"A Sinful Tale of Skull And Crossbones"

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Chapter 3

A kingdom was somehow in distress.

There was windows broken, pictures messed up, food everywhere, and even portraits of the king were even vandalized. It was certain that this whole entire kingdom in Wawanakwa was now on lockdown. Yesterday had been one of the most wonderful events King Chris McLean had ever experienced. The Midnight Sonata Ball where the light of the moon would shine so brighter on the people and the water that was located in the tow square would just sparkle quite like glitter. Every townsfolk would just have a good time chowing down on the thousands of polished gourmet that was made by the finest chefs and the finest caterers there ever was. There were a lot of turkey legs consumed and more wine drank than anyone could ever recall in their lives.

Everything sounded so good, until the party was crashed by crew members of the S.S. Inferno, led of course by Captain Justin. They were nothing but hooligans just looking for a very good time. Scoping for the finest booze and babes they could add to their collection of bevy babes. One of those babes that the crew caught happened to be King Chris's daughter, Heather. The king couldn't believe she was gone before his very kind eyes. He couldn't believe his prized possessions were thrashed like crazy. And not to mention that his crown! His platinum crown was vandalized by those gang of ruffians.

Well King Chris McLean wasn't going to stand for it any longer. This was a huge problem that he needed to take care of. He had to go and search for the finest bounty hunters of the world that would take care of this urgent situation. Whenever Chris had to search around in the Atlantic or the Pacific, it was really dreary. But he didn't have bothered to do that.

Luckily for King Chris, a bounty hunter with a orangey-brownish red trenchcoat, dark brown pantaloons a bare chest that revealed his six-pack abs, and a man of Latin descent had seemed to one day roll around town in this dump that was the pirate town of Wawanakwa. The look on this hunter's face wasn't very pleased. In fact, nothing pleased them. Except looking for some pirates to thrash out on. That's what he was set out to do, no if's, and's or butts about it. By the nasty smirk on his face, it was certain that his face was full of money, power and vengeance.

This bounty hunter went by the name of Alejandro Burromuerto. He was born in a rich, wealthy family that was built on tyrannical levels. Alejandro had his father's ruthlessness, built by the anger of his late bounty-hunting brother Jose, and had the intensity of his warrior princess that would soon be Alejandro's own mother. Back then, they were a family bonded by Burromuerto blood. His family conquered everywhere they wen't. Wherever it was France, Germany or even Italy, they marked their territory with all the gold and all the finest jewelry they could afford.

But it all fall between Alejandro's eyes one silent moment as a sneak attack made by a group of pirates caught them off-guard, or by surprise. They were outnumbered, out manned, and defenseless. Both his mother and father were killed and his brother had gone missing, which left Alejandro to fend for himself. It was certain that Al had lost everything that was really close to him. And now, they were gone forever with no chance of coming back after all. It was just destiny that did Alejandro in.

Alejandro was now all alone. But he wasn't alone for too long.

The way that his parents were slain and impaled by those gaggle of pirates only increased his hatred and anger for every swashbuckler standing alive on earth. It was time for those pirates to pay for their sins, and Alejandro was the man to do it. He grabbed his trusty sword and shotgun and began to further himself for being one of the most deadly, cold-blooded bounty hunters breeding on the face of this planet earth and on the seas today.

It took a bit of several months, heck several years to further his gun slinging and sword swinging. Day in, night out, he worked himself like crazy. He would never have a single ounce of rest in him. But it was well worth it. The training had paid off dividends. He could now fire a single shot from anywhere and never miss a bullet. He was now a expert sword handler in which he can easily dodge the fast swings and can easily evade any sword swings that threaten to cut his masterpiece of a body. He was like a one-man crew with such murderous intention.

So when King Chris McLean had approached him, Alejandro didn't look much interest. But when King Chris told him about what he'd had now experienced with pirates, Alejandro had no choice but to listen.

