May, 26. It had been exactly six months Mi-Nyu had left for Africa. Tae Kyung looked at his calendar, smiling. He had crossed of every day separating him from Mi-Nyu, and finally, this one was the last one; and it came to an end. Tomorrow she would be back in Korea, at his side. He felt his heart racing at this thought. He had been waiting for this moment since her departure.

Tae Kyung looked at his room. A room like him, orderly, clean. He had felt so alone there since Mi Nyu had left it , when she pretended to be Mi Nam. "Tomorrow I would share it with her again," he thought with a 4 members of Angell had agreed on this point: Mi Nyu, as leader's girlfriend would remain in his room the time she would stay at the dorm. It had'nt been not to get, though ! Mi Nam, Mi nyu twin brother 's, has been violently opposed that her staying in his room : he didn't trust Hwang Tae Kyung. "Tcchh this brat, Tae Kyung mumbled, what does he thinks it will happen ? Does He thinks I'm an animal and I'll jump on his sister? "Tae Kyung blushed at this thought. He knew that his relationship with Mi Nyu would evolve and one day, they will have this kindof relation ."And even ifsomething like that happens, that's none of his buisseness ! He tried to chase away this thought of his spirit and drunk a big mouthful of water. "She comes back tomorrow, but I have the impression that this is an eternity! I should go to sleep, time will go faster and faster she will be in front of me " It is on this joyful thought that Tae kyung went to bed.

The next morning, TK came to kitchen early. He was welcomed by a fair-haired boy, looking like an uncontrollable child. It was Jeremy, the childish drummer of Angell.

"Hyungggg! "Jeremy ran up to him, smiling. TK used to this kind of awakening, did not react. "Hyung, how are you this morning? I am soooo excited, our Mi Nyu is coming home today! »

"Tchh can, you stop running around in the morning? I'm so tired, you're irritating! "Barked Tae Kyung, showing his annoyance. He went to the fridge and took a bottle of mineral water.

"But .. Hyung .. "Jeremy looked like a little lost puppy.

"Do not worry, Jeremy. TK is always in a bad mood in the morning, especially since he did not sleep much that night. The arrival of Mi Nyu makes us all happy but some are may be a little nervous. '

Tae Kyung turned around and recognized Shin Woo, the bass player of the group. He was the voice of wisdom of the quiet and smiling boy cut with the child that was Jeremy and the cold man and authoritaire whom was Tae Kyung. "Tch. I'm not nervous, why would I? It's not as if I held my life in my hands "He gave to them an icy stare and went to his room.

Of course he was anxious. He had spent the night wondering if she would be happy to see him. " And if ever I had lost points? And if she had met another boy during her journey? Tch, I am Hwang Tae Kyung. She will never find a guy better than me » he says, , thinking of mumbling it, but saying it in a loud voice.

" What an oversize ego! I do not still understand why my sister fell in love with you. "

Tae Kyung saw Mi Nam posted outside his room,looking scornfully at him. Since his arrival, things were not easy between the two men. Tae Kyung could not stand the arrogance of this guy and could not bear the fact that he was more popular than him. He found him too suspicious towards him and too protective towards his sister she was also the reason why Tae Kyung obliged his self not to be nasty with him.

"Do not talk of ego, you. And do not annoy me, I have a lot of things to do »

"My sister sent me a message telling me she would arrive at 19h. And needless to move, this is Manager Ma who will bring her here. '

Tae Kyunf saw Mi Nam smile. Despite his arrogance, his stupidity and his lack of hygiene he could not help but find Mi Nam touching. He knew that he resented him for taking him his beloved sister, and that was why he was protecting her. Tae kyung felt jealous of their complicity and sometimes forgot they had both lived in a convent without family, and their relationship had remained fusional there.

"Okay, Mi Nam" he smiled back. "It is useless to debate and argue. The main thing is that Mi Nyu be there ".

In the kitchen, Jeremy and Shin Woo hurried in preparations for the party organized for Mi Nyu's return. Shin Woo was making some tea, his speciality, while Jeremy made candys and enormous cake.

