"Wolf, we got bad news." said Leon.

"Urgh..." I muttered, sitting up on the motel's bed. The room was messy, I just dumped my clothes in there as soon as I got there last night. The person who had been here before left a ton of magazines and potato chips on the floor. There were rats everywhere. "What is it Leon? It's like...9 AM."

"This note. Panther left it on your door.."

"Give me that!"

To Wolf and Leon:

Me and Krystal are leaving the team. Sorry but we want to be alone together. We just cannot be in love while being watched by an ugly lizard (no offence Leon) and a big scary wolf. Hope you understand, and maybe you will find love some day.

Yours truly, Panther

PS: We took half of the team's funds. That's fair, we get half, you get half.

"What about our debt?" I yelled.

"Exactly!" yelled Leon. "We can't pay it back now."

"To the Wolfens!"

I put my gear on, ran out of the motel room and headed towards the car park. We jumped into our jets and turned on the ignition. The jets spluttered to life, spitting out smoke and other products. Damnit, I forgot. We needed the money to repair them.

"We'll never catch up in this junk." said Leon via intercom. He was right. So we took off anyway and headed into outer space.

Great Fox
In orbit of Katina
9:12 AM

Fox stared out of the window of the Great Fox. Ever since Krystal had left, he felt incredibly lonely. They had visited Bill earlier that day, but he still wasn't happy.

"Star Wolf is visible on radar screen." said R.O.B. 64 the robot.

"Is Kyrstal there?" asked Fox.

"Negative. Wolf O'Donnell and Leon Powalski currently in range."

"Prepare to deploy the Arwings. We're going in!"

"Wolf, how much cash do we have left?"

"About ten thousand. Negative thirty-five thousand if you include the debt."

"We need to get more money!"

"There are some gangs that could do with our help."

Suddenly, two Arwings appeared.

"Can't let you do that Star Wolf!" said Fox.

"General pepper has ordered us to take you down!" added Falco.

"Open fire!" I yelled. I hit the trigger. Several clicking sounds were heard, but nothing fired. I stared ahead as Fox fired a volley of powerful lasers, severely damaging my shields. Leon had a bit more luck and landed a few shots on Falco. I turned the ship so I could get behind Fox but the engine died mid-loop. I got it working again just in time to avoid a smart bomb. My lasers started working for a moment, but Fox did a barrel roll and avoided them.

"Wolf, my G-Diffuser isn't working!" yelled Leon as he was pelted by lasers. Not many hit him, but those that did blew off entire sections of his hull.

"Retreat, retreat!" I yelled. Leon and I regrouped, only to be hit by a smart bomb. A Cornerian military transport was exiting Katina and preparing to warp.

"Wolf, the transport!"

"I know, I know!"

Our Wolfens made several loud clanking and exploding noises and they crashed on the transport as it prepared to warp. Star Fox attacked to no avail as the transport warped to Corneria. Our ships then rolled off the transport, snapped the wings and headed into the atmosphere.

"Wolf, are your re-entry rockets working."

"Yes!" I said.


"Make that a no." I added as I saw the smoky debris that was once my rockets fly away from the ship

"Mine aren't working either!" said Leon, in a panicky voice. As the clouds parted, we were above the ocean. Leon sighed of relief until we saw a cargo ship.

"We're gonna crash! Eject!" I yelled. My seat flew up through the cockpit as the Wolfen crashed into the boat and exploded.

"MY EJECT WON'T WORK!" yelled Leon, who was frantically mashing the button. His ship crashed into the water, slowing down as it surfed across the surface. I pulled open the parachute and Leon crashed into the boat. The Wolfen was wrecked, but the cockpit opened and Leon walked out unharmed. That is, until a sack crashed on his head. Within a minute, we were sitting on the Wolfen, being carried along by the ship, thinking of what to do.

"Our jets are crashed, our debt is high and I think five thousand was in my cargo hold, which is flooded." said Leon.

"What if we raid the ship?" I asked.

"Nah. It's not like these sacks have anything of value." said Leon. As he opened the sack he saw coffee. Lots and lots of coffee beans.

"Coffee, I presume?" I asked.

"Yeah. That's coffee all right. If this ship has lots of coffee, our debt crisis might just be solved." remarked Leon, with a hint of glee on his face.

"We can't just sell it all. We'll get caught for sure."

"Why don't we open a coffee shop. We have enough coffee, milk isn't that expensive and I there's sugar on this ship too."

I grinned. "Leon, you're a genius!" We both laughed and high-fived.

"Ok then...but how to get the coffee smuggled without being caught?" he asked.

"Leave that to me..."

We walked through the hole Leon's Wolfen had left in the ship and walked into the cargo hold. The amount of coffee and sugar bags was amazing.

"There has to be about fifty crew members on this boat! What do we do?" asked Leon.

"Kill them all. Do it fast and destroy the GPS and communication systems while you're at it.

Thirty minutes later, we were in a speedboat that was stored in the cargo ship, driving towards the coastline. Instead of going to the harbour, I took a sharp turn right and rode the boat straight into the sewer pipeline. As we got a considerable way up, we stopped the boat.

"So, the crew is dead and the GPS is disabled. Now what?" asked Leon.

"We're gonna have to make about ten or fifteen trips. See if you can find a forklift truck and get the coffee into an empty dumpster or something. I'll go and get another load from the boat and hide it somewhere. Hiding a cargo ship isn't easy."

"I'll see what I can do."

"If we can pull this off, we'll be out of debt in no time!"

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter. More will be coming soon. For now, DO A BARREL ROLL!