"A Sinful Tale of Skull And Crossbones"

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Chapter 1

The calm seas of the Atlantic ocean...

...flowing smoothly over a dense atmosphere.

All of the fishes, sharks and all life through the sea is living through its best years with the cool sound of an ocean flowing nicely.

But it all followed in notice as a titanic of a ship had sailed like wildfire. Just looking at this in someone's point of view was nothing short of incredible and imaginative. The breezy sheets of torn black fabric had swiveled nicely through the unbelievable wind. The emblem of a mystical dragon that was emblazoned on the tip of the boat. The emblem looked very golden and very intimidating. This kind of ship had such a crew that definitely wasn't the kind of crew you would see in such a tavern.

Two of them were mostly African-American and built like a couple of diesel trucks, a cabin boy with brown hair, peachy skin, and buck teeth, a swashbuckler with a black flattop and a brilliant military physique, an overweight blacksmith with blondish hair and such a overglandular problem, and it's commander of the boat. This commander was built with a phenomenal physique and was decking out a sweet straw hat right on the top that covered his sweet, gentle blonde bangs. He looked like like one of those laid-back guys who could really pass the time watching the clouds on the bottom of the deck, but he was definitely business with his trusty shotgun who never misses a mark whatsoever, but he wasn't the captain of the boat. But nevertheless, the commander named Geoff Schahauffen, was proud to be the captain right-hand man and personal friend. He was busy being greeted by this bright blue sky on a sunny day.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Geoff sniffed proudly, "Got cannons ready in case of any attack from anywhere?"

Geoff had talked down to the ship's main firearms expert Brick.

"Sir, yes sir! Cannons are ready to go!" Brick exclaimed, saluting the commander.

"Scopes ready for sighting for enemies?" Geoff spoke right up to cabin boy Cody, who was way up through the torn sheets of fabric and standing on the wooden pole for excellent balance.

"Aye aye, sir!" Cody saluted as well as his left eye took to the scope.

"Swords really for battle?" Geoff spoke to the two burly men, mostly named Lightning and D.J. who were standing next to the captains door.

"Swords are sha-arpened sir!" Lightning saluted as well as D.J. did.

"Is the ale ready for the captain, my dear blacksmith Owen?" Geoff shouted right to the big blonde barrel of a man.

"Aye aye, sir!" Owen saluted as well, but only to have the big base of a beerstein smack him right in the head when he did so, "AGGGGH! Damn beersteins!"

And then within no time to spare, Geoff had now approached the door where the Captain had been present. The true captain of the main ship, the S.S.S. Inferno.

"Captain, the wenches will be waiting outside for you. You are needed." Geoff shouted behind the door as the captain spoke on.

"About time. Sent them up there to the bottom of the boat." The captain replied to Geoff as he appeared in front of his loyal crew of proud no-gooders.

The captain felt and looked so majestic in the sun. He had no hat, which was perfect because his wavy shaggy black hair was flowing right in the wind. He had a model-like physique that he was very proud of with his model-like Polynesian looks. He was decked in a green leather pirate coat mixed with denim leggins and a pair of shiny brown boots that can attach to someone's ass if threatened, and a sweet gold belt buckle that had a diamond's head encrusted. He was pretty much the flashiest member of the crew and the trusty captain of this proud ship.

Justin Sorel was his name. He was a master of swords all of his life. His dad, Sorel The Undisputable, was a proud pirate. He fought for everything that was both good and bad. He was a brilliant anti-hero just like his incredible handsome son in which Justin had inherited his father's good looks. His father taught him how to carry and handle a sword with pride. His father told him acrobatics, the incredible spider-like ability that he needed to slightly survive and dodge anything that would come at him from a mile away. His father even taught him to become a perfect gentleman when it came to the most beautiful wenches that inherit the world.

It was pretty much the entire crew's reputation. They had the reputation of finding the most desirable wenches in most of these boating villages so they can be served as desirable sex slaves. Or they could be definitely be used as fine, trophy wives for the entire crew. This was Justin's favorite part of his pirate life.

"Owen, my ale, please!" Justin exclaimed to the fat blacksmith, who handed him the beerstein complete with full of ale. He sipped it like a heavenly sound of stream going right through his mouth. "Ahhhhhhhh, thanks good sire. Geoff, reveal to me, the wenches!"

"Got it, Captain!" Geoff exclaimed as he approached upstairs with the wenches that they had recently bought, or kidnapped last night.

Man, what a fine line of lovely wenches that they gathered up. Some were feisty with the sexual energy coming right between their loins. One of the wenches was very blonde with a banana-like ponytail reaching her lower back and possessed a sweet, gentle nature. Another one of the wenches had a very comfortable pouffe that if you touched it, it would feel like cotton, and not to mention that he had that tough accent. Another wench had such long thick wide hips (although not wider than the other wench), a love for pink, and just had the sweet bubblegum-like edge that made her more desirable to the large-builded bodyguard, most notably D.J.

