Chapter 9

Edwards Point of view

It had been four years, six days, and twenty-one hours sense I had left Bella that day in the woods. Four years, six days, and twenty-one hours of agonizing pain and suffering. The first year had been the worse. I had nearly gone back to beg for her back more times than I could count. Each time I managed to stop myself, she was better off without me, she was safer without me. And she was human, she deserved a normal human life, she deserved someone who could love her without putting her life in danger every moment he is with her.

After the first year I learned to live past the time, I learned how to push her out of my mind, it made the pain more manageable, she was never far from my mind though, always just below the surface. The littlest things would bring her rushing back to my thoughts. But it did become easier. I returned to my family, started going back to school, and started doing all the things that I did before she came into my life, but my life had no meaning in it, I was simply going through the motions.

My family worried about me, they wanted me be happy, to find something to occupy my time with. I knew they meant well, that they cared, but honestly there was no point. My life was over, the only thing that kept me going was that she was still out there, hopefully happy. Alive, safe, and happy.

Alice had watched out for Bella, watching out for her future, for a while, until I caught her and demanded she stop, I saw in her thoughts that she wasn't able to see her as well as see was once able to, only quick glimpse that were gone as soon as they came. I didn't know why that would be, perhaps it was the same reason I could never read her thoughts, and it was just then, for whatever reason, taking effect. Alice wasn't able see her at all anymore. But somehow I knew she was fine, and that knowledge helped me continue with my pointless, aimless, boring life.

The only thing that was the least bit interesting to me anymore was the debate with the wizards over whether or not they were going to allow us into their precious, privet, and exclusive little world. The relationship between our world and theirs had always been full tension, The Volturi desperately wanted to learn magic. Vampires have always had magical ability, but it does not come as easily to us as it does the Wizards and Witches. We need to work harder at it, and get special training to learn how to use it at all, when all the silly little wizards could use it at a young age, even if it is just by accident when their three years old.

They had refused for thousands of years to teach us though. This of course infuriated the Volturi. Causing much tension and resentment. But finally after all these years it looks like we may be finally allowed into their world and schools. They may have allowed us in years earlier if the Volturi hadn't made a deal with Voldemort. At the time it seemed like a good idea, Voldemort had promised to allow us to learn magic if in exchange we all swore allegiance and helped him in his mission to take down the wizarding world that continued to oppose him. At the time Voldemort had seemed unbeatable, so the Volturi, and the rest of the vampires, including my family, agreed. Carlisle of course didn't like the idea of incent people dying, but after all, Jasper and Emmett and I told him, there had to be casualties in war. And if we finally got to learn the magic that we had every right to know as part of the magical world, then wasn't it worth the war and blood?

But in the end things had gone terribly wrong. Just a few months before we expected to achieve our goal and win the war, Voldemort had suddenly and out of nowhere loss all his power and disappeared. He had gone to the Potters house, whoever the bloody hell they were, and killed the Potter couple. He was going to kill their child to, a little girl, but when he turned to her and tried to cast his spell, his power somehow broke and he hasn't been seen or heard from since. The child, the little girl, I hear is now a celebrity, and practically worshiped. She apparently is at Hogwarts now studying. I know more than a few members of the Volturi would love to get their teeth into her. And I wouldn't mind seeing it either.

Wizards are far too cocky and superior for their own good; they deserve a good kick in the pants, all of them. They seem to think that they can do whatever they want and try to control everything. Hopefully if things go as planned, we will be able to have a little bit more of an upper hand when it comes to these prissy witches and wizards. All Emmett thinks about is trying to fight one, their magic, against his brute strength. He wonders who would win. Maybe someday soon he will find out. One can only hope. It certainly would be fun to watch.

I was dazed out of my thoughts by the sound of footsteps. They were a ways off yet but I could still tell that it was Alice. She was coming to find me. Of course, she wanted to make sure I hadn't run off, she would see it if I did but every now and again I was able to trick her, that's how I ran away when i first left Bella. The trick was to not make any set plans. If you could keep it up, she would be blind.

"Edward" I heard her chirp in her bell like voice.

"Up here." I muttered to her. I knew she would hear me.

I was up 60 feet in a tall spruce but she made it up to me in one long high jump no problem.

"What's up Alice?" I could tell she was excited about something but I couldn't make anything out. She was always hard to read when she was excited.

"Carlisle received a message from Aro today." She whispered at me, hardly able to contain herself.

There was only one thing that could mean…

"And..." I asked getting ready to hear the news I'd been waiting for months for.

"The negotiations are done. We're going to school…"