So that was it! I was finally free again. Oh, how sweet it was to know that the Batman will pay for what he had done to me. He humiliated me, spoiled my hard work, my experiments. It was perfect to listen to the terrified screams of the doctors, to see their faces distorted with fear, to see them drown in their own nightmares that would take them to the madness... if he didn't appear.

But not now. The Joker took over the asylum and I was again the one who the others would fear. I never liked that clown, but he let me run freely in this asylum, so I could create my own trap for that poor little Bat. A one that he would never be able to escape.

I hated him so much when he interupted my fun with my new test subject, but I knew I will get him, so I ran away, with my little welcoming gift already prepared. Joker was ready to assist me of course. It wasn't difficult to get the gas in the elevator. Ha! He breathed my gas and he didn't even noticed it, as it seemed. I watched him all the time, unseen in the darkness.

When he was looking on the corpse of that guard, he looked like he was seeing someone familiar. I wasn't sure what he was seeing, until he said that name. Jim. I had to hold myself back not to stop laughing. Was it so easy to get to him? Was he really so stupid not to at least understand what was happening to him? I followed him in the morgue, and it was where he finally fell to the ground, shocked look on his face. He was kicking and waving his hands around like a madman, it almost seemed like he's runing from something and I was so excited to see him like that... until he suddenly stood up, completely sane.

I had to vanish before he could saw me. What was that? How could he? I gave him the same amount of toxin that I gave to those patients he saw before. How could he overcome it so quickly? How was it even possible that he could overcome it. But this was not the end. I spend the next hour working on perfecting the toxin, a new special concosion I made just for the Bat. He won't be able to escape next time.

I didn't care about Joker's plans, I had my own. I didn't care about Joker's stupid Titan monster plan, this city will burn in the flames own fear, but before that, I had only one goal. The Bat had to die here. Here on the island. Die, or became one of the patients here himself. And I was determined to make that happened. After Batman destroyed the notes of that miserable doctor, he went after Zsasz, but no, I had a surprise for him. And again, he was under the influence of my gas, this time, much stronger than before, I have made sure of it.

When I saw him squirm on the ground, crying like a little boy, I couldn't held the laugh any longer. But he didn't hear me. He didn't even see me, but I was there, following him all the way, basking in the confusion, the fear that radiated from him. But there was something else, a determination that I didn't like at all. We met some of the Joker's goons along the way and even in such state, he managed to get them down. I followed him as long I could, until he jumped onto the bell tower, where I couldn't get, so I stayed down, waiting. And then, a loud noice was heard as a bell fell from the tower. A minute later, he jumped down... and he looked... normal. How could this be possible! He should have been more than insane by now... he should have...

I had to hide, he could not see me, I but I just had to be the one who will win. The Batman will not defeat the Scarecrow, not this time! Many have tried to take him down already this night and they all have lost, but I won't!

It was an eternity before I get a new chance again. And Poison Ivy's mutated plants didn't make things more easier. That bitch actually thought that she could rule this island, and her stupid plants were everywhere, destroying the island, blocked most of the possible secret passages I was using to get around! I would have made her pay for it, but I had a lot of plans for the Batman. I have prepared a new toxin into my syringes.

And then finally, the zero hour was here! He had unknowingly stepped right into my trap, again. And this was going to be the last time. I followed him as before, wanted to savor all of his fear and dread, I stood before him and watched him, until suddenly he snapped and caught the ropes of my noose. He was fighting! No that was unacceptable! I stabbed him with the syringes and he let go, holding his head in pain, as he once again fell to my world, where I was the one who ruled everything. Suddenly, a large group of Joker's goon burst in the corridor where we were, followed by two Titans. A nice gift from the Joker. I watched as he fought them with almost blank eyes, trying to imagine what terrors the Dark Knight saw in those idiotic criminals. And then suddenly, they were all defeated, and when the Batman turned his head towards me, I could saw he managed to get over it again. He grabed the rope again through the bars I was standing behind. That was impossible! He couldn't possible make it this time! "How are you doing this?" I gasped, before I stabbed him again. "You have ingested enough toxins to drive ten men insane! What are you?" I shouted before I ran away.

That was enough. I was going to break him! "Why fight it, Batman? You're as crazy as the rest of us. You need us as much as we need you. And to prove it, I'll flood the catacombs with enough fear gas to break the minds of everyone in Gotham for a hundred years!"

I knew he will follow me, he had to! Joker already informed me that he was going there for the only flower that he would be able to use to make the antidote to the Titan. I was going to wait for him there. And I didn't have to wait for a long time, before he appeared. "Too late, Batman!" I called out to him, as he rounded a corner and went to examine some flower. He looked at me with amusing hate in his eyes. "One step closer and this goes into the water!" That fool started to come right to me and I backed closer to the water. "The cave will with your deepest, darkest nightmares and you will never reach your precious Venom roots." I said and I laughed at him.

"Don't do it, Crane!" he shouted and I laughed again.

But then, just as I was about to throw my bag with the toxin in the water, I heard a growl and splashing behind me and in the next moment, a huge scaly hand of the Croc grabed from behind. It was there when I experienced my own true terror, but then something happen. As the Batman threw his batarang into his electric collar, Croc roared in pain, but he didn't release me. I ended up in the water with him, but I wasn't yet defeated, I still had my syringes, so I stabbed him when I sensed his skin was thin enough to pierce.

And he released me. I wanted to swim to the shore, but the current was too strong and as I struggled to stay above the water, it carried me away deep into the catacombs. It could be minutes, or hours, before I suddenly saw a light for a few moment before I fell out of some cave into the sea. I was swimming, desperately trying to get to the water surface. There was something above me, floating in the water. As I used my last stranght to get myself on the box, I knew I was safe. I raised my head and looked in the distance, when the Arkham Island was and I smirked, before I fell into unconsciousness. I wasn't only safe, I was free. Free from Arkham again and this time, not only Batman, they will all pay for what they did to me. The whole city will pay!