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Shin Woo went to the kitchen early the next morning. Nobody was up yet, not even Mi Nyu, which was a little surprising. "Maybe it's isn't so uncomfortable to sleep with Tae Kyung" thought Shin Woo, smiling. He poured himself a cup of tea calmly when Manager Ma arises violently in the kitchen.

"Shin Woo ! SHIN WOO! " He gasped, completely panicked