"Hyung" asked Jeremy, " why Tea Kyung is so nervous? Even if he hadn't seen Mi Nyu for 6 months, he should be delighted by her return! »

Shin Woo smiled "Of course he is happy that she comes back. But you know well that this antisocial of Tae Kyung does not know how to express his feelings, that is why he is anxious. They form a couple now.. " The young man stopped and lost in his thoughts. He has also loved Mi Nyu, but she has chosen Tae Kyung. "I feel so nervous, but I can not show it. I hope everything goes well and that nothing will change between us. » He glanced at Jeremy: he watched cooking the enormous cake, laughing. « How can he be so relaxed? Wondered Shin Woo. « After all, he has also liked Mi Nyu. Ha, I'd be like him, so carefree. It does not seem to have suffered too much to have lost the one he loved »

" Hyung! Jeremy exclaimed a banner in the hand. You fall asleep?Wake up, we still have many things to install »!

"I'm coming, 'he replied, trying to calm Jeremy who had started dancing everywhere. "Sacred Jeremy."

Manager Ma was waiting, sitting on the bench of the airport, looking nervous. Mi Nyu was going to arrive from one minute to another, and he had to bring her to the couch. He smiled, thinking of the word "couch" He thought of all this history, at how Mi Nyu has become Mi Nam and how difficult it had been so many times and how they had avoided the worst many times thanks to his help and the help of the boys. Thanks to him, the Sister Mi Nyu was supposed to become had found her voice, and especially had found love in the arms of Tae Kyung, the handsome and cold leader of Angell. Who would have thought that the awkward Sister would ever be accepted by the whole group, to the point of making herself indispensable?

Manager Ma was very proud of him, "All that is thanks to me .. if I did not tell Mi Nam to do plastic surgery, he would not have been hospitalized and her sister would not have taken his place. She would have become a Nun and Tae Kyung would have been as unbearable as before.. Bouhouuuuu, I am a savior, I have made a person better ! » He began to cry hot tears congratulating his self and dancing as usual. The people around stared at him, taking him for a fool.

"The flight from Uganda will soon land, way C"

Manager Ma stopped dead, looking for the door leading towards the way C. He stood in front of this one trying to see Mi Nyu. A few minutes later, a young brunette girl rushed into his arms.

"Manager Ma! "She embraced her friendly and do not believe his eyes. He was used to seeing Mi Nyu dressed in man, with ample jeans which did not honour her and She wore her hair short to look like his twin. She had now attractive brown hair falling on her shoulders, and she was wearing a red dress with small heels.

"Mi Na.. Mi Nyu! Oh, I'm so glad to see you, Sister! "The emotion came over and he began to cry. "You've changed so much! You're so pretty !

'Embarrassed, Mi Nyu just smiled and said "Do not cry .. I'm so happy to see you too! '

"Aigo, What a shock will have the boys, by seeing you like that! Fast let us be going to get back your luggage and let us bring in(return)! ", seeing you like this! Let's go quickly takes your luggages and go home! '

"How are the boys? "Mi Nyu asked ,installed in Manager Ma's car ; they were on the way towards the house.

"Oh, everyone is well. Mi Nam is having some difficulties with Tae Kyung, they do not get along very well. '

"Hyung-nim makes life harsh for Oppa? " asked Mi Nyu, worried.

"Well .. they often quarreled because of you. Mi Nam thinks Tae Kyung is a scoundrel, and Tae Kyung finds Mi Nam is too arrogant "Manager Ma says with a smile. "This is really the last straw for him to say that !'

" Tae Kyung and Oppa quarrels because of me? ""Mi Nyu felt guilty that the two people she loved most in the world does not appreciate eachother and worse, did not appreciate each other because of her. « Hyung nim's right, I really am a creator of problem. »

" Do not worry! Your arrival is going to relax the atmosphere. Everyone is waiting impatiently for you. Mi Nam can't stop talking about you and Jeremy prepares for a week your party of return! '

"I am also so excited to see everyone! I've them all really missed. » « I missed my star more than anything else, » she thought, blushing. « His absence was for me the hardest thing to bear »

" Sister, you still wear the pin Tae Kyung bought you ! Oh what a beautiful couple you are" ! Said Manager ma my by sniffing to hide his tears. Even if you have not been back to the convent, you're definitely a Saint. I have never seen Tae Kyung like that ! Since your departure, he began to eat spinach! He seems to have become more relaxed, I even heard him talking in his room with a plush rabbit with a pig nose .Really , Mi Nyu, you've transformed him ..

