Chapter 8

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The next day was a busy one. Hermione arrived around noon and we spent the whole day getting ready and preparing for the next day. We found out that we would be traveling by port key to the camp grounds.

There would be 100,000 people at the world cup. I had never really thought about witches and wizards from other countries before. But of course there had to be. I knew about one wizard school, Hillsdale. It was in America. Dumbledore had mentioned it once years ago when he told me about Hogwarts.

The world cup was the Irish Vs. the Algerians. The Irish were favored to win, though the Algerians had the best seeker in the world. Victor Krum.

Fred and George thought that the Irish would win, but that the Krum would catch the snitch. I didn't really care who won, I was just excited to be going.

When Friday morning came I was woken very, very early by Mrs. Weasley. I looked at the clock. It was 3:34 in the morning. Dear good please shoot me now.

I struggled out of bed and got dressed. Hermione was already awake apparently because she wasn't in our room. I went down stairs for breakfast. Everyone was quite, Too tired to talk.

It should be a crime to be up this early.

Fred and George were the only ones in a good mood. But then again, when weren't they in a good mood? Mr. Weasley was nowhere at the table. I wondered where he was? I was to tired to ask though.

After breakfast we all went back to our rooms to do some last minute packing and bring our stuff down. Hermione was already to go of course. She sat reading the Daily Prophet while I finished packing my things.

"What's new in the world today on this fine morning Hermione." I asked to lazy to read it myself and knowing that she would get right now to the important stuff.

"Oh nothing really, Its all about the cup. Who everyone thinks is going to win, the players, the brooms they will be riding, which by the way are Firebolts." She peaked over her paper and smiled at me, I had a Firebolt. She went on, "I can't believe there is nothing about the vampires. If the treaty goes through, it will have to be soon. Hogwarts is only a few weeks away and they will want to go to Hogwarts this year."

"I heard Percy talking to Charlie and Mr. Weasley the other night, he said that as long as they agree to the final draft of the treaty, then they will be coming this year. But your right, they're going to have announce it soon. Perhaps they won't agree with our terms."

I said this with a bit of hope.

"Yes. I do hope so. I would hate to have them at Hogwarts."

Hermione hatred for vampires was as deep as mine, for different reasons however.

I hated them because they had worked with Voldemort for years and years and would return to him if he were to ever regain his power, God forbid.

This was why everyone hated them, though I had a more personal hatred for Voldemort and all of those who had ever followed him.

Hermione hated them for this reason also…

But she read to much for her own good. She knew things about vampires from her books that would curl my hair to even think about.

I finished my packing and we went down stairs. Everyone was already down ready to go. Fred and Gorge looked rather put out about something, I don't think I had ever seen the twins put out about anything before. Ron was looking rather uncomfortable. Hermione and I walked over to him.

"What's wrong with Fred and Gorge?" I asked in a whisper

"They were trying to sneak out there stash of prank stuff they have been inventing. They had all kinds of stuff, it was bloody brilliant, but some of the stuff, well really all of was kinda dangerous. Mom found out about it a few weeks ago and told them to get rid of it all. Only they didn't and were try to get it out of the house. One of their toffees fell out of Fred's pockets. Mom just got through searching them for the rest of it. Shes not to happy with them to start with because they didn't get as many O.W.L's as she expected. And now they say all they want to do is open a joke shop instead of joining the ministry like Dad."

Ron answered in a low voice.

Mr. Weasley came in, looked around, felt the tension in the room and said,

"Well then everyone, let's go. We have a bit of a walk this morning. We better leave or we will be late."

It was still dark out as we walked out the door. Mr. Weasley was in the lead, then Fred and Gorge, Ron, and Hermione and I bringing up the rear.

We walked about 4 miles and up a hill, Hermione was kluching a stich in her side.

Mr. Weasley was looking for something in the long grass. He held up an old boot. This was the port key I was informed. We were still waiting for another family who lived in the area. While we waited around for them we all sat down to rest.

Fred and Gorge were not their normal entertaining selfs, which was a real shame because normally we would all be rolling with laughter by now.

Two men walked up the hill to us. Mr. Weasley got up and shook hands with the two men.

One of them I knew, His name was Cedric Diggory. He played Seeker on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team at Hogwarts. He was going to be a 7th year this year. The man with him must be his father.

"All these yours Weasley?" Mr. Diggory asked smiling,

"No, just the red heads. That's Fred and Gorge" Mr. Weasley said and went on, "Ginny and Ron and Ron's friends Hermione and …"

Mr. Diggory cut Mr. Weasley off then and said,

"Isabella Potter! My pleasure to meet Miss. Potter."

"It's nice to meet you to Mr. Diggory" I said automatically.

I was used to this kind of reaction when people met me. The girl who lived. I guess I couldn't blame them. But I still hated it. I liked to blend in. Which was impossible, everywhere I went people stared.

