Riley rolled his shoulders and grimaced as he tried to deal with the odd pain in all his joints. He hadn't expected a transformation, but it must be a side effect. They hadn't been able to run simulations or even animal tests. He looked around the ruin of the lab and shrugged. It didn't matter to him. He had enjoyed destroying the place. Looking at it now was actually rewarding. He was strong enough to take down anything.

The squirming pieces of his slayer brother were a bit gross, but he could be put back together. Hell, his other slayer brother was already fitting him together like a jigsaw puzzle. It wasn't pretty, but it seemed to work.

He walked around the room. Buffy had come here with her vampires. He shook his head and took a deep breath. She'd brought the wolf as well. Buffy liked her monsters. She always kept one around. Soon, he would be her only monster. He smiled and headed up to his room. He couldn't wait to show her how monstrous he could be.

Her picture still sat in the frame on his desk. He looked at her trapped in the glowing sun as she laughed at their first picnic. She'd been keeping secrets from him, hiding her true self. She had always held him at arms length. Always laughed at him. He wouldn't be getting that treatment anymore. He attached shackles to the floor at the four corners of his bed. He smiled as he surveyed his room. Buffy wasn't going to walk away from him again.

He would father a new race of warriors on her and she would learn how to treat a man in the process. She would learn or he would make her watch as he ripped apart all her little pets. He leaned back and smiled. She would cry as he raped her girl friends until their blood ran. Perhaps he'd even fuck her watcher and her lap dog Xander. He wasn't gay, but as a monster did it really matter? He wanted them all to suffer for never really liking him.

"Who am I kidding? I'm going to make her watch me hurt them again and again. I'm gonna make her cry and I'm gonna love it." He shouted and listened to his voice echo through the empty house. "I need more chains. I can chain up an audience. Make her vampire watch as I fuck her senseless as I make her beg for it to stop."

He whistled and took the elevator down to the ruined lab. They had gone on a rampage last night. The doctors and scientists had been easy and fun to rip apart. They were weak and hadn't expected any problems to arise. It had been so much fun watching them run in terror. He had rutted on one of the bitches until she bled out. The others had died to fast. He loved watching the tears stream down their wobbly faces. He hated them, women like Walsh, women who thought of him as a subject not a person. He closed his eyes and reveled in the memory of their screams.

He hummed as he scavenged for the things he wanted. Occasionally dipping his fingers in pools of congealed blood and licking them off, he found the body of a female he had not managed to destroy. She was blonde, but older than Buffy and less appealing. He played his fingers through her hair. It felt brittle and lifeless. Her body was stiff with rigor. He frowned and shifted her a bit. The smell of death was intoxicating. He propped her like a plank against the wall and continued his search.

He looked at the lifeless body and thought of Buffy. He wanted her to live, and with her healing she could take quite a beating. He smiled, but continued to stare at the remnants of the blond scientist. He needed to know her limits or he might kill her accidently.

"Can't father children on a dead body. I'll need to keep her alive. I'm also going to need something to amuse me when she's expecting, but I can just pick out a toy on campus. Some variety is a good thing. Buffy will hate watching that. Of course humans don't hold out for very long." He frowned and started looking for more chains. He would keep Faith, too. If she could with stand it then Buffy would be able to survive it.

He smiled as he filled a bag with the restraints he needed and some tools that might come in handy. The two holding cells were functional, one for the boys and one for the girls. They'd be crowded at first. He smiled and licked his fingers again imagining their fresh blood coating his hands.

He felt his pants tighten and groaned. He wasn't ready to capture them all yet. He needed both his brothers up and running. Perhaps he could go grab a random coed from the campus. He closed his eyes and imagined the warmth of the body beneath him, the tears, and the screams. His pulse quickened and he rubbed a hand along his zipper, pressing it into his flesh. He thought about it, let his mind wander. He closed his eyes and imagined watching the life fade from his victim's eyes. He looked at his bag and thought of Buffy chained watching him kill woman after woman.

"I am going to rub their blood on her body and lick it off until she screams." He laughed and kicked a dismembered head for distance. He wanted to play, but he needed to get things taken care of in his love nest. Plans required attention to detail. He eyed the stiff corpse one more time and flung it over his shoulder. Buffy had fucked a dead thing. There had even been some perfect happiness involved.

"Time to give it a whirl. See what all the fuss is about."