Spike slammed into the apartment with Buffy clutched to his chest. "Oz, get your ass here now. I can't fight her one more minute. It's taken three hours to get here. She keeps trying to go back to kill the damn things."

"Abomination can not be allowed to live." Buffy snarled and tried to force her way out of Spike's embrace.

"You want Oz. Remember, pet? You need to keep Oz and the family safe from the undying freaks." He stared into her eyes and watched her struggle to control the urge to go hunt. He'd never seen bloodlust take a hold of her before.

"Oz." Buffy turned her head looking for her mate frantically. Oz sprang across the room and gathered her into his arms. She curled against him and whimpered.

"Be bloody careful. She goes crazy fast and hard when she thinks about those things. If I'd seen her act like that back in the old days I'd have taken Dru and fled."

"We had to sedate Mai." Oz nodded to the small group huddled around the futon. "Wes is holding Faith steady in the spare room, but once she recuperates we'll probably have to sedate her as well. I'm gonna clean Buffy up and then you can tell us what happened." Spike nodded and leaned his back against the door, exhausted.

Joyce rounded the corner and ran to Spike. "What happened to you? Are the things that bad?" She pulled his hand and led him towards a one of the bar stools.

"Your daughter did all of this. Trying to go back and fight. She's got a wild case of bloodlust for those things. The only thing that would call her back was jabbering on about Oz and the rest of you lot. It was a real pain in the well everywhere, but I got her home to you, Joyce." Spike flopped into the chair.

Joyce leaned her forehead against his and stoked her fingers lightly down the sides of his face. "Thank you." She whispered, knowing he could hear her.

"Well, I am going to be her stepfather. It's my job to protect her now." He grinned and then groaned as his lip started bleeding again.

"You rest. I'll get you some blood and clean you up." Joyce ran her fingers along his jaw and smiled. "I'm so happy you are both safe."

Spike closed his eyes and listened to all the milling bodies shoved into Buffy's tiny apartment. He sighed and opened his eyes as Angel came into the room.

"You're a sad looking mess, William."

"Thanks, grandpa." Spike smirked up at Angel.

"Rest. I'll take care of them for now. I won't let anyone hurt our little family." Angel looked down at Spike and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. He pulled his other wrist up to his mouth and bit into it deeply and then pressed it against Spike's mouth. Spike stared up at him for a moment before he latched on and started to feed.

Joyce returned with a mug of blood and stood still, watching Spike drink from Angel's wrist. She looked up at Angel with a million questions in her eyes.

"It's better for him than pig's blood. Sire's blood will heal him faster." He shrugged. "I'll take the mug." He held out his other hand for it.

She handed him the mug and smiled. "I thought you hated him."

"No, I don't hate him. Vampire families are complicated. William is mine. My daughter made him, but I raised him. Vampires don't nurture like humans, but we do forge bonds. He was always a bit of a problem for me, rebellious and wild. Among our clan that's saying something." Angel took a sip of the blood and smiled at her in thanks.

Buffy stalked into the room clutching Oz's hand. She stared around the room for a moment, her eyes filled with sadness. Then she looked over at her mother chatting with Angel while Spike fed. She smiled at Spike. "Thanks for getting me home."

He nodded slightly and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm okay so long as we wonder twin it." Buffy said and raised the hand she was using to old Oz close.

"Could we not be twins? It's a little unsettling, Buffy." Oz smiled at her. "Plus we are so not the justice league."

"We need to come up with a name and let Xander order us some shirts." Buffy grinned and squeezed Oz's hand lightly. Angel closed his eyes and Spike broke off drinking.

"No, I will fight evil for you Summers women, but I will not dress like the whelp. There are some lines even a soulless, evil demon like myself knows not to cross." Spike stared at Buffy intently. "That's a deal breaker."

Joyce giggled and sat down on his lap. "Spike, you aren't so evil, not anymore. You saved your slayer stepdaughter today. Makes you a hero."

Spike glared at them as they all nodded in agreement. "I'm just being contrary. Tell them, Angel."

Angel took a long sip of his blood and shook his head. "Welcome to the good side." He hid his grin behind his mug as Spike growled at him.

"It's all your damn fault, Buffy. I'm not sure how, but this mess has slayer written all over it." Spike wrapped his arms around Joyce.

"I think Angel might have had something to do with it." Buffy teased. "I am glad you got me home. Whatever the hell the government has done this time makes Adam look like a creampuff."

"You ripped him apart pretty well." Spike dropped his chin onto Joyce's curls.

"I didn't manage to kill any of it. It's time to see if more watchers researching will pay off. I need answers. We can't drug the others indefinitely."

"Yeah, Faith has been through enough without the drugs and Mai burns through the stuff so fast. I wish we'd had that cage put in. It might make things easier on her." Oz looked sadly at the girl being monitored as she thrashed, trying to fight even in her sleep.

"Well, that's my cue to crack the watcher whip and get Giles in the driver's seat for a bit." Buffy hugged Spike and her mom together, dragging Oz along and forcing Angel to step back. He watched the small group hug for a moment and moved to leave them alone when Buffy opened her eyes and looked at him. They stared at each other for a moment, and the tension between them melted away.

"Join the hug, grandpa." Buffy smiled at Spike's bark of laughter as Angel leaned his frame around the seated couple and placed one hand on Buffy and the other on Oz.

"Vampire families are complicated." Joyce said and everyone chuckled.