I was used to being ignored by the world in general. I hadn't been perticaly smart or athletic or pretty in the muggle world. I had been totally and completely ordinary and unremarkable.

But when I came back to the wizard world that all changed. I was a celebrity here. And I hadn't done anything to deserve the fame. I still wasn't perticaly smart or pretty. I was good at Quidditch. Really good but it's not like I'm Victor Krum good.

All I had done was not die when Voldemort had tried to kill me and vanished. I had been a baby. I didn't even know what was happening, but still I was famous. And it sucked.

I wonder what my life would be like if Voldemort had never been born? I'd still have parents, maybe even a few brothers or sisters. I wouldn't be famous. I would have had a normal life.

Ron nugged me, I had been spacing out. It was time to go. The port key started to glow blue. It was getting brighter every moment.

"Alright every one grab on."

We all held on to the boot. It was rather uncomfortable with 9 of us all around the old boot. We waited for something to happen. Then all of a sadden it felt like someone had grabbed me around the middle and was throwing us violently. It only lasted a moment and that was quit enough.

I landed on my back. Getting the wind knocked out of me. Mr. Weasley, Mr. Diggory, and Cedric were the only ones still standing, but only just barely. There was a tired looking man there, He yelled

"Bag shot row just arrived." as he through the old boot into a box full of old port keys.

"Come on kids, let's go find our site." Mr. Weasley said. We said good bye to the Diggorys and took our leave.

We all walked in the direction of the tent city. There were thousands. It was an amazing site.

We found the man we were to pay. I had to Mr. Weasley with the money, he wasn't used to muggel money. The man pointed us in the direction of our site, it was right on the edge of a wood. It took a little while to set up our tent. Neither Hermione nor I had been camping in many years, and the Weasleys hadn't set up a tent without magic.

When we were done though it looked very good and strong, but once Percy, Bill and Charlie got here we would be a party of 10 and how we would all fit was anyones guess.

We all went in and I felt my jaw drop. The inside of the tent was just like the inside of a flat. It had a kitchen, a bathroom, 4 bunk beds and a pull out sleeper couch for two. It was fashioned like a 1940's London flat and was very cozy. I love magic.

We spent the rest of the day at out site. There was no better place in the world to people watch.

People kept passing by. Mostly ministry people, Mr. Weasley kept up a constant commitary.

It seemed like forever before it was time to head out for the match, but eventually it was, we all walked through the small wood.

We brook through the wood and the stadium was right there towering over us. It was huge, painted gold and every inch of it lit up. Mr. Weasley lead us through the crowed. We were going to be sitting in the prime ministers's box. Mr. Weasley had done a favor for someone who had given him the seats. We could see everything up here.

I was seated between Charlie and Ron. Hermione was on the other side of Ron. Bill and the twins were on the other side of Charlie. Mr. Weasley, Percy and Ginny were in the row right behind me, Ron, and Hermione.

We were waiting for the match to start, when I heard a voice behind us that was all to familiar and unpleasant. I turned in my seat and saw Draco Malfoy. Draco was my least favorite person in the world. He is a mean hearted and cruel person. His father had been a death eater. Mr. Malfoy was looking at Hermione with a snarl on his face.

Mr. Malfoy, like all former Death eater thought, that muggle born witches and wizards were second class to "pure blood" witches and wizards.

The malfoys were everything I hated in a death eaters.

They went and sat in the back on the raised platform. Not long after that the prime minister and the prime minister of Bulgaria came in and took their seat, not long after that the match started .

The Irish were fantastic. They were so fast and coordinated that they almost looked like one living thing. The Bulgarians couldn't keep up. Not even close. Thought Victor Krum was a force to be reckoned with. He was the best player on the field, he moved through the air like a bird. It was amazing.

The match had only lasted an hour! Ireland had been 160 points ahead when Victor Krum had caught the snitch. Ireland had won! We were all excited about the out come, it had been a great game.

We were back in our tent now, Charlie, who had also been a seeker when he was at Hogwarts, and I were talking about some of Krum's finer moves. There was no use try to go to bed. It was way to loud out, the Irish were still celebrating the victory.

We were all sitting around drinking a cup of coco, When the sounds outside changed. They went from loud excitement to terror. We could hear people screaming and running from something. Mr. Weasley went out to see what was going on.

He came back in looking scared.

"Kids come on, we must leave now. Go into the woods, stay together, I will find you in a little bit. Go now."

We all went out of the tent. It was chaos out here. People were running everywhere, we quickly saw why,

There were about 20 people dressed in all black and were wearing masks. They looked sinister.

They had their wands out, three of them were hovering something over the ground making them do flips and summer salts in the air. Then I realized what they were lifing was the muggel man we had paid that morning for the camp site, and his family.

I was shocked. Why would they do that? Then a thought came to me… the people in masks were death eaters…

My scare started to burn like fire and then something hit me across the head.

I fell to the ground and everything went black…