Hello! Here it is. The sequel to Dirty Little Secret. I'm so sorry it took me so long. I thought I could write during the summer, but I just worked so much that I literally had zero time.

Just a note, I came up for the idea for this story before the finale happened, so Lexie will be in this. Because I really like Lexie and wish she wasn't dead. This first chapter will pick up right where DLS left off…

Callie closed her laptop and rested her head on the counter top beside it. She'd just closed the Skype connection with her father, and it had been a less than wonderful conversation. It was a chat she had been meaning to have for a few days now, but the unpleasantness of the affair had caused her to put it off. She closed her eyes and thought about everything she'd said…

"Daddy… the reason I wanted to talk to you today…"

"What is it mija?" he asked through the screen. "You look troubled."

"I am troubled. A little. Dad, you bribed Aria with a new car to visit me," she stated bluntly.

"Ah," Carlos' face fell. "She told you that, did she?"

"Actually, she told Sawyer after a disgusting little homophobic rant in which she said that my wife and I are not married and our daughter should never have been born."

"She didn't!" Carlos looked shocked and disgusted.

Callie nodded. "She did. And that is not okay."

"Of course it isn't, Calliope," Carlos agreed. "If I had known that she would say such things I would never - "

"That's not really the point, Daddy. You shouldn't have done it – period. The fact that she said those things makes it worse, but you should not have to bribe my sister to visit me."

"I know mija," Carlos sighed, "I just thought… the two of you were so close once. I thought perhaps if I gave Aria a little push she might remember."

"A little push would have been showing her an old photo album and suggesting that she give me a call when she's in Seattle, not refusing to buy her a new car unless she spoke to me."

Carlos looked appropriately ashamed of his actions.

Callie sighed. "Sofia will only be immune to how people act towards her, and Arizona and I, and our family for so long. I will not have people who think like Aria and Mom do around my little girl… I can't."

"Of course, Calliope, you're right. I am so sorry. I will never do anything like that again, I swear. I'm… I'm so sorry."

"I know, Daddy…"

"How'd it go?" Sawyer asked, rousing Callie from her thoughts as she came around the corner. She'd hidden in the bedroom to give Callie her privacy for the conversation with her father.

"Okay," Callie sighed. "He promises not to bribe people into accepting my life choices anymore."

"Hmm," Sawyer replied, dropping into the bar seat at the counter next to her sister-in-law. "Well that's progress." She gave Callie's arm a comforting pat. "You know what would make you feel better?"

Callie raised an eyebrow. "What's that?"

"Going for a run with me."

"No," Callie rolled her eyes. "You just had major heart surgery. You are not running."

"Please, Callie!" Sawyer begged. "It's been four days. I feel disgusting. I need to go for a run."

"Sorry, Peach," Callie replied, smirking when Sawyer rolled her eyes at Callie's new nickname for her. Upon learning that Sawyer's middle name was Georgia, Callie had taken to calling the younger woman "Peach" or "Peaches" in honour of Georgia's "Peach State" nickname.

"You know, you and Mark make me sound like the most disgusting food combination in the world," Sawyer mused. "Peaches and Soy Sauce."

Callie laughed.

"How about we just jog?" Sawyer tried.


"A brisk walk?" she tried again.

"Sawyer, no," Callie stated. "Teddy said nothing for at least a week. Three more days, and then we'll talk about walking."

Sawyer huffed and flopped down on the couch, pulling her phone from her pocket when it chimed. Reading the message she moaned, "I need to move!"

"Good god, Sawyer, don't be so dramatic!" Callie admonished.

"What?" Sawyer asked, momentarily confused. "Oh, no. I do need to go for a run. But that was Harrison," she explained, gesturing to her phone and referring to the message she had just received from her roommate. "He and James have decided to move in together."

"I thought he and James had broken up again?" Callie asked.

"They did," Sawyer nodded. "Apparently they're back together and moving in," she huffed, chucking the phone across the couch. She grabbed a pillow and covered her face. "How will I ever find a new place to live if I'm not allowed to leave this apartment!" she said in a muffled groan into the pillow.

"Oh my god, you're ridiculous," Callie laughed, pulling the pillow away from her sister-in-law's face. "You know you can stay here as long as you like, and Arizona and I will help you apartment hunt when you're healed."

Sawyer smirked up at her. "You know what would help me feel better until then?"

"We're not running!" Callie exclaimed, throwing the pillow at her.


"Dr. Grey?" Arizona asked, approaching the resident. Lexie was sitting alone in the cafeteria, staring at a bowl of cereal as though it had just stolen her puppy. When the younger woman failed to look up, Arizona tried again. "Lexie?"

"Hmm?" Lexie replied, eyes snapping up from her bowl of now soggy frosted flakes. "Oh, hi Arizona," she greeted half-heartedly.

"Everything okay?" Arizona asked, taking a seat at Lexie's otherwise empty table. "Things with you and Mark…" she hedged, unsure if Mark was a topic the resident would be comfortable speaking with her about. She and Callie had been picking up hints that Mark and Lexie's romance might in fact be rekindling, offhanded comments that Mark made here and there, and Arizona had seen Lexie leaving Mark's apartment just yesterday morning. But Mark had said nothing and so the couple was trying to be respectful, trying to be an example of the personal boundaries they had so insisted on, and that Mark had become surprisingly good at respecting over the past year. But still… if Lexie wanted to talk, Arizona wasn't going to not listen.

