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Mission Impossible

Chapter One: Separated

Deidara sighed as he gazed up at the dark and stormy looking sky.

Hm, looks like it might rain or something soon…at least that would make things interesting…somewhat…

The blonde ex-Iwa was bored. He and Sasori had been travelling for an eternity, at least it seemed that way to Deidara, all for some stupid mission that he wasn't even allowed to know the specifics of yet. Or actually, he was, but seeing as he had been a few minutes late when they were assigned the mission Sasori just wouldn't give him any details yet.

Stupid puppet. How the hell am I supposed to know what we're supposed to be doing now? This punishment could just end up backfiring on him.

Sasori had told the blonde that he was going to have to, "Deal with the consequences of being late" since he failed to show up on time. Deidara had tried asking earlier but the Akasuna had simply stated that Deidara was going to have to wait until Sasori could sit down and explain it to him. All he could get was that they were going somewhere far away to do something very important and if he didn't shut the hell up and stop being annoying Sasori might be finding himself a new puppet. After that Deidara had decided he'd had enough of walking next to his grumpy partner and instead sculpted a clay bird so that he could fly above the puppet. Sasori had made no objections; as long as the blonde was out of his hair and not doing anything stupid he was fine. But now Deidara was bored. There was nothing interesting to look at as the whole landscape seemed to be the same, unchanging, flat, boring surface.

Sasori had also expressly forbidden the blonde from making anymore "Useless sculptures" as he called it after Deidara accidentally detonated one of them slightly too close to Sasori. Deidara had, of course, found the whole incident rather amusing but obviously the puppet didn't take it the same way.

So now, the blonde was bored out of his mind. He thought about trying to ask Sasori what the hell they were doing again but decided against it since he would probably only get the same answer from the Akasuna.

He can be so stubborn. It's stupid really…I wonder if he's only mad because I was late or because of that incident with the puppets a couple of weeks ago…could he still be mad about that? Seems pretty stupid. I thought he was through punishing me with that one.

Deidara sighed again when suddenly an idea flashed through his head. Smirking, he started making his bird do little tricks in the air.

Ah yes, finally, at least it's something to do.

Sasori didn't notice at first, or at least, he pretended not to. But after a while Deidara began creating some wind rather close to Sasori which did not please the puppet in the least.

"BRAT! What the hell are you doing up there?"

"Just having some fun danna, un." Deidara answered innocently

"Well cut it out! Before you do something stupid and fly into a tree or something."

"But danna, there aren't any trees big enough around to fly into"

Sasori growled a bit at the blonde pointing out the obvious. "Just, stop it idiot. If you fall I won't help you"

"I won't fall, un"

"DEIDARA!" Sasori shouted menacingly.

"Whaat?" Deidara asked. Aware that he was being a little whiny at the moment.

"Just. Stop. Before I make you."

"But Sasori no danna…"


"Yeah, fine, whatever, un." Deidara answered and brought the bird back to its normal flight path. Kill of joy.

A few more minutes passed and the sky grew gradually darker. Deidara hoped it would rain and ruin all of Sasori's puppet scrolls. Maybe then they could stop and Sasori would tell him just exactly what they were doing. Then again if Sasori's puppets were ruined he probably wouldn't want to talk to anybody, much less Deidara. So he took that part back. But he was still hoping for rain, or something to change the scenery at least. Though, if it did rain that would mean that Deidara would have to walk since wet clay doesn't exactly fly well. He could probably hold it together for a little while but he'd have to come down eventually and then he'd have to deal with Sasori again. Maybe rain wasn't the best idea.

Snow. Yeah, now there was an idea. Snow wouldn't be wet enough to ruin his clay though it might freeze the bird over and make it slick. Deidara wouldn't mind that. Snow was less wet than rain generally albeit far colder. Deidara could deal with the cold though, being from Iwa and all which was one of the northern countries. Then they would probably have to stop because though Deidara knew Hiruko could travel through sand and many other different types of terrain he wasn't sure how well it would do in snow. In fact, he was pretty sure it wouldn't do well at all and he knew Sasori would rather stop than travel without Hiruko, especially if he had to walk in the snow. Though, Deidara wasn't quite sure if it was cold enough for snow. Cold enough for freezing rain maybe but he was unsure about snow.

