D-Domo. Takatsu desu. I'm a newbie here, so pardon me if I really sound lost. It's my first time to post an official fanfic since I've been writing some, though they are very informal.

The following story is a GintamaXNurarihyon Crossover. It might be a weird combination, plus the main character is an original one. I have already written 11 chapters, you could say I am just curious as to how appealing it would be for other people that's why it's only the 1st one I decided to post. It is assumed that one has been familiar with both these shounen animes, though of course you may do some research for their plots. :)

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Note: Gintama is owned by the one and only Hideaki Sorachi-sensei, and Nurarihyon no Mago by Hiro Shibashii-sensei.

Chapter One: TSUKI (Moon)

The moon was on the prime of its brilliance again. There were no clouds that roamed the sky. That night, the moon was the sole queen of the sky. Proudly, it bathed the city of Edo with its gentle light, like a mother guarding over its children-the people of Kabuki-chou, who, despite the wee hours, were still merrily drinking to their own enjoyment. Most of them were men, and most of them had left the hopes of having a good life. After all, it was the liquor that defined their happiness. To defy this holy water would be too betray their virtue: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. WE ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Amidst the street of celebration, a woman clad in a black kimono sat silently at the corner, watching the moon. Her eyes gleamed as they welcomed the brilliance of the moon. She then looked around, and wondered why she sensed none of them.

Creatures of her kind.

She then looked back at the drunk men, who were busy discussing their foolish fantasies, stories that reek of the alpha male egoism, including the lust for women.

She continued staring at them. People indeed were strange. She then wondered what separated them from her kind. They were both wild. They get happy, enraged, and they cry. Above all, they commit mischief of all kinds. They are selfish. And above all, they were sinful.

The men noticed the woman.

"Oy, there's some good meat over there.", the man laughed as he motioned an emptied bottle towards the direction of the woman.

His companions only laughed. Then, one by one, they stood up.

The woman shifted her gaze back to the moon. It sure was beautiful tonight.

When she returned her gaze back to the men, she found them already standing infront of her.

"Oy, onna, want to accompany us tonight?"

"Sou da, sou da! Let's all have a happy drink!"

The woman stared at their chests.

"Where you looking at? You finding us hot?", the man with a mustache laughed loudly.

The woman kept on staring at their chests, then shook her head.

"No good." She spoke in a soft yet cold voice, yet audible enough to reach the ears of the men.

"Ah?! What did you say?! We're no good?!"

The woman nodded.

"Your souls. They are not of pure evil."

The man threw his bottle and grabbed the neckline of the woman's kimono. The woman's face did not changed, not a glint of response to the tight grip of the man's veined hands.

"How about...we teach you some lesson?", the man smiled, lust reflected from his eyes.

"No good."

The woman sighed.

All it took was a breeze.

The man fell to the ground, eyes wide open.

The other men began to tremble. The woman did not even hit him. There was no sign of attack. All she did was stare at the man. Then, as if his life had just been sucked by a mysterious force, he fell.

"No worries. I did not kill him."

The men took stepped backward. "W-What are you?!

"His soul is simply not worth it. Even the moon would not cast its brilliance to this pitiful creature.

True enough, a mysterious shadow enveloped the man.

"I simply...cursed him."

It only took the blink of an eye before the men disappeared from her sight.

"Humans can be very fast runners, I see. But a pity, they would not get to hear my answer to their question anymore."

She then turned towards the moon and smiled.

"What am I? I am-"

"A demon."

The girl turned towards the direction of the voice. It sounded deep, yet she felt power from it.

The scent of the smoke from a pipe reached her nose.

It was then that her eyes fell to the sight of a man dressed in a purple kimono, golden butterflies adorning it. Too feminine for the beastly eyes that met her own.

The man blew his pipe again, its misty color veiling the view of the moon.

"It sure is beautiful tonight."