Lexie sighed. "It's not Mark… not really. It's… the dream house is done."

"Derek and Meredith's house?" Arizona clarified.

Lexie nodded. "I live with my sister, her husband and their baby," she sighed. "Just the four of us because my other roommates decided to up and move without me. And now Meredith and Derek are moving and they said I can stay in the house but…" she dropped the spoon that she had been using to idly push her mushy cereal around the bowl and looked Arizona in the eyes. "I can't stay there. In that big house all by myself. I mean… that's my dad's ex-wife's house. That's the house that my dad lived in when he had a different family. I mean, it's weird enough living there with Meredith, but if it was just me… No. I can't do it. It's too weird."

Arizona nodded her understanding and the resident continued.

"And I can't tell Mark, because he'll tell me to move in with him. But I can't. It's too soon. And I don't even know if we're really back together yet and I don't want to move too quickly because I'm afraid it'll screw things up. But I can't just get a place by myself because I have no money so I'd need a roommate, and I'd probably end up with someone I met on Craig's List who wants to murder me in my sleep or keeps a lot of exotic pets or something. I'm about to become homeless or live with a murderous zookeeper and I can't talk to my almost maybe boyfriend about it and… and I need a doughnut."

Lexie rose to hunt down her stress food of choice but Arizona reached out a hand to stop her. "Lexie wait," she said, tugging at the younger woman's sleeve. "I have an idea…"

And that was how Sawyer and Lexie became roommates.


Lexie and Sawyer moved into an apartment a few blocks from Callie and Arizona and quickly became friends and confidants. Before anyone realized it, the months had rolled by, Sawyer had completed her physiotherapy, Sofia had completely skipped over walking and was running anywhere her little feet would take her, and Callie had begun casually floating the idea of another baby to Arizona, (and to her great pleasure Arizona seemed quite receptive to the idea). Soon enough, Sawyer's first day at Seattle Grace Mercy West rolled around. And not only was it Sawyer's first day as an intern, but also Lexie's first day as chief resident. So it was really no surprise when Callie, Arizona and Mark finished dropping Sofia off at day care, and bumped into an incredibly stressed out and very frazzled Lexie.

"Should I give a speech?" Lexie asked in a semi-panic. "Do you think they'll want a speech? I wrote one, but then I thought they wouldn't want one, so I left my notes at home. Oh god! Why did I leave my notes at home!?"

"Calm down," Mark said gently, firmly placing his hands on Lexie's shoulders. "You have a photographic memory. If you want to, you can remember the speech."

"Oh… right," Lexie replied.

"You're gonna be great," Arizona smiled warmly.

"Thanks," Lexie said, returning the smile. She glanced at her watch. "Okay, I need to go greet the new interns before I talk to the residents."

"Who's Sawyer's resident?" Callie asked.

"Dr. Laska," Lexie replied.

"You didn't want her for yourself?" Mark asked.

"Of course I did," Lexie sighed. "But she's my friend and my roommate so I didn't want people to think I'm favouring her. "

"Plus, the chief resident's interns usually end up doing more paperwork than actual medicine," Arizona added. "At least mine did when I was chief resident."

"Laska?" Mark asked. "I don't know that name…" He paused, thinking. "Yeah, I have no idea who that is…"

"Seriously, Mark?" Callie asked.

"She's in plastics…" Lexie deadpanned.

"Really?" Mark asked again. "Well I only ever really worked with Avery…"

"She's worked mostly with Dr. Moss," Lexie supplied.

"Moss," Mark scoffed. "What a hack. Well maybe I'll give her a shot. But hey, Sawyer's assigned to a plastics resident. It's fate. I told you she'd end up in plastics."

Callie and Arizona rolled their eyes and the group walked Lexie to the stairway in which she would be giving her address. A large group of interns was milling around at the bottom of the stairs and Arizona caught sight of her sister, dressed in pale blue scrubs and a white lab coat and she beamed at her with pride. Sawyer shot her a nervous smile in return before turning her attention to Lexie on the stairs.

As Callie, Arizona and Mark left the group of interns to get their days started, they walked past Avery and Karev, headed in the opposite direction.

"Man, I love new interns," Alex smirked.

"Me too," Avery replied knowingly. "Oh, hot blonde."

Arizona's gaze followed Avery's outstretched hand and found it pointing at her little sister. "Do it and die, Avery," she snapped.

"I will end you," Mark stated firmly.

"Don't even think about it," Callie bit off sharply.

Avery looked shocked at the outbursts of the three Attendings. With harsh looks, Callie and Arizona went on their way while Mark stayed behind.

"What do you mean I can't sleep with interns?" Callie distinctly heard Avery whine.

"No, just not that intern," Mark clarified.

Callie rolled her eyes, and interlaced her fingers with her wife's as they made their way down the hall.

So, I just want to clarify that this is a Callie & Arizona story. This chapter had a lot of Sawyer, Lexie & Mark in it but that is because you needed to learn a few details. I wrote it as kind of a bridge between DLS and GST, which will really begin next chapter.

The next chapter will pick up roughly 1 year later, after Sawyer has completed her internship and has just begun her residency. So until then… Leave me a review :) Because they are the greatest and they make me smile.