Maybe it'll get way colder and all the joints in Sasori's puppets will freeze up. That would be kinda funny actually.

It wasn't that Deidara exactly wanted misfortune on his partner, it was just, Sasori hadn't exactly been nice to the blonde lately and Deidara just couldn't figure out what he had done wrong. Sasori never generally was nice in the normal sense of the word but what perplexed the blonde the most was that Sasori was withholding mission information from him. He just couldn't figure out why. He'd been late before but Sasori had never pulled this stunt on him.

Maybe he's just a little more grumpy than usual?

Deidara shook his head. He never would understand his partner and the only thing he could do now was go with it.

"BRAT! Are you listening?"

Deidara was snapped out of his daydreams be Sasori's yelling.

"Huh? Sorry danna, what was that, un?"

Sasori sighed. "I said, the weather looks like it's going to change and night is coming so we're going to look out for a place to stay. If you see anything on that contraption of yours up there let me know."

"Oh, ok…"

Yes! Finally! Maybe now he'll tell me.

Deidara began scanning the area out with his scope looking for a suitable place to camp for the night. However, though he searched for a long time he couldn't seem to find anywhere good enough.

Flat, flat, and more flat. Damn this place is so boring.

Finally, Deidara's eyes settled on a small, rocky, sheltered area a little ways off.


"What brat?"

"There's a place about five miles ahead that looks good, un."

"Fine, let's go."

Deidara only nodded and the pair started to head off towards the direction of the shelter. As time wore on, it really did being to get colder and eventually started to snow.

Heh, cool, so it was cold enough to snow!

Eventually, though it was rather pleasant at first the snow soon started coming down more frequently in big flakes. Deidara and Sasori only just made it in time before the wind started really picking up, driving the flakes all around so they seemed even more numerous than before.

Deidara landed outside the shelter and watched the falling snow. He thought it was cool and at least it was changing the boring flat surface into something more interesting now. Sasori, however, did not think the same.

"Brat, get in here before you get sick or something."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming, un."

With one last look at the snow Deidara turned and ducked his head inside the shelter.

Sasori had gotten out of Hiroku and was set to work fixing him or whatever the hell it was he did. Deidara sat in a corner close to the entrance and decided to watch the snow since Sasori obviously wasn't going to tell him anything just yet. The blonde soon became so absorbed in his observations that he didn't notice that Sasori had finished and was now watching him, the faintest hints of amusement present on his face.

"Is that all you're going to do brat?"

Startled, Deidara turned around to face Sasori.

"Huh? Oh well, I was just waiting for you to finish, un…"

"Hn, well, make yourself useful and start a fire or something so that everything in here doesn't freeze"

"Yeah, alright."

What does he want one of those for? I thought he can't get cold…and I doubt anything will really freeze but whatever. Better to make him happy than to have him screaming at me.

Deidara set to work building a fire and once he had finished he sat back on his heels and put his hands out in front of it. He supposed it was getting a little chilly…

"Danna?" Deidara spoke up suddenly, "Since we have time now…can you tell me what th-I mean, what we're supposed to be doing, un?"

Sasori looked up at the blonde, pulled something out of his cloak, tossed it over to Deidara and said, "Read that and stop bugging me."

Deidara caught the scroll, hastily unrolled it and began to read.

Hell yeah! This isn't an explanation really…but at least it's the mission. Now let's see…um, okay…never heard of that village before….wait a minute…what?

Deidara looked up slowly from his reading and glanced over at Sasori with a look of puzzlement in his eyes. Sasori, who had been watching the blonde read, said

"So, you know now."

"…but…that is…why are we…I don't get it…"

"You don't have to. Just do your job"

"But, I-"

"Go to sleep Deidara. It doesn't matter what you think. This is our mission."

Deidara looked over the scroll again, re-reading in case he missed something.

"…Infiltrate the village and collect any information you can. Then await further orders." What. The. Hell? That's it? Well, no wonder Sasori was in a grumpy mood. I don't mind winging it as much but Sasori hates that type of thing. Though, why is Pein being so cryptic all of a sudden? He's normally very specific; I don't like this. Come to think of it, things haven't really been normal at Akatsuki for a while, that is, if you can even call anything Akatsuki does "normal." Everything's starting to be so secretive…I don't like it.

