She was gliding through the crowd on the dance floor, moving smoothly to the beat. Her long blonde hair was falling in loose waves around her shoulders. He watched her for a few moments, just standing in the doorway. Her leather pants were scuffed along the thigh and her shirt had a small tear at the hem. She had been hunting. He remembered the joy of patrolling with her. He watched her and felt the ties tighten around him. He was hers. He had traveled for over a year looking for answers, only to discover he had to come back to his pack. His pack, he let his eyes dart around the room and felt relief flood his body. There would be no confrontations. She was here alone. He pushed into the room and started toward her.

Her hips slowed and he saw her turn, saw the warmth in her eyes, before she coiled up and launched herself at him. He wrapped his arms around her and lowered his head to her shoulder taking in her scent, vampire dust and cinnamon. She shivered in his arms and touched the back of his head with her hand briefly.

"Oh, you're home, so good you're home." Her voice was thick with emotion and it soothed him. Her warm breath against his ear pulled at something deep within. He pulled back from her embrace and looked at her closely.

"Hey." He smiled in greeting. He loved the flash of amusement in her eyes. He knew she wouldn't pester him for long speeches and explanations.

She pulled him back toward her and started to dance with him, a happy grin playing across her face. He put one hand on her hip and fell into to step with her as if they had danced together a million times. She ran her fingers around the collar of his faded tee shirt and played in the over long russet hair.

"Did you find the answers you needed?" she asked and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Sort of." He pulled her closer for a moment. Then he sank to his knees in front of her and hugged her close. His head pressed to her hip, her hand splayed across the back of his head, they stilled as the moment took them. Her body shook, welling with emotion, and then he felt it, her acceptance, a warm glow inside of him. She gripped his hair tightly and pulled his head back.

"So, you are home to stay." It was a statement, not a question. He watched her ever-changing eyes slide from crystalline blue to the color he could only find in the clouds of a gathering storm. He swallowed, suddenly nervous, and nodded. She pulled him up from his knees and moved him back into the dance with her hands and hips.

She dropped her head on to his chest and listened to his heartbeat until a small giggle erupted from her. He pulled back from her and raised an eyebrow. She smirked at him then stuck her tongue out.

"The others?"

"They are all busy tonight, but I needed to be here for a bit." She spun about and nestled her back against his front, still keeping with the beat. "Do you have a place to stay?"

"I was going to head over to Xander's place, crash on the basement floor for a couple of days."

"He shares a place with Anya now. I sublet her place when they started co habiting. You are welcome to stay with me. I've got an extra room if you don't mind sleeping on my little girl bed."

"How girly?"

She grinned and flipped around to face him again. "Eyelet lace and lavender rose buds."

"I've always liked roses." Oz grinned as Buffy laced her fingers through his and led him toward the exit.

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