It all started when Alejandro had kicked back in his chair as Chris was wandering around slowly in his huge chamber of already-broken masterpieces of vandalized art and broken glass. There was much tension building in the room entirely. No one wouldn't even step in for what Chris had to say to the Latino pirate hunter.

"How are you enjoying the whiskey, my good man? It's one of kind." Chris said in a grimly tone, yet he still had to act kind on the outside. Alejandro kept sipping on the whiskey, but his face looked like he wasn't interested. That kind of taste in Al's mouth reminded him of pure death.

"It's okay. I'm not interested in this shit that much, but at least I can appreciate the taste..." Alejandro said in such unpity.

"I'm glad you really think that way..." Chris said, just clearing his throat. It was a little bit silent between the two. Alejandro wasn't a man who can share small talk with a person so patient like King Chris. "I hear you're quite such the bounty hunter I assume. With your sword and that shotgun of yours, I can tell..."

"Yeah... that's the life I was forced to live..." Alejandro growled to himself as he kept sipping on his whiskey like a growling drunk. Even if Alejandro wasn't sloshed one bit.

"I can see you're not happy. Is they're anything on your mind that you wanna tell me?" King Chris said to Al as he was trying to break the silent tension between him. "Did you lose any loved ones as a matter of fact?"

Alejandro didn't respond for one minute. He kept stirring his drink as the tick-tock sound to King Chris's grandfather clock kept ticking around. After several ticks, the latin bounty hunter finally began to respond.

"Try my family..." Alejandro spat out once again as he drank the entire glass of whiskey and threw it around, therefore breaking it.

"Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that." Chris said with such compassion for Alejandro, even though he never wanted any compassion from anyone whatsoever. "Um, there is something I wanted to discuss with you. I wanted to talk to you about something that's already happened to me recently and I was wondering if I needed your assistance."

"Whatever it is you're concerned with, I'm not interested. So screw off if you need to." Alejandro shot back to him grimly as he pulled some kind of cigarette and smoked the living hell out of it, letting out a very huge smoky puff at King Chris's face.

"I see. The truth is, my kingdom is in turmoil. A bunch of pirates came in-" Chris said out loud as he was soon cut off by the disgruntled Latin.

"Pirates..." Alejandro said in a murmured state, "I'm just so sick of that word. Pirates. They're the only reason my mother and father is no longer around. They were fricking murdered! They were impaled many times and I couldn't do a damn thing to save them because those pirates held me back from saving them entirely! The blood that they shed broke me inside!"

Alejandro's raging attitude forced him to shed tears, yet he had no intention to cry. He was still madder than a bull with ten times size his anger. He then continued to go on.

"Worst of all, my brother was missing from that surprise attack! Do I think he's dead? HUH? DO I THINK HE'S FUCKING DEAD?" Alejandro spoke harshly as he grabbed the collar of King Chris himself. "Because I just happen to think that he is dead! I could go back in time and bring my brother and my parents back, but nothing can bring them back! No amount of blood I spill on those dastardly pirates can ever bring them back! That's all I think about! I always think about my parents and my own brother whenever I spill a pirate's precious blood. It's because I can make them feel my pain. If you don't want it to happen to you, my good man... don't cross my way..."

"I won't..." King Chris said in defense, "But there is something I wanted to discuss heavenly with you that involves this situation. A group of pirates from the S.S. Inferno had crashed the Moonlight Sonata ball, and kidnapped my precious Heather. My one and only daughter. She's everything in the entire world to me and I was wondering if you can do a favor for me."

Alejandro at first didn't seem so interested in something like this. He hunts and kills pirates only for money and reputation, not to hunt and kill pirates for someone's life. But knowing that Chris would have a catch for him, he had no choice but to fully listen.

"Fine..." Alejandro said letting go of King Chris's collar entirely as he began so sit back down on his chair. "Talk."