"Brat, I said go to sleep. And give me back that scroll."

Sasori interrupted Deidara's thoughts.

"Yeah, yeah" Deidara answered quickly and handed the rolled up scroll back to Sasori.

Lying down to sleep he started to think again.

I wonder if this is at all related to those incidents…nah, I'm overthinking it. Pein's just being Pein. Then again, it could just be Sasori pulling my chain. I don't put it past him…but no, he probably wouldn't do that. He doesn't do anything without a purpose and I don't really see what that would be here. Whatever, I'll just…forget about it for now.

The snow had not let up at all during the night. In fact, when Deidara and Sasori went out in the morning it was still going. Sasori was pretty angry that he couldn't use Hiroku and also that he had to walk but Deidara was actually enjoying himself.

He had thought for a minute about offering his partner a ride but decided to wait and make the puppet ask for one himself. After all, Sasori had been at it all morning, taking out his anger on anything that happened to be nearby. Which was mostly Deidara.

Anyways, Sasori didn't like Deidara's birds so he probably wouldn't enjoy it much. Though, Deidara thought he might ask anyways and be a nice partner. Maybe then Sasori wouldn't be so grumpy to him. Or it could backfire and Sasori could just get even angrier at the blonde. Even still, he could just fly up high enough until he couldn't hear Sasori, should that happen.


"What, brat?" Deidara almost regretted having said anything but he'd already started so might as well finish asking.

"Uh, do you want to ride on the bird with me? You wouldn't have to walk anymore, un."

Sasori contemplated this for a moment and answered, "Fine. Just don't do anything stupid."

The puppet didn't seem altogether too pleased at the prospect of sharing a ride with his younger partner but Deidara figured he was probably just sick of trudging through the snow and had decided that riding with the blonde couldn't be that bad.

So, Deidara landed close to his partner and waited for Sasori to get on before taking off again.

The rest of the day was mostly uneventful. Deidara tried to make conversation with his partner but after his first few attempts had been met with nothing more than mere grunts he gave up trying and instead focused his energy on flying the bird. Normally, Deidara wouldn't care so much about how the wind would rock the thing but with Sasori now he decided to try and settle it down a bit. Both because the bird now carried more weight and also because Sasori probably didn't care much for getting buffeted by the wind.

As the day wore on the weather didn't let up and it was getting on Deidara's nerves. True, he had wanted the snow, but that was yesterday and right now the stuff was making it hard to fly. It kept piling up on the bird and no matter how many times Deidara tried to sweep it off there always seemed to be a permanent layer of about two inches on the thing. He was also getting tired since the added weight of both Sasori and the snow meant that the blonde had to add more chakra energy to keep the bird up in the air. He was only ever used to having to deal with himself and maybe some light snow or rain, but not this and the effects were beginning to show. More than once Sasori had to shake Deidara awake so that he wouldn't crash the thing.

Around the fifth time Sasori did this he said, "Deidara, land."

"Mm, huh? It's fine…"

"No, it's not. The weather's getting worse and you're getting tired. At least drop me off; I don't want to be on this thing when you crash it."

"Tch, fine, fine, un."

Crash indeed. But we have been going for a while and it wouldn't hurt to stop for a bit…

Deidara looked for a place to land but couldn't really find anywhere suitable. Finally, he just decided to go near some thin and meager looking trees.

Better than nothing at least…

Landing, Deidara slipped off his bird and almost fell over.

Alright, maybe I am kinda exhausted…

After helping Sasori set up camp a bit he laid down under the semi-shelter they had made and almost immediately fell asleep.

"Brat, come over here and help me with this."

Sasori said but received no response from his blonde partner.

"Brat? ….DEIDARA!"

And still, no response. Sasori turned to give his partner a piece of his mind when he saw the blonde had fallen asleep.

Tch, I knew he was tired. Stupid kid, if it were up to him he probably would have kept going until he really did crash.

Sasori got up and went over to fix the little shelter Deidara had made rather hurriedly so that it let less snow in. Then he sat down next to his partner who stirred a bit but kept on sleeping.

Well, at least he can be useful when he wants to. As much as I hate to admit it that bird was better than walking on the ground. And we did move a bit faster which was good. He's still an annoying kid but at least he can do that.