They were all fine, but Justin's blue eyes landed on the wenched standing before the bubble-gum scented wench. Most incredibly, the wench that Justin was looking at was by far, more beautiful than the bunch. He was looking at her with such lust in her eyes. That long raven-colored hair that flew so much desirably and heart-stoppingly in the wind, such pouty delicious lips that could melt a man by kissing them, and that breathtaking body that just shot Captain Justin and sent him to heaven instantly. She was truly a raven haired bombshell with gams so long it felt like those legs were made from a gazelle's neck. Justin had approached her gently.

"Do you like the choice of ladies so far captain?" Geoff responded briefly.

"Hmmmmmmm, I guess we outdid outselves with this one, guys." Justin said in an impressed kind of tone, and then he lent out a gesture to the raven-haired wench. "But I think I'm really interested in this one. I think by the look on her pretty face, I can tell she's a very feisty one to be exact, aren't ya?"

The raven-haired beauty then lashed out right at him like the fiercest hawk there ever was.

"You shall kiss my ass in hell, you foul no-good deviant!" the beautiful black-haired wench spoke to him angrily while she was trying to break free.

"Ooooooh, she really is a feisty one, fellas!" Justin spoke to the rest of the crew who agreed with his opinion. He then focused on the raven-haired maiden herself, "So you must me Heather McLean, daughter of King Chris McLean... I have never seen someone with such beauty like mine before. Although I must admit, there were other girls I had and dumped that couldn't even light a candle to your levels. But you're something else with that feisty attitude. I really do like that..."

Justin then sent his muscular hand and started to kiss Heather's cheek very softly. Her skin was just so creamy and smooth like a sea of vanilla mixed with the oceans of silk. Heather felt a bit irritated that her brilliant beautiful skin would be touched by something that felt so unclean to her.

"Not as much as you're gonna like finding your own balls ripped in your sleep by my people. Believe you me, I will be rescued from your dirty hands..." Heather scowled at him, but that didn't seem to affect Captain Justin one bit.

"Ooooooooh, I'm scared." Justin spoke in a terrified mock. He soon began to get serious, but still landed a smile right to the angry Heather, "I don't think you understand one bit. You see, us members at the S.S. Inferno, we get what we want. Whether it's money, the finest ale that we can drink, the brilliant animals we can skin, and the most beautiful women we can score, right gentleman?"

"Arr!" his entire crewman shouted in pure glory. Justin then focused on Heather once again.

"But you see, me and my crew of the S.S. Inferno are searching the entire ocean for one thing. And that is to find me a wife. I shall find me a wife so heavenly, that we can rule the entire oceans one by one. But... are you the one that will help me lead my crew to greatness? So that I can succeed to my late father's expectations?" Justin responded as he approached Heather slowly, "Are you the one that will make me become one with you...?"

Heather didn't seem to respond to Justin's actions one bit. But instead...

...Heather spat right at him, only that the saliva landed right on his dark leathery green coat. Justin would have been irritated at first to have his favorite pirate trenchcoat become desecrated by some liquid form of disrespect. But he didn't wanna retaliate in front of something that was so gorgeous and so breathless in his eyes.

So being the kindest gentleman that he was, Justin let out a chuckle and gently wiped away the spit with his lucky handkerchief. And then for some weird reason, Justin threw away the handkerchief over the boat and into the calm ocean.

"You really are something else..." Justin added as he started to take Heather's long-flowing lock of hair and stroked it gently much to Heather's cringing disappointment. "I think we'll definitely spend a lot of time together, my fair lass..."

"The only way that's gonna happen if you throw me with the sharks instead..." Heather replied uncomfortably, "You might as well cut me into pieces of chum and feed it to those bloody bastards that roam the seas. Anything's better than this..."

Justin then let out a chuckle once again.

"I would love to do that and such, but you probably won't be worth killing to me..." Justin said to her softly in her ear as Heather felt like she was gonna pass a kidney stone the size of a 10 ton cannonball. The captain then turned to the rest of the crew, "And that goes to every wench that we capture. They all won't be worth killing to the rest of us, because we want them! Right, gentleman?"

"Arrrrrr!" The crewman shouted in glory once again.

"Now then, now that our little 'wench search' is over and now, let's meet downstairs for our latest mission. All wenches and ale are exclusive. So everyone meet me in ten minutes. Everybody out." Justin informed them as the crew began to gather through the entire ship to collect the finest ale for little mission briefing.

Everyone of the captured wenches were all seperated in one. Geoff had the wench with the blonde ponytail, Lightning had the wench with the big pouffe, D.J. had the bubblegum-infested wench with the Bubbles-like ponytail, and Justin had Heather all by himself as his trusty cabin boy Cody had tied both Justin and Heather's hands together.

Justin then soon faced the breathtaking Asian and let out a sex-filled smirk.

"Well, malady. Care to let me show you we keep our finest family ale?" he asked her politely, yet suggestively, "I could let you taste the first sip..."

"I should've been shark bait instead..." Heather said in groaning disgust.

"I'll shall take it as a yes then..." Justin smiled deeply as he sent her to the bottom of the deck and to today's mission briefing. This excruciating pirate journey was gonna be hell for Heather as it is, but for Justin, this was gonna be his own personal Heaven.

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