"Starscream, I am aware that you have second highest kill count in the entire Decepticon army, I know that you are the fastest flyer we have, and yes, I know that you have fought Optimus before, and in spite of all that, I still cannot divine why you thought it was a good idea to attack him head on."

"Lord Mega-"

"While he was flanked by both Ironhide and Jazz."

"But I-"

"And no matter how amusing it was to make Jazz jump like he was Breakdown, if Longshot and Flipside had not come to your aid, I would be standing here reciting hamlet."

"My Lor-"

"You would be Yorick. And stop calling me Lord, Starscream, no one is listening. Primus knows how much of that scrap I will have to endure once we get back to Cybertron."

"I- I saw an opening in the Autobot defenses. It seemed foolish not to take it."

"Foolish, Starscream? I will tell you what I saw, and you will tell me if that seems foolish. What I saw was a red and blue blur go tearing out of formation with no warning, through a gap the size of a sparkling, moving so fast that not even Skywarp could follow, to engage three of the Autobot commanders on his own. You would be dead if not for Longshot shooting Ironhide's arm off."

Starscream hung his head. Criticism from Megatron was a common enough occurrence that it usually didn't faze him, but this time Megatron actually sounded concerned.

A hand the size of his head landed on his shoulder, snapping Starscream out of his musings.

This is very bad thought Starscream. When Megatron touches people, it usually means they are about to die.

There was a long moment of silence before Megatron spoke.

"Starscream, when I told you to go out and prove yourself, I did not mean to go and get yourself killed. You are much more valuable to me alive. I said to show me that you were worthy of being called Air Commander. I expected you to go out and command. Not get yourself killed!"

Starscream flinched at the anger that was present in Megatron's voice. It was scary enough directed at Autobots, but when that anger is directed at him, it was terrifying.

"You realize that you are worth more than a foot soldier, correct? I didn't make you second in command so that you could get yourself killed. Don't look so surprised. You are the only other person in this army that is ruthless enough to command the decepticons. Soundwave will support you, when it comes to that point, as will Beatdown and his freelancers."

"I—Thank you, Lord Megatron."

"Alright, I tire of this emotional scrap. Get yourself fixed up and meet me in the war room. There's energon to be had, and I'll not leave it to Optimus."

Starscream paused for a moment before schooling his features into a cruel smirk.

"As you say, Lord Megatron…" he said with a mocking tone.

Megatron grinned.

"Hah! That's more like it!"

So, that's what came stumbling out of my head after playing through both WFC and FOC. Anyone who wants to use my characters in their stories should message me for details. That is, of course, if I ever get the stories about them written.

Name: Beatdown

Turns into a tank, uses a shield and spear, old friend of Megatron's from their gladiator days.

Name: Longshot

Turns into a Mazda Miata, sniper, found his affinity for snipers when he broke free of his restraints and killed his firing squad. Uses a special weapon formula that causes every seventh bullet to explode.

Name: Flipside

Turns into the same model of jet as Jetfire, has a Camouflage matrix that allows him to mimic the appearance of anyone he touches.