Chapter 1

They were gone? How could that be? I must be dreaming. There was no possible way that he didn't love me. Right? I mean why would he have been with me at

all if he didn't… but then, why would he leave if he did? I remember the look on his face as he told me goodbye. It was cold, hard, and almost mean. So unlike

him. It almost remained me of the first met, when he wanted to kill me… how could this be happening! I had to try and find him. I had to try and get him to

come back. I had to find him.

I kept walking through the forest, looking. I fell a lot. I wasn't paying any attention to my surroundings like I should be. I walked for hours. I had no where I

was. All I knew is that I had to keep going. Keep looking. Deep down I knew that I would never find him, but I kept going anyway. It was getting dark now and I

think it was starting to rain too. I became aware to that it was freezing. I was glad that I had my coat.

At one point I must have fell. Because the next thing I knew I was suddenly on the ground staring through the branches to the sky. I lay there for a long time

unable to move. What if I died out here? Would any one find my body if I did? Would anyone besides my parents care? Ed-HE wouldn't. He didn't care. If he did,

he would not have left me.

In the distance, I saw a light. It was moving towards me. It looked as if it was coming from an oil lantern. I watched it as it came closer. As it came, I was

that it was held by a man. A very add looking man at that. He was very tall and had very long, white hair and beard that he could tuck into his belt. He wore

royal blue robes with silver along the trim. He was the weirdest looking person I had ever seen. Even weirder then the Cul- THEM. It hurt to think about them.

Like an animal was eating me from the inside out.

I looked up at him as he came closer. He really was very tall. He also had a very crooked nose as if he had broken it at least twice before. He came and stood

over me. As he looked down at me, a very sad look came into his bright blue eyes. He looked at me with the sad blue eyes for a long time. And then said


Then everything went dark…