Overwhelmingly the vote went to Man-At-Arms Hammer-dancing to U Can't Touch this. The back-story to this one is that during the I'm too Sexy video brawl BattleCat's video camera got damaged and he took it to Man-At-Arms to be repaired.

Eternian SpydorNet Presents:

Man-At-Arms in

U Can't Touch This

'U Can't Touch This' plays in the background as-after fixing BattleCat's video camera Man-At-Arms tests it by panning around the lab several times-looking at the feed on the side screen. "Everything seems to be in working order now." He puts the camera down-closing the battery draining side screen but accidentally presses the pause button instead of stop.

The pause button-which was finicky long before the damage incurred thanks to Skeletor's unwelcome intrusion in the I'm Too Sexy video-soon pops back off resuming its recording.

Man-At-Arms looks at the time. Its getting very late. He steps out of framing checking out in the hall before locking the door to the lab. He hasn't told anyone he likes to relieve the stress of the day with a little dancing before he turns in for the night. He turns up the music before stepping back into frame and breaking out in the hammer-dance.

The camera records only background and music as Man-At-Arms steps out of the frame.

He removes his helmet armor and green body suit and dawns gold parachute pants.

When Man-At-Arms returns to frame he is bare-chested and wearing only the parachute pants as he starts the hammer-dance again. He really gets down with it as he gets into the song. He styles it up a bit adding Egyptian styled arm movements to the dance as he boogies down. He spins around several times. Straying from the hammer-dance he adds his own moves-doing a staccato trippy type forward version of something that resembles the moonwalk. He shimmies around in a circle before repeating his moonwalk dance in reverse. He jump turns a 180° and shakes his booty in some tailless approximation of BattleCat's famous tail twirling move from all his viral videos online. Man-At-Arms flips backward into a one-handed handstand which he holds for several seconds before popping up and turning 180° in the air before he lands. As he lands he slides down in the splits then slides back up. He then does a kicking leap ice skating tuck axle like turn before he breaks out into the hammer-dance again.

As the music fades out so does the picture as the video cameras battery dies.

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