"There is a rare artifact that lays in ruins called The Diamond Sword, located and hid in the travesty that is Boney Isles." Chris explained to him gently. "The sword seems to be made from rare diamond shards. The sparkles cover the entire blade itself. Some say that it's much more priceless than gold. But others say that the one who wields the sword would bring true power and true greatness towards the seas. I want to make sure that I want not also that sword to retain my power and pride to this town, but I also want these gaggle of pirates alive and be put to justice. Just in case if you already don't know who they are, I'll show you what I mean."

Chris then got up from his seat and showed Alejandro a picture of his already kidnapped daughter.

"This is my daughter Heather." Chris said as Alejandro took the picture off of Chris's hands, "She is very beautiful to my life. If you can at least find it in you to save her."

Alejandro took this to thought. I mean, Heather had such beauty of all of those women combined with her long, flowing raven hair, such precious black eyes, such delicious pouty lips, and a brilliant piece of work that was her body. Her sudden presence and warm smile definitely outshone the entire village like a precious heavenly light.

But Alejandro was never interested in her. He could never be interested in something like that. But it was Chris's favor for him in hopes of bringing her daughter back in this coastal kingdom.

"She is a pretty one I guarantee..." Alejandro said with a murmur as he gave the picture of Heather back to King Chris, "But you'll have to do much better than that to have me persuade this kind of garbage..."

Knowing that Alejandro still won't take yes for answer, Chris gave another picture/description of the leader of the S.S. Inferno.

"This is Captain Justin Sorel, leader of the S.S. Inferno. Some say he's one of the greatest swashbucklers ever to reign among the seven seas. His father was the late great Sorel the Undisputable. Always be careful when you cross him, he's one of the finest acrobats and swordfighters ever to live. He mostly hunts three things, treasure, booze, and the finest women he and his crew they can get their dirty hands on. They're nothing but rowdy troublemakers. They're never alone, Alejandro. Whenever you see this rowdy swashbuckler anywhere, you know he isn't alone." King Chris explained tensely to him full on, "You see what I mean?"

"Yes... I see what you fully mean..." Alejandro commented with an angry scowl forming across his face.

"Indeed." King Chris said as he put those pictures up, "I want to make sure that you hunt down all these three things for me. I want the Diamond Sword, my daughter, and that disgusting hooligan all at one. I will give you a reward for all your trouble if you bring me those three things entirely."

"What kind of reward are we talking about?" Alejandro said with such interesting fashion.

"1,000,000 coins." King Chris announced to him as the bounty hunter raised one hell of an eyebrow. What an interesting deal he just heard, but was Alejandro willing to take that deal? After all, it's what he was born to do and such. Of course, it wouldn't take very long for him to give the king an answer.

"I'll accept it." Alejandro blared out deathly, "I'll get you the sword and your daughter back. But I can't promise you that I'll bring that Justin scum and his entire crew back alive. If you'll excuse me, I'll be out of your way."

Before Alejandro can leave however, Chris stopped him at the last split second.

"I order you. You will bring him back alive. Even if it means you don't want to. I want my revenge on those wretched pirates as well. I'm telling for the last time: Bring... him... back... alive." Chris said in sterned motion. Alejandro had tightened his grip on his own fist, knowing that he really wanted Justin's blood poured all over his beaten-down and bloodied body. As much as he really liked it however, Chris went way against it. So he had no choice but to follow by the king's rules.

"I'll think about it..." Alejandro murmured as he finally left Chris's master room with his fists still clenched with anger. He shot the door with violent force behind him thinking of Chris's statement involving Justin and Chris's daughter.

Chris then finally took a deep breath and began to stare at the unbroken window right behind him. His thoughts about his one and only daughter came up on him inside.

"Oh, my dear Heather... I only pray those bloodhunting pirates aren't doing such harm to you. I shudder what they'll do with you..." He thought with such hope and safety in his heart, "I hope you're okay..."

I know what everyone's thinking. Alejandro's interesting bounty hunter persona makes him sound like he's the vigilante-type of good guy. Well, everyone... you're plain wrong. And you'll see what I mean of what I have in store really way later in the story.

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