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The Strength of Destiny

See you around

Bella reminds herself never to drink beer again, stick to wine. Red, not white; she is very health conscious. She takes a look at the long line and decides that she´ll go to the boys´ bathroom. It´s deserted, and she really needs to go.

She´s walking out of the stall when she sees him at the urinals, his cock in hand and his head thrown back in pleasure. Sure, he's just taking a leek, but even in that position, he looks sinful.

She must have made some noise —she prays it wasn´t a moan— because he snaps his head towards her. She reluctantly moves her gaze up to his face, in spite of the fabulous view she already has. She is confronted by the clearest green eyes ever and the most delicious smirk.

"Hi, there, beautiful," he says as he shakes his cock and takes his time stuffing it back in his pants.

Licking her lips, and daring to behave as she never has before, Bella smirks back, and throws a wink in the mix.

"Hmmm… hi."

Very purposefully she glances for a couple of seconds at the front of his pants and curls her finger in invitation.

Edward doesn´t think twice when the gorgeous brunette crashes her lips on his as they stumble to an open stall. When she unbuttons his pants, he locks the stall door and fumbles blindly for a condom.

Lifting her and pining her to the wall of a public toilet in his haste to be inside of her. There is no fore play, no sweet words, he simply fucks her senseless.

"See you around," she yells over her shoulder as she exits the bathroom, leaving Edward in a daze.

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