Sasori snorted. Deidara could be annoying at times but at least he was manageable and generally he did what Sasori told him. Though sometimes it could take a little bit before the blonde actually decided it was worth doing. With a sigh, Sasori laid back to try and sleep while he waited for morning to come.

Damn weather always having to go and be a pain in the ass…alright weather, listening? STOP NOW!

Deidara was annoyed. Yes, he had wanted it to snow but that was two days ago. The stupid weather just didn't know when to quit. He didn't exactly believe it would stop just because his thoughts wished it, but then again maybe weather could read minds. It did start snowing when he wanted. Although, this was no longer snow. This was freezing rain. And Deidara hated how his bird was getting all icy.

Sasori was probably right; he probably shouldn't try to fly in this weather. But he didn't want to walk. His partner had started getting on his nerves again this morning after they'd had a late start. It wasn't Deidara's fault though; Sasori had been busy making some modifications to Hiroku so that he could use the damn ugly thing in the snow. As such, they were a little late getting started and Sasori was not pleased in the least.

Alright, maybe Deidara had tried to liven things up a bit while he was waiting. But he was bored waiting for the puppet and he hadn't meant to detonate the explosive so close to Sasori; his partner had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anyways, it was all Sasori's fault. If he hadn't been taking so damn long to finish Deidara wouldn't have had need to occupy himself. Also, Sasori didn't need to be so harsh all the time. Deidara had apologized, or tried to in any case. But Sasori just wasn't hearing any of it and instead they continued on their way after Sasori made Deidara clean up the mess.

This of course only made their delay even greater and in turn only lead to Sasori being even angrier with the blonde. So Deidara was flying now while Sasori was with the new and improved Hiroku. Personally, he thought it only made the puppet uglier but if he said that out loud Sasori would flip out.

Deidara really wished the stupid weather would cut it out. It was kind of getting cold. And freezing rain was slightly wetter than snow. And his bird was all icy which made it hard to stay on since he kept slipping.


"What brat?"

"How much longer is it going to take to get there, un?"

"Forever if you don't quit being stupid." Sasori snapped.

Tch, still mad at me? Really now…

"Come on danna, I didn't mean it. I didn't think-"

"That's the problem you brat, you never think!"

Normally Deidara would just let this roll off and curse Sasori under his breath or blow something up. In the short time he had been with Sasori he had learned not to let these things get to him. But he was wet, cold, tired and his partner's jabs were only adding to his distress.

"Well, you're not always so smart yourself. Maybe you should have fixed that ugly puppet of yours before coming someplace where you knew the weather would change so much, un."

"Shut up brat."

Deidara swung his bird around so that he was facing Sasori, flying backwards.

"Make me, un."

Hiroku's giant metal tail suddenly swung out at Deidara who quickly moved his bird out of the way to dodge.

"Next time you won't get so lucky brat." Sasori growled.

"Tuh, yeah right, that ugly heap of wood and scrap metal that you call art couldn't ever get me, un" Deidara muttered.

He had been more or less talking to himself and hadn't exactly meant for Sasori to hear it. Nonetheless, the puppet had heard what he said and it struck a nerve. Hiroku's tail swung out again but this time Deidara wasn't expecting it.


Sasori hit Deidara across the face causing the blonde to lose his footing and go flying off his bird and land face first in the cold snow. Deidara quickly sat up and looked over at Sasori who didn't stop or anything to see if his partner was alright. He simply kept moving on ahead.

Deidara sat in shock, lifting his hand to touch his cheek where Sasori had struck him. He had made Sasori mad before but the puppet had never actually hit him. True he had tried before, but Deidara could tell that Sasori had never meant to actually strike him. This time though his partner had meant to hit him and he had succeeded too.

"Hurry up brat, or you might get frozen there."

Recovering from his original shock the blonde retorted.

"Why the hell do you care, un?"

"I don't. Stay there and freeze to death for all I care."

Another shock. Sasori was cold but he was a good partner as far as that went. Deidara must have really made him mad.

"Maybe I will. Then at least I can get away from you and your stupid puppets, un."

Really, all Deidara wanted at the moment was to stop the fighting and keep going so that they could finish the mission. He didn't really mean the things he was saying but he was tired of Sasori always picking on him.

