Day two of the Nate and Sully friendship.

He looked shifty. Always glancing around, like he expected someone to jump on his back and drive a knife through his heart. It seems like his line of work didn't come without some dangers. When he looked at Nate, he sensed something was going to happen between the two of them. Something he sensed as an adventure. He didn't know where the kid's parents were. Nate himself didn't seem to care. The kid was a great big mystery and Sully didn't have any of the clues. The kid made Sully anxious; he didn't know anything about him. What if he was the offspring of a serial killer or something? Sully peered at Nate, who was chowing down the food in front of him quite happily. The kid didn't look dangerous. But Sully still didn't know anything about him. Where were the kids parents? Better yet, what had the kid meant when boarding school was a nice way to say it? Sully opened his mouth to ask when Nate interrupted. "Y'know, I've been doing fine on my own. It's not like I need you to do this." He said it quietly, like he couldn't believe he was saying it but something was forcing him to. His eyes shifted quickly to look in Sully's eyes before glancing away again. "Help me, I mean." Sully shut his mouth pretty quick and when Nate looked at him for an answer, Sully frowned.

"Kid, I'm doing this because you need help. I'll be damned if I knew how you survived this long." Nate flinched and Sully's quick eyes noticed. On impulse, Sully asked, "You know what? What are you doing alone anyways? Where are your parents?" The intrusive questions hung in the air and Sully instantly wanted to take them back. Nate looked down and played with the food in front of him. Sully judged about a minute had gone by, when he said, "Know what? Not my place to ask, kid." It sounded awkward in the air and Nate frowned. But Nate had embraced these awkward questions before and knew how to shrug them off.

"They're... somewhere. Haven't seen them in a while." The vague tone of Nate's voice bugged Sully. Why was the kid acting like he didn't give a damn? Sully picked up his beer and drank slowly, buying himself time to think of another question starter. He put the beer down, another question on his lips when Nate shoved his plate away. Nate looked around the bar before he leant forward. He leant real close, his elbows and hands flat on the table, and he wasn't sitting anymore. He was stuck between standing and sitting. "Everyone's always asking me about my parents. Who are they, where are they, all that crap. But y'know what? I honestly haven't seen them in a while and I can almost joke myself into thinking I don't have any. What I don't get, is why people care. I don't need them. I'm fine on my own." Nate leant back, obviously finished what he was saying. He crossed his arms over himself, defending himself from whatever Sully had to say. But he looked somewhat cocky. Though Sully suspected it wasn't something he meant to do. It was just something he could hide behind. Being cocky was his shield. Sully realised it hadn't failed so far. Sully leant forward, in the same way Nate had, but he bent low to keep eye contact with Nate. "I give a damn because... hell, just because. Kid, I want to make sure when I take you on, you're gonna respect me. You're gonna have to show me another feeling aside from cockiness, otherwise you'll be lying to the next person about how swell you've been doing on your own. We clear?" Sully leant back and took another slug of his beer. Nate looked fascinated. Like someone had just found out a dirty secret of his, which he didn't know he had. He opened his mouth, but shut it again. He looked like he was thinking about this arrangement, like he didn't want to screw it up. "Sully, I'm not cocky." He shrugged, but looked away confessing, "I just call it like I see it." Sully grabbed hold of his beer bottle, seeking comfort in the content. "And I could do with one of those, you know." Sully met Nate's eyes and Nate raised his eyebrows in a challenge. Sully chuckled and rose from his seat, the awkwardness quickly shrugged off between them.

"C'mon kid, let's get out of here before you make me buy you the whole bar." Nate looked pleased with himself, but when Sully started to walk towards the door announced, "No seriously, I could do with one!" Sully grinned and held the door open for Nate. Nate walked out of the bar and looked at Sully, waiting for him to say where they were going to go next. Sully looked back at him, waiting for the same thing. They simultaneously said, "Where's the car?" Nate laughed, clutching his sides. Sully looked confused, looking around for the car like he'd just realised his child had gone missing.

"Nate. Stop laughing. Where's the damn car?" Sully kept looking around in disbelief. He looked at Nate who was wiping tears from his face. "Nate. Shut up. What's so funny?" Sully didn't look at him while he was talking, he just kept looking around.

"Nothing. It's just... should have known that after one day of knowing you it was all going to start going crap." Nate cleared his throat, and stood up properly. He looked more serious now, and was looking around with Sully. "Okay, are we sure we left it here?" Sully just looked at him, like it was blatantly obvious that the car was freaking parked there! Nate shrugged. "Looks like we're going to have to walk. You spent all your money on cigars. I told you not to." Shaking his head, Nate started walking back to the motel, Sully trailing behind him. Nate could hear Sully murmuring 'car' repeatedly, but just smiled. Nate was waiting for his luck to do a 180. It always happens. "But... my car..." Sully looked lost. Nate patted Sully on the back.

"It's okay, Sully. We'll get a new one."

"But... my car..." Nate chuckled under his breath. He realised he was happy. It was rare. But he was happy.