My father told me that even in the city or the country, blacks must be careful. That white's loved the power of control and if they didn't get their way they'd kill you for it. My parents were hanged when I was two up in Georgia, by a lynch mob who had nothing to do. I was left wondering the forests crying because I was hungry and I was afraid. Two nine year old white boys, hunting pigs and deer, found me and took me home to their mama and papa. They took me in with open arms. I did not remember my name, but they gave me a new name. Eula. My father, Dohn Kincade, worked under Al Capone and was actually said to be a trusted man to the gangster, almost a brother was more like it. I had met him by accident in our home in Chicago, when I stumbled into the house from playing with the other black children in the neighborhood, some whites played with me but it was only because I lived in a white family and some whites respected my father for adopting me and others hated for adopting a nigger child.

Anyways when I was about six now I stumbled into the house and saw my brunette haired father talking to a round man in the living room. He had a big cigar in his puffy lips and he arched a brow at me.

"Dohn, a black child has just barged into your house." he replied with no approval in his voice. My father shook his head.

"That's my daughter Eula, sir. We adopted her four years ago in Georgia." he replied. The large man looked almost stunned before smiling.

"Well Dohn, you are truly a man of color to accept such this child. I respect that," he said then looked at me. "Little Eula such a pretty name for a little girl."

I smiled up at him then my father lifted his head after lighting a cigar of his own.

"Why thank you sir, Eula go and play with your friends now." he told in a cool voice. I nodded.

"Yes daddy." I replied and ran back outside. Now there was my mother, Violet. She was a singer at this club down town. Blacks weren't allowed in, but I was able to get in with my father and Mr. Capone's persuasive words. They were such a beautiful couple. Last were the boys who found me, Ray and Arliss. They were troublemakers with brunette hair like my father and green eyes like our mom. They always watched out for me especially when I got insults from white kids about being in a white family. My brothers weren't afraid to fight big or small kids that insulted their family. As I grew up my mom sent me to a white school and I ended up with a private teacher, paid for by Mr. Capone himself. I began to look up at the man.

Now I'm eighteen and my father just told us we were moving to Franklin Count, Virginia. Arliss and Ray were carrying large boxes out to the truck. I had a box with a lamp in it.

"Father why must we leave the city again?" I asked with a light pout for having to move unexpectantly. Dad was helping a guy we paid to move our stuff, move his box of shot guns.

"Time to start a new life honey." he exclaimed.

"The country life is just we need." he told. Maybe he had some trouble in the mob business and I knew that was not a subject to talk about openly. Mother walked by me in a sun flower dress, one I had bought for her a year ago.

"Oh cheer up Eula, the country side is a beautiful place." she said carrying a box of trays into the car. Ray came up beside me and bumped my side with his elbow and I looked up at him.

"Don't worry sis. We'll protect you." he winked. Ray was the first born, the oldest and the wisest, but a fighter nonetheless. I turned my body as he walked past me and back into the house.

"Protect me?" I asked.

"Oh Ray, shut up." dad replied with a frown. I knew what he meant though. In the country they didn't just shoot black folks they and hung and mutilated them too.

"It's the truth." Ray said coming back out with another box. Mother wrapped her arm around my shoulder.

"Don't listen to him, you know we'd kill for you if anyone decided to hurt you." she replied. I smiled up at and nodded. We noticed a large white car was coming down the road. I knew who it was, Mr. Capone's car. He stopped in front of our home and rolled his window down in the back seat.

"Evening Violet." he called out to my mom. Arliss only frowned and went back to packing stuff off. Mom nodded at him with mild approval.

"Hello Al." she replied. Father lifted his head up and moved over towards the vehicle.

"Anything I can do for you sir?" he asked. I decided to go back in the house to see if I could carry anything else in, but Mr. Capone's voice stopped me.

"I actually wanted to speak with your daughter, Dohn." he replied. I paused with mild excitement and slowly turned towards the car. My father was a bit tensed but nodded.

"Eula!" he called out to me. Mother passed me and went back into the house and I walked beside my dad and looked down into the car.

"Hey Mr. Capone." I replied. He nodded his head, another cigar in his mouth.

"Hello Ms. Eula. I'd like a word with you in my car." he replied. I found this odd for I had never gotten into another man's car and I looked at my father for permission and nodded.

"We'll be ready to go in ten minutes." he replied before nodding with respect to the mob leader and moving back towards the house. A man in a suit and hat, the driver, came out and walked around and opened the door for me. I got in and sat down beside the man. The car smelled of nothing but smoke. Mr. Capone smiled.

"How are you Eula?" he asked. I blinked and nodded.

"Fine sir." I replied. He nodded.

"That's good, that's good. Now I heard you were moving into the country and I just wanted to let you know it saddens me to see you and your family leave Chicago. Your father was and still is a hard working man. But now I want to give you some advice. The country is not like the city. Things are very different almost like a "don't ask, don't tell" rule. I want you to be as safe as possible so I want to give you this." he replied and handed me a white little rectangular card and I turned it over to see it had his name and a row of phone numbers.

"If you ever have trouble, call this number and I'll have some boys come down there and help you out." he said with a smile. I smiled back and nodded.

"Thanks Mr. Capone." I replied. He nodded happily then raised his hand.

"I have one more thing to give you." he said and reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small white box with a red ribbon on it. I blinked now and slowly took it and opened it. To my surprise I saw a white gold chain and I gently picked it up and it uncoiled and at the bottom was a silver pendent with a purple small ribbon around it.

"Oh it's beautiful." I replied. Mr. Capone smiled and nodded.

"I'm glad you like it." he replied. There was a honking noise and I looked out to see my family already in the car waiting for me. I placed the necklace back in the box along with the card to hide it and I looked back at the mob boss and leaned in and hugged him. He let out an almost jolly laugh before hugging me back.

"Good bye Eula. Now go on before you're left behind." he told knocking on the window and the door slowly started to open. I nodded.

"Good bye sir." I replied and left the car and got into the back of the car with Ray and Kane. We had one of those cars that didn't have a top. Mr. Capone drove away and soon so did we with the moving car behind us. The wind blew my black waves and I had to pull it back so it wouldn't get messed up. I sat between my brothers and I looked up at all the houses we'd be leaving.

"Alright children first things first, you're all adults so you will attempt to find a job." he told. Arliss nodded.

"Fair enough." he replied. Mother looked back at us.

"And in return you can all remain in our new home until you all get enough money to move out." she told. I wondered if getting a job in the country would be easier then it was here. I looked up at the sky wondering how this home would differ from our old house.