"Good, go and die. Then I won't have to deal with you and your annoying mouth all the time. Oh, excuse me, mouths."

Deidara just sat there, too shocked to move really. Sasori's words stung worse than his burning cheek. He opened his mouth to say something in objection when suddenly he sensed several chakra presences in the vicinity drawing quickly closer. So instead he jumped up after Sasori who had sensed the others too.


Deidara thought,

And lots of them…

Before the S-class shinobi knew it they were surrounded by many ANBU and deeply engaged in battle. Deidara hadn't had time to make it all the way back to Sasori and the puppet was also delayed by the other ninja. They were both on their own. And, as the battle wore on the weather grew worse until Deidara couldn't see more than ten feet in front of him even with his scope.

The blonde tried counting chakra presences to see just how many ninja he had left but stopped when he realized that he was sorely outnumbered. And he couldn't keep this up forever. One ANBU? Fine. Two or three, hell even five? Sure. But ten or greater…that was more than enough even for a highly capable Akatsuki.

Deidara sucked in a breath. He wasn't exactly on friendly speaking terms with his partner at the moment but partners they were still. And like it or not they were going to have to work together if either of them wanted to get out of this mess alive.

"Danna? I'm going to distract them, ok? Then we can finish them…un."

Sasori gave no response but Deidara didn't have much of choice either way. He hoped that his partner just couldn't hear him over the clash of the battle and the howling of the wind but he had a feeling that Sasori was just ignoring him.

Deidara threw a high level explosive where he judged there were the most ANBU and then ran off in a different direction. About three or four of the ninja started following him and now Deidara had his chance. Quickly, he turned on the other ninja and dispatched them. He then started heading back towards where he thought he had left Sasori but then, about five more ANBU came after him.

Well, shit!

He started leading them off again. Unfortunately, the visibility had only gotten worse causing Deidara to miss some object on the ground that made him trip and slide down what he assumed to be a large hill or something.

Mentally cursing his luck he tried to judge how far the hill thing went and if there was anything to help slow or stop his fall. However, he couldn't see or feel anything that could help him and before the blonde knew it he whacked his head on some low overhanging branch rendering him unconscious as he slid the rest of the way down.

Stupid blonde, he never knows when to shut up.

Sasori thought. He was sorry he hit the kid, truly he hadn't meant it. But the blonde had been getting on his last nerves and he just snapped.

Tch, he should know better than to try and test my patience.

In a like manner, he hadn't entirely meant everything he said after that either but the blonde should have just shut up and followed. Then they might not be in this mess with the ANBU. Sasori had known immediately that there was too many of them even for a couple of S-class shinobi to defeat.

After the presence of the ninja became known, Sasori tried to make his way back to his partner. He didn't really want to help Deidara at the moment, he was still mad at the blonde after all, but Pein would get on his case about it if he just let the blonde die. And even though he didn't want to admit it he was probably going to need help taking some of the ANBU out.

Before he could get there some ninja blocked his way forcing him to fight. He thought he heard Deidara shout something to him but he just couldn't make it out. He didn't answer because he figured whatever the blonde had to say could wait until later.

Suddenly, there was a massive explosion that sent many of the ANBU scattering.

Oh, maybe he has a plan?

Now there were much less ANBU to deal with and Sasori quickly took care of the remaining ones. After he had finished he waited to see if Deidara would come but realized that because of the weather he couldn't see very far. He was sure there were no more ANBU as he couldn't sense them but then you could never be sure with ANBU.

He decided to search a little for his partner as it was Deidara who made it able for them to defeat the ANBU, as much as he hated to admit it. And maybe he would apologize to the blonde too, maybe. He wasn't quite so mad anymore and really just wanted to get out of the weather and continue the mission.

"Brat? You done? Let's go!"

Sasori shouted but his voice was lost in the wind. He figured maybe his partner hadn't heard him so he tried again

"Deidara! Come on, let's get out of here. No use travelling when you can't see and the ANBU might come back"

Still no response. Sasori was beginning to think that perhaps his partner was just ignoring him as he may still be mad about the earlier incident.

"Deidara? I said let's go!"

Only the wind answered Sasori's shouting.

"Fine, whatever, don't talk to me. I thought I saw a sheltered place a few hundred feet ahead. I'm going there."

