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The Rebel

Lily Evans pants, brushing a strand of crimson hair away from her eyes.


She knew she should've listened to Petunia when her sister told her to tie her hair back.

She chances a glance behind her, a hint of a smile flitting across her features. 'Hello, boys.'

'How did you –,'

'Please, you guys sound like elephants,' Lily scoffs. 'You call that moving stealthily? Oh, I pity Mors. What kind of guards are you?'

Hurt and shock etched on their faces, the guards swarm out, surrounding her quickly. One guard steps up to her, cautiously, and begins, 'We can do this the easy way ... or the hard way –,'

'Fight or surrender, yadda, yadda,' Lily waves a hand vaguely. 'I've been through this before.'

She grins darkly. 'Now, who's first to get beaten by a girl?'

The guards glance at each other, raising eyebrows in derision. Lily feels her face darken – not another pair of idiots – and she glares at them, smile switched off. 'What – you think a girl like me can't beat idiotic guys like you?'

'Well, yeah,' the first guard blurted out.

'Chauvinist pigs.'

With those words, Lily launches herself into the fight, snap-kicking a guard in his face, knocking another one clean unconscious. Before long, she's eliminated them all, but one. Feeling a grim smile making itself known on her face, Lily allows her emerald eyes to burn unflinchingly at the guard, who she, absentmindedly, realises was the first guard to speak. She tilts her head, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

'Well, we can do this the easy way ... or the hard way. Which do you prefer?' Lily smiles brightly, her eyes cold.

The guard gazes at her in shock, unable to speak. He glances around him, at his fellow guards and looks back up at her, mouth opening and closing.

'I'm not here to do fish impressions,' Lily snaps, impatiently. She glances at her watch. Crap. It's already nine – Petunia's going to kill her. 'I'm on a time limit, so do me a favour and knock yourself out. Literally.'

The guard doesn't do anything.

'Fine, I'll do it for you,' Lily gives a grim smile, before delivering a smooth, swift punch to his head, which knocked him out cold. She rolls her eyes, as the guard slid to the floor, unconscious, against her legs. Kicking him away discourteously, Lily pulls out her iPhone and dials a number, simultaneously sliding swiftly away.

She puts the phone to her ear, using her shoulder to hold it, whilst jabbing in numbers for the code of the safe. A while later, a small click sounds, indicating that Lily had broken in, without any alarm. Lily grins, heart beating wildly, relishing in the thrill, the risk.

Because that was what it came to.

Sure, she did this for revenge. But she also did it for fun. She loves the adventure, the adrenaline racing through her, her heart thumping violently, the endless danger of her getting caught.


'Hey, Petunia! How you doing?' Lily says cheerfully, loading the money into a van she'd stolen from a guard that was now in the Land of Nod.

'Lily, it's nine o'clock! I told you –,'

'To come home at eight. Yeah, yeah, I know. But complications arose, difficulties occurred, and I had to get myself out of some unforeseen obstacles.'

'Are you okay?'

'Yes, Petunia. Apart from a broken leg, and blood pouring down my head, I'm perfectly fine.'

'Oh my god, oh my god! You've got a broken leg – wait, Lily, are you joking?' Petunia's voice is laced with suspicion.

'Petunia! How could you think that of me?' Lily pretends to act shocked. 'Your dear little sister is dying and you accuse her of joking?'


'Fine, I was joking,' Lily rolls her eyes, grinning. She locks the van doors, and gets inside, turning the key on the ignition. Lily thrusts off her mask, stuffing it carelessly in her coat pocket.

'Whose car did you steal this time?' Petunia sighs.

'It's alright. It's one of Mors', not some random person off the street, Petunia.'

'Good. Make sure you get home soon,' Petunia can't keep the worry out of her voice.

'I'm on the road right now,' Lily assures her sister. 'And I think I just left the door to the bank open. Oopsy!' Lily grins, not feeling guilty in the slightest.

'Lily!' scolds Petunia, but she couldn't help but let out a small giggle, either.

'Alright, bye!' Lily cuts the call, sliding the phone into her pocket. She sighs, already missing the excitement.

Oh, how she wished to be there when Arctus Mors – may he rot in hell – found out that she, Lily Evans, had broken into his bank and taken all of his money. Only his money, mind. She had been very clear about that.

It was a direct hit at Mors, and Mors only.