Mi Nyu smiled at these words. She caressed the pin in her hair, the one that Tae Kyung had offered her a few months earlier. Now that she had long hair, she could wear imagined Tae Kyung talking to the Pigrabbit plush who represented her and laughed. « But .. do I really look like a rabbit with a pig nose? » She pressed her finger on her nose. "Maybe yes.. »

"Ha, you still do that? Manager Ma exclaimed looking at her. Aigo, I did not know that you would be so useful" !

I adjusted the knot of my tie, hands trembling. Mi Nuy was coming and I was ready. My hair was impeccably combed, not a single lock exceeded. I put on my suit. I was so beautiful, it is normal, who wouldn't find Hwang Tae Kyung cute? This ungrateful pig rabbit, may be! No, she always told me I was beautiful. Aiissh, why do I feel so nervous about my appearance? My hands are even that Tae Kyung. You are the leader of Angell and you're number one in the ranking of the most popular singers, if you forget this little Go Mi Nam...Tchh..


I heard Jeremy screaming on the ground floor. She was arrived. A smile came over me, and anxiety too. How is she?. I have been waiting with so impatience to see her, to hug her and kiss I must not break my cool dude image and show that I've been only waiting for her during 6 months. I took a big breath and decided to go downstairs.

In the kitchen, Jeremy Shin Woo and Mi Nam were gathered around Manager Ma and a young brown girl, who was in case Mi Nyu.

"Hyung! Mi Nyu is back!" Exclaimed Jeremy. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to Mi Nyu. I was now in front of her, numb and quiet as the shock was big. She had beautiful brown hair that had grown enormously since his departure See her wearing a dress was probably the most amazing thing: I never had the opportunity to see whatMi Nyu's body looked like under loose clothing she wore when she played Mi was so small, so fine, so beautiful. I wanted to kiss her and tell her how much I loved her. She smiled at me, blushing. Um, so I must be as beautiful as before.

"Shut your mouth, you begin to drool, TK."

Mi Nam, brat. I blushed and was about to reply when Mi Nyu intervened.

"Oppa!" She glared at his brother. "Hyung nim .. I'm glad to see you. » she told me with a smile.

I hugged her lightly and said, "I missed you , pig rabbit"

I heard her laugh and I felt her broke the hug and was soon captured by his brother :

« You've missed me, is not it? I thought about you all day, my sister. I'm so glad you're here" he embraced her warmly and she replied in her embrace; " Of course that I missed you Oppa ! «

I was boiling inside. I could not bear to see her in the arms of another man, even his brother. I took a bottle of water to calm me down. Mi Nyu was now with Shin Woo. Despite the events that took place 6 months before, I could not blame him. He was my best friend, and what more natural than wanting to have Mi Nyu for himself. I know hewas a potential rival, but she had chosen me and Shin Woo knew was smiling at her friendly.

Jeremy tried to hug Mi Nyu, but I was faster than him. I grabbed his arm and told him, "stop, I do not like it. Don't enbrace her please"

"But Hyung .. it has been so long since I have not seen her!" Jeremy whimpered

"I know, me too. And as her boyfriend I do not like that kind of behaviour." I put my arm around her shoulders. Shin Woo, Jeremy Mi Nam& Manager Ma looked at me speechless. I have probably ruined my image by acting like that, Aiiish. "Mi Nyu, let's install your stuff in my room, now!"

"Ah .. yes, Hyung nim" she replied, taking her luggage. Always obedient! I smiled inwardly.

We were finally alone. Mi Nyu put his luggages next to my desk. I refrained my self from telling her that she had in two seconds ruined the order in my room. She looked at the room and said, smiling: "I am here again , it reminds me of so many good memories!"

« Tchh when you squatted my room and it became a real pigsty. I hope this will not happen again ! » I looked at her with big eyes.

" Yes ,Hyung nim I won't make your room dirty!"

I smiled and came towards her. I placed a furtive kiss on his cheek. She rejoiced and hugged me tenderly. How could she make me melt like she does?

« I really missed you, pigrabbit. How did you do for living without me and not getting you into trouble?

She stuck her tongue out. "You're mean, you think I can not take care of myself? Though I was surrounded by the Mother Superior! I enjoyed my trip. I worked in an orphanage where I could give love to children without parents, as did the Mother Superior with Oppa and I. It really made me want to do this kind of experience again ! "

"What? I cried. You wanna come back to Uganda?"

