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Three Years Later


"This is the blinker, but mommy didn't use that much. And this is the shifter. I'm sure it has a technical name, but that's what I called it."

I walked up along the side of the big rig, listening as Bella gave Ella a tour around the cab of the dump truck. I had to stop by the site and the girls decided to tag along. I didn't mind. I loved having my girls with me.

Ella was three and into everything. With her bouncy brown curls and heart shaped face, she was the spitting image of her mother. I couldn't imagine my life without them and went to bed every night thanking God for bringing Bella into my life.

"Did you know that Papa used to drive one of these big trucks, too?" Bella whispered conspiratorially to our little girl. I had no idea why they were whispering, but I learned long ago not to question the things Bella did.

"Was tat before he and Gamma worked in da hosbital?" Ella asked in her sweet little girl voice. I smiled as I leaned my shoulder against the door, content to stand and listen to their conversation. Sue and Charlie were married a few months after Ella was born. Once Charlie realized he was going to be a grandfather, he got his shit together. I wished he could have done it earlier, so Bella hadn't had to struggle the way she did, but of course, if she hadn't ended up in my rig, we would never have met. Now, after going back to school, Charlie was a physical therapy technician, working alongside Sue to help get people rehabilitated. It was the perfect job for a man who had once been relegated to a wheelchair.

"Yes, that was before Papa met Gamma, back when daddy was my knight in shining armor," Bella teased, which was when I realized she could see me in the side mirror.

"I'm still your knight," I pouted as I grabbed hold of the door and swung up into the cab. Ella looked up at me with a wide smile, her green eyes full of joy.

"You my knight, daddy," Ella announced, making me chuckle. I pulled her into my lap and slid across the seat so I was snuggled next to Bella. Ella pressed her little nose into my armpit and sighed. She was such a freak, just like her mother. From the first moment I held her after she squirted out of Bella, the little shit was always snuggling into my armpit.

Feeling sentimental, I reached my hand over toward Bella's burgeoning belly, only to have her swat it away. I'd gone and knocked her up…again. She was pissed about it, especially since it meant that she would be the size of a house come May when she would graduate from UDub, but I couldn't help it. Ella needed siblings. Well, that and Bella was too fucking sexy for her own good.

"Charlie and Sue want to take Ella for a s-l-e-e-p-o-v-e-r," Bella said quietly, spelling the word we didn't want Ella to hear. It took me a minute to put all those letters together, but when I did, I started nodding immediately.


"Fuck," I mumbled to my reflection as I tried to squeeze into a sexy slip that had fit just a few weeks ago. Now I couldn't get it to cover my boobs…at all. No matter how much I tugged, one nipple was always peeking out. I didn't even want to look at how much of my ass was hanging out the back. I knew Edward was waiting for me out in the bedroom, but I didn't care. I sat down on the cold tile floor and started to cry.

"Baby?" I ignored Edward's whispered words through the door and had myself a nice little pity party. He had knocked me up…again. I wanted to wait till Ella was older, but when he gets those puppy dog eyes going and asked me so sweetly to be his babymomma, I just couldn't help but fall for it. Of course, it's not his ass that is expanding to the size of Texas.

"Oh shit," he sighed. I looked up to find him staring down at me. He must have hidden a key around here somewhere. "Is this a cookies and cream emergency or just a vanilla sobfest?"

I snickered through my tears at his description of my various pregnancy mood swings. He knew as soon as that test was positive, to stock up on ice cream. It was the only thing that could calm me down when I was pregnant with Ella.

"I think it's in between. Maybe, mint chocolate chip?" I suggested, drying my tears on the towel hanging above me. Edward sat down next to me on the floor, his long, sexy legs spread out across the tile. He was wearing my favorite pair of boxer briefs; they were gray and tight and…gah.

"You know I'll get you anything you want," he said softly, pulling me into his side and sneaking a peek at my peeking nipples. "You look really fucking hot in that. I love that it doesn't fit."

I looked up at him to see if he was teasing, but he wasn't. I sighed as I realized he loved me big and round just as much as he loved me fit and trim. These extra pounds were just proof that he had done his manly duty and implanted his seed in my fertile garden.

God, I need to stop reading fanfiction.

"I'm sorry I'm freaking out," I whispered, ducking my head into his shoulder. He ran his hand over my belly soothingly.

"It's okay, baby. Would it help if I apologized for putting a bun in your oven?" he asked, sounding serious. I rolled my eyes.

"No. You know I'm not that upset about being pregnant again. I just wish I didn't have to get all fat," I pouted, making him chuckle.

"Bella, I signed up for better or worse when I married you. We started out at the worst of the worst. You were impersonating your brother, who turned out to be your father. You were hand to mouth, struggling to make it through the day. And then I rode up, your knight in shining armor. A little back fat is nothing compared to that," he said honestly.

"I have back fat?" I yelped, pushing away from him and running toward the mirror. I'd go back and kiss him senseless in a minute, after I examined my so-called back fat, because he was right. He was my knight who'd rescued me from a sad and lonely future. And in return I was giving him a life full of love and children. I once was lost, but now I'm found…and sporting some back fat.



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