As Han swayed to the rhythm of the drums as they pounded the opening of Hanalea's Triumph. He watched through slitted eyes, Raisa was basking in the torch light. This made her look all the more like the warrior queen she was about to play, or rather Han thought, the queen she already was. The queen that could help him change everything. Shaking her head so that her hair glistened from the fire light she lifted her foot and the dance began.
Han and Raisa swirled around each other telling the story of a thousand years past. Eyes locked on one another they stomped and sang as the story progressed, albeit Hans dancing was a bit lacking in finesse he thought he was muddling along quite nicely having only gotten a few tips from Dancer before the dance.
As the dance was coming to a close he pulled Raisa twirling into him, this signified the Demon Kings capture of the Hanalea and as he captured her in his arms he whispered in her ear, "This story a'nt so different for our own girlie. Hanalea may have chosen the kingdom over love, but what will you choose?"

With that he twirled her out of his arms and fall to his knees. Was it his imagination or had he heard her gasp as she twirled away? As Raisa drove the ceremonial sword held in her hands towards Han she stopped in mid thrust. Her eyes burned into his as she tried to figure out what he had said to her.

It was simple enough wasn't? It's either me or the kingdom he though as he stared at her. With a blink of her eyes that said that this conversation was far from over she dropped the sword. Everyone in the clearing stared. Han was sure that they were all just as surprised as he was.
Raisa then preformed the best act Han had ever seen of someone fainting. The entire clearing was in an uproar. Han knew they were what they were all thinking, had he the jinxflinger charmed the Queen?
Han looked on dumbfounded as Willo rushed past him and scooped the new Queen up into her arms and carried her off the the matriarch lodge. With a significant backwards look Willo disappeared inside.

Time for me to disappear as well. Sneaking had always been a strong point for Han. So he flitted between shadows until he reached Dancer.

"What did you say to the Queen?" Dancer demanded. "You know what that looked like to all of the clans don't you?"

"Both my hands were busy! I wasn't even touching my amulet, the clan's just to jumpy is all."

"Hunts Alone, you give them all the more reason to be jumpy when you do a fool headed thing like that!"

"I just told Her Majesty that we needed to talk", Han lied.

Dancer mumbled some more, but clearly had other things on his mind. Probably thinking of Cat stuck back in the city.

"Come on Dancer, lets get out of her before Elena or Averill spot me, I don't was another speech about my duties to the clan and the line.", they'd cornered him before the celebration at tonight and had him him swear that just because the princess heir was now queen that it did not change his obligations at all. It had gone on for thirty minutes before Han had just gotten fed up with it all and stormed away.

"You'd better go quickly because here comes Averill. I'll hold him off while you go, I need to speak with some Demonia before the night ends. I'll meet you at Fishers Turn pike."