon model, but rather than dwelling on how miserable his life was, he smiled up at it, lost in a haze of complete and utter happiness.

Deep down Loki knew he was acting ridiculous. This was not some silly novel or movie. Happiness was never really true and love couldn't be found at sixteen nor could this relationship last, but for now Loki was willing to ignore his reasoning and just enjoy the feeling.

Real life was so far away. Reality would return and put him in his place but for now he would cling to the feeling of Tony's arms around him, his lips pressed against his own, and that smile Tony gave him as they sat there, falling into a whirl of realization and understanding. As if they had finally found the missing piece to the puzzle that made up their life.

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