Hank stared at the two men as they looked through the weapons. What the hell was his little girl doing with all those weapons? The one Joyce claimed as a fiancé, seemed to find the whole situation amusing. He was always smirking and sniping at the others. The one Buffy had said those horrible things about looked very serious. He frowned most of the time, and he watched Buffy with an air of sadness. The rest of the people seemed tense, and they all believed his daughter's crazy story about good and evil.

She was clearly insane and this must be some kind of cult. He had been kidnapped by his daughter's cult, and they'd given him something to make him see those weird faces. He took a couple of deep breaths, trying to control his heart rate.

"They're not crazy, Hank." Joyce sat next to him. He saw the blonde fiancé turn and stare at them from across the room. "I didn't see it at first. I thought Buffy was clumsy or fighting or goodness only knows what. A vampire, a pretty blonde girl that sired Angel, attacked me and I was convinced I'd fallen on a barbeque fork. It took years for me to come to terms with our girl's destiny."

"I thought she was living in a dorm. Why are we paying for an apartment?"

"We don't pay for any of it. Buffy works at a dojo to earn the money for this place. I can't get her to take much from me. She likes her independence. You should be proud of her."

"She's living with that shorter red head that she thinks is a werewolf and I am supposed to be happy? Why won't you get her the help she needs?" He glared at Joyce.

"Leave Mom alone, Daddy. Spike gets a bit antsy when she gets upset. It usually leads to violence." Buffy smiled at Joyce. "Mom, don't waste your time. He'll be convinced or headed to the loony bin before this is over."

Angel and Spike brought over six swords. A couple of the watcher's came over with the Giles man. They stood there, all starring at Hank.

"How do we do this? Does the blade just need to be bloodied or do we need to actually slice his skin?" Buffy asked as she pulled a small blade from her boot.

"There isn't enough information available here and the time is too limited to sift through the mountains of it at the main library." Giles said. "I think you'll have to stick with the original plan. Draw the blood for the first attempts and take him with you in case it needs the actual cut."

"Do it, Giles. Get us enough for one run." He nodded and went over to the weapons locker and pulled out an extensive medical kit. Hank felt the sweat chill on his skin.

"Angel, Wes, Faith, Spike, Oz are with me. Oh, and Daddy. The rest of you stay here. I know it's crowded, but it's easier to defend you if I only have to hold this building."

"Miss Summers," Quentin came forward. "Godspeed and come back safely."

"It's hard being on the front lines. Good for you though." She smiled at him. "Keep them safe and listen to Xander and Giles. They know the lay of the land."

The older man nodded, and turned his eyes toward the two men and the young blonde witch surrounding Hank Summers.

"He'll go with you. The calming spell won't last long. The adrenaline spike after could be dangerous if I make the spell any stronger. Have Angel or Spike keep track of his heart rate if you can." Tara looked at her with watery eyes and tucked a stray hair behind Buffy's ear. "We will be fine. There are some old protections I can work with Willow and Anya to reinforce the wards once you leave."

"Be safe, all of you." Buffy hugged Tara and squeezed Giles hand while she looked at all the others. The golden light from the bulbs illuminated their worried faces. "I've faced down worse than Riley hopped up on slayer power."

"Wish we were going with you is all," Xander smiled at her. "We're not used to sitting on the sidelines."

"Headquarters," Buffy smiled at him as she pulled him into a quick hug. "This is headquarters, not the sidelines."

"Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'm still important." He stroked one hand down her back and pulled her closer.

"If things go sideways, I'm trusting in you and Giles to make sure everyone but Travers survives. I know better than to think either one of you would even try." She whispered in his ear.

Spike, Angel, and Oz chuckled. Faith rolled her eyes and rested her sword against her shoulder. "Can we go kill something now? Please."

"Come on, Daddy. Time for a walk." Buffy held out her hand and he clasped it in one of his, smiling up at her in a way she had all but forgotten.

He nodded. "Sure thing, Kiddo. Let's go." He waved at everyone with his spare hand as Buffy led him through the door. Oz followed with a quick wave and a nod of his head. Spike stared at Joyce.

"Everyone come back." Joyce said, her voice even and calm. "Even Hank."

Spike snickered and Angel shoved him out the door. "You are a vampire, remember? Have some dignity."

"Whatever you say, Peaches." Spike laughed. "This is gonna be fun. You are a vampire, too. Remember the violence and the mayhem? We get to kill things today."

"You bring Wes home safe." Cordelia said to Faith. "We need his brain."

"Well, I'll do it, but I'm keeping the body. Okay?" Faith winked at the seer and laughing, she pulled a blushing Wes out the door behind her.

The room fell silent for a moment and no one moved.

"They will come back. If they don't all lose their minds and try to kill each other again." Anya huffed.