"Miss, that gentleman over there sends you this," the server says handing her a Mojito.

Bella seeks him with her eyes and finds him looking at her with intense, clear, green eyes.

She smiles, and curls her finger in invitation.




"Fuck, Beautiful, that feels so good," he breathes.

"What, this?" she asks as she flutters her pussy around him as he pushes inside her slowly, they both can feel each contraction of her body. He ups the ante by playing with her nipples and clit. Both actions he knows will push her over the edge fast and hard.

They pant and groan as he moves his hands to hold her hips so tightly she´s sure his fingers will leave marks. She loves it.

"Touch yourself," he begs.

She complies, and the sight is almost enough to drive him crazy with lust.

"Move, please… move faster, harder inside me," she whimpers.

He repositions their bodies so she´s on her knees, he knows this position will allow him to move faster, harder and deeper inside her like she asked. "Like this?" he grunts.

She has no chance to answer before she climaxes, bringing him along with her on the breathtaking journey.

"Do you really need to go?"

"Yeah… I promised my husband his favorite meal for dinner, and he´ll be back from work by six," she smirks, and winks at him.

"Hmm… Your husband is the luckiest man on earth."

"That, he is. He´d better not forget," she threatens.

"Very funny," he mutters.

After a couple of minutes, she runs around the room, gathering her clothes and getting dressed, as he regards her with happy, amused eyes.



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