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"Hey! Hey, Gautier! Where you going in that hideous shirt of yours? The bread line?" Stone and his merd (herd of morons. Get it?) guffawed loudly at that… "joke."

Nick turned to stare calmly at the pack of idiots, the leader of which was the werewolf, Stone. However, while Nick knew what Stone was, stone had no idea that Nick was the Malachi, the embodiment of all the evil in the universe.

"Actually, Stone, I was just headed to your mother's house. I hear she puts on pretty good shows for cheap."

He grins as Stone turns a dark red, then purple as anger turns into rage. "Yeah? That's too bad, piss face. I heard that your mom sucked so bad as a stripper that now she's putting on shows on stree- umph!" Stone is abruptly cut off as Nick slams his fist into Stone's nose, effectively dropping him to the ground. Nick stands over him, eyes blazing.

"Mr. Gautier! How dare you assault another student?" Nick's principal, Dr. Richard Head, shouts, stalking towards nick from his office doorway. "Seeing as you have nothing better to do than attack respectable citizens, you will accompany me to my office, where we discuss how long you will be suspended. After calling your mother, of course."

"Wait! Principle… Head, sir," Nick said, swallowing his pride. "My mother is at work, and she really will not appreciate being called over something as little as this."

"Well, then, Mr. Gautier, I suppose you shouldn't have attacked a respectable student such as Mr. Stone," said the sadistic principal, grinning nastily as he picked up the phone and dialed dialed Nick's mother at her job at Sanctuary on Ursaline Street, which, coincidentally, was owned by werebears, and hired anything, human... or non.

"Hello? May I speak to a Ms. Gautier? I am the principal of Nick's school. No, I will NOT hold, thank you! I wish to speak with Nick's mother immediat- hello?" He turns a dark red and angrily slams the phone into the cradle. "How dare that woman! Hanging up on me! How dare she have the audacity!"

Nick stares at principal Head, confused. "M-my MOTHER hung up on you?"

Head sneers. "Why should I tell you? Just... get out of my office, Gautier. And don't let me find you bullying the respectable students again."

Nick, who was never one to pass up an opportunity to stay out of punishment, jumped to his feet and nearly ran from the office. He had almost reached his chemistry class when he is abruptly grabbed by the back of his hideous yellow Hawaiian shirt.

"Wh-what the..?! Hey, let go!" He shouts, trying to get a grip on his attacker.

"Listen, kid, we can either do this the easy way or the fun way. Either way, you're coming with us." Nick's attacker drags him through the halls and out the double door, where they stuff Nick unceremoniously into a sack, then into the back of a cargo van.

"Wait! Where the hell are you taking me!" Nick shouts.

"Shut up, kid!" Nick feels something hit him, then... nothing.

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