"One day maybe, but not now. I'm so glad to be back in Korea, I missed Angell. »

"I see, you've missed the group .."I made the poup with my mouth. Why does not she just admitted it is I who had missed her? « Pig rabbit , I see that you are in a great shape. So much the better, like that I would not have to worry about the danger zone you are. Let us go to the kitchen, they must be waiting for us to eat.

The dinner was held in the joy and good humor. Mi Nyu had brought back from his trip in Uganda some specialties , and Jeremy's cake was a huge success.

"The party for your return is scheduled for tomorrow at the club" Jeremy launched with enthusiasm. « It will be fun! Joliiiiie Come here! » He had already gone to join his beloved labrador.

"Well, I'll go," said the manager Ma with difficulty : he has eaten so much cake. « I do not feel very well .. Aiggooo .. see you tomorrow kids! »

"Tcch, what a guzzler" Tae Kyung said with contempt.

"Hyung nim, do not be so hard! The cake was so good!" said Mi Nyu, licking her fingers.

"Mi Nyu, wash your hands. You have big encircles ,go to sleep now! »

« Ye , Hyung Nim ! » She washed her hands and then follow Tae Kyung in the stairs. They met Mi Nam posted outside his room, looking grave.

« Good night Sis. Do not let yourself be led by the nose by this one, "he said, pointing Tae Kyung. « And you, » he glared at Tae Kyung . « And you, be careful. If you touch her , it will be war »

"Aissh stop messing around and go to bed » Tae Kyung answered , irritated. He grabbed the hand of Mi Nyu and pulled up her room.

« I'm watching you ! Courage , Sis ! » he yelled before the door of their room closes.

« He can be so annoying sometimes! » said Tae Kyung closing the door behind Min Nyu.

She smiles. «Oppa worries about me, but there is no reason. I often slept in the Hyung nim's room, I know what to expect. »

« I am going to take my shower, declared Tae Kyung ,entering the bathroom. You can take it after me "

Tae Kyung emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later. He wore a simple t-shirt and shorts, which surprised Mi nyu.

"Hyung nim .. you will sleep like this?" « Mother Superior, I'm blushing. I never saw my star so undressed. He has a beautiful body .»

"Yes, why? It's so hot here. Evendressed like that, I still stylish," he replied looking hautin.

"Yes, Hyung nim, you are handsome!" smiled Mi Nyu ,raising her both thumbs in approval. « I go take a shower !"

Tae Kyung at at his desk. "do I look too sweet dressed like that?No matter, she said I was beautiful, it's the principal"

Mi Nyu came out of the bathroom, wearing a simple top and shorts. Tae Kyung opened wide his eyes, trying not to seem attracted by his girlfriend.

« Hyung nim, where is the sleeping bag I used when I slept here? » she asked , looking into the cabinet.

"I threw it long ago. You do not need it »

« But where I am going to sleep? Hu! »she gasped. « I will sleep .. in Hyung nim's bed ? Mother Superior , otokaji ? ? »

« You sleep with me in my bed. You should be honored! Is there a problem with that? » He asked, blushing a little

« N.. No »I'm so embarrassed.

« So , go to bed. Now » He replied , looking serious.

« Y..Ye » Mi Nyu slipped into the bed, very embarrassed. Tae Kyung sat on his side of the bed. « There is nothing abnormal. All couples that, » he reassured. He looked at Mi Nyu. She was at the other side of the bed, curled up. It seemed obvious that she wanted to get away from him as possible. He winced.

« Yah, why are you acting like that?don't be silly, I will not eat you. AND why you cover yourself like that? It is so hot here.. »

« I'm so embarrassed » said Mi Nyu very quickly

« why? relax you. We do nothing wrong, all couples sleep together. Hmm .. come here. » »Don't blush Tae Kyung » he said to his self.

Mi Nyu was now as red as a tomato. Tae Kyung sighed, took her hand and pulled her against him. She gave a little cry of surprise. » What is he doing? » she wondered, terrified.

He put his hand on his neck and kissed her. Mi Nyu felt his heart kissing in contact with his lips.

"Good night, pig rabbit, » he said, breaking the kiss, turning to sleep on the other side.

"Hyung nim..."Mi Nyu stood up. I.. I terribly missed you. «

Tae Kyung smiled. "She finally admits." I .. I love you, "he added quickly, before turning definitivly from his side of the bed

'I love you too, Hyung nim' Mi Nyu thought, upset by his words.