Yeah, so I'm sorry I took so long on this. I've been otherwise engaged. With life…

So… here it is. Chapter two…

Sorry it's not up to par with the first chapter, but I honestly forgot where I was going with this…

When Nick woke up, his head was pounding. Like he'd just been elbowed in the back of the head by a sumo wrestler. He tried to push himself into sitting position, but found his arms tied behind his back, then to his ankles. He moved his head slightly, the fabric of the sack rubbing uncomfortably against his face.

Well… Nick thought, that explains why it's so dark…

"Look, I think he's waking up!" A female's voice said softly from somewhere to Nick's left.

Nick felt something press softly against his head, then realized it was a boot as it pressed his face into the floor, making him squirm in discomfort.

"Hey, douche, that hurts! Get your disgusting foot off me!" Nick protested sharply.

A deep male voice chuckled darkly. "Or what? You'll blast me?"

"Yes." Nick said, bluffing. He knew he couldn't control the power of the Malachai.

The boot pressed harder against his head, making it pound, as the male growled. "Let's see it then, sunshine."

The female spoke up again. "Let it be, Pence. You know our orders."

Nick waited for the rest, but apparently the female was done. Pence growled something at his partner, but the boot was removed from the back of Nick's head, giving his aching melon some relief.

"Get the it ready, you two! We're a few minutes from HQ." A third voice piped up from ahead of Nick.

Nick groaned as he was jerked roughly to his knees. He blinked and shook his head, and received a smack, which did not make him any more comfortable.

"Pence, that's enough." The female reprimanded.

"What is? Messin' with the demonic bastard? It ain't like I'm doin' anything to hurt it."

Nick gulped, wondering how on God's green and blue earth did they know so much about him.

"So, guys… any chance this is maybe a big mistake, and I can just-oof!" Nick fell to the side as a boot slammed into his side, knocking the breath from his lungs.

"Pence, that's enough! He's the demon, not you! Show some sense of humanity!"

"That's the Malachai, Jocelyn! No matter what he does, or what punishment he takes, he can never repay the lives he stole!"

Nick frowned, then concentrated. If he could just get out of these ropes, he could maybe have a chance to escape. But first he needed elaboration on something Pence had said.

"What did you mean when you said 'all those lives he stole?'"

"Shut up, demon!"

Not gonna lie, jerk… I hope you die… Nick thought.

"Look, guys, I'm not a killer! My mom won't let out of the house unless it's to school or work."

Pence laughed, a dark harsh sound. "Yeah, just like that vampire didn't kill those children, or that daemon didn't eat the souls of those people it 'found' dead."

Nick glared in the direction of Pence, ignoring the fact that the sack was obscuring his face.

"Look, douche, I did not kill a single human! I don't know what kind of sick, demented weirdoes you people are, but these… things you've been talking about don't exist! So how 'bout you let me go, and we pretend this crap didn't happen."

Jocelyn sighed softly. "Nick, we aren't twisted, or stupid. We know demons are real. After all, that's how a half human piece of scum like you exists." She giggled. "You know, maybe we'll pay your dear mother a visit after we… dispose of you. I've heard she's pretty, but she won't be after we tie up loose ends." She giggled louder. "Then we'll find the rest of the demons living in this town. After all, New Orleans is crawling with the trash, and all trash must be gotten rid of."

Nick felt a familiar ball of heat form in his stomach at the mention of his mother, then the third voice broke in.

"We've arrived. Get it out."

Nick looked around the dark room he'd been placed in. he was still unable to move, as now he was tied to a chair, but even if he could move, he couldn't have gone anywhere.

Even though there was nothing to see in the barren room, anything was better than looking at the jagged dagger on the podium in the middle of the room.