Tara watched the drama unfolding around her and decided that she needed to act. She moved toward Wes and motioned for Cordelia to move. Cordelia nodded gratefully and fled to stand next to Angel.

Tara pulled up all her healing power and felt the warmth flood her body. It was like a wave filling her, but she could sense some changes in the flow of her power. She had more control and a sense of connection to the world around her that had been lacking before Buffy had worked her magic.

She looked at the mark on Wes's wrist and placed her palm on it. She let the welling warmth flow into him through the mark, letting her power search for the damage. She felt how depleted he was and almost wept, but to appear weak with that odious toad in the room would be a mistake. She didn't have enough power to restore his to a functional level. She could feel him holding tight to Faith sending her power to the other slayer almost as quickly as she could pour it into him.

She needed a power source. Her mark burned on her shoulder and Anya gasped and reached for it, covering the glowing tattoo with her hand. Tara locked eyes with Anya and watched as the ex-demon nodded. She smiled and started to pull power from both of them and pushed it into Wes. She felt Anya's power, there was magic in it and knowledge. She used Anya to ground her and flowed along with Wes tracing his bond until she felt Faith. She could feel Buffy here, protecting her sister slayer.

The damage to Faith was frightening in its scope. Every bit of her was aching. Tara cringed and directed the power she was pulling from Anya to fill in the gaps, it was triage healing, but it might give Wes a chance. Buffy was holding strong against the onslaught, but the watcher was faltering.

She felt a stronger source of power join her as Anya pulled away. It had to be Giles. She grinned as he poured his power into them. Strong and brash, it was less pliable under her hand than Anya's had been, but she worked with it and felt Wes relax across the bond. She pulled back from Faith and touched Buffy for a moment before she returned to her body and collapsed into Giles arms.