Sasori figured that was good. The blonde would get over himself eventually and come to find Sasori. He always did.

Sasori left to head over to said sheltered area and wait for both his partner and the storm to run its course.

When Deidara woke up the first thing he noticed was that he was lying at the bottom of a valley like place and also that it had stopped storming. As he sat up slowly and took in his surroundings he tried to remember what the hell had happened the night before.

Oww…my head…and how the hell did I get down here in the first place? Where's Sasori? Oh wait a minute…that's right…he hit me yesterday after I told him Hiroku was ugly and stupid. Which it is, but that's beside the point. Then we battled the ANBU…oh yeah, I was trying to separate them. Divide and conquer heh. I must've tripped or something and fell down here…it was pretty nasty out last night. But Sasori wouldn't just leave me, would he? I made him pretty mad last night…and he didn't really seem to care…but he never would do that…I don't think…he's probably somewhere around here…if I can just find him…


Deidara called out.

"You up there, un?"

No response.

Ugh, he's probably still mad…stubborn puppet…

"Look, I know you're probably upset about yesterday still but can you at least not ignore me, un?"

Deidara was beginning to get the sinking feeling that Sasori really had left him or forgot about him or something. But he tried one more time anyways.

"Danna? Come on….Look, I'm really really sorry! Okay? Now can you come out please, un?"

Damnit, either he's super pissed or he really did leave…ugh, maybe I should try and get out of this place…and see if I can find him or something.

With some difficulty, Deidara managed to climb out of the gulley. What surprised him was that he didn't recognize the terrain in the least; last he knew the place had been flat with little trees and now he was in some sort of woods that weren't very flat at all.

Damn, I ran farther than I thought last night…it was just so hard to see…though, maybe that hill thing has something to do with it. It's pretty steep…how do I know if I came up on the right end? Damnit…this is just perfect.

Deidara sat down for a moment to try and think of what to do next. He needed to find Sasori but where to start looking was the question. And he still didn't know whether Sasori would want to be found by him.

He probably hates me; well more than he already did anyways. I'm sure he just didn't care and left me…but I do still need to find him. Like it or not we still have a mission to finish… Now I really do feel bad about last night…

While the blonde was trying to come up with a solution to all of this he suddenly sensed a lot of chakra signals headed his way. And before he could realize what had happened he was surrounded by at least twelve ANBU.

Oh just great. Are these guys buddies with the ones we defeated last night? Shoot…there's no real way out of this…guess I'm going to have to fight them…

With the coming of morning and still no sign of his blonde partner Sasori was annoyed and slightly worried. He didn't think it would take Deidara this long to find him. He kept telling himself that the blonde was probably just off sulking somewhere, waiting for the storm to let up to come and find him. But the storm was long gone by now and there was still no sign of the bomber.

He's just being stubborn, that's all. Stupid kid. I'll go and see if I can find him now…we really need to get a move on that mission.

As Sasori stepped out of his shelter he could see all the signs from the battle of the previous night, but nothing of his partner. If Deidara had wandered off anywhere, Sasori couldn't tell. There were some prints in the snow but they were very vague and most of them had been covered up by the storm from the night before. He wouldn't be able to find the blonde that way.

"Deidara! Come on out now! We have to go and finish the mission!"

Sasori shouted out but received no answer. He tried a few more times but was always met with the same result, silence. Now Sasori was really beginning to get a little more worried, though he wouldn't let it show. Deidara could be quiet when he wanted to but his personality kept him from remaining that way for long. At least around Sasori. Even if he was still angry with the puppet he would have made a least a smart remark about something by now. The silence was just…unnatural.

He was wondering where the blonde could have gotten to. Surely he couldn't have gone very far…could he have? With the way the storm had been Sasori supposed that it was a possibility for the kid to have gotten lost in the fight. But, how far did he go, and where?

"Deidara, if you can hear me, come on out already! This game is getting old."

Sighing, Sasori told himself that the blonde was just hiding somewhere a little out of earshot and once Sasori got in range the kid would come out and find him.

With that thought, the puppet set out to search for his blonde partner but couldn't shake the feeling in the back of his mind that there was another reason Deidara wasn't around. He could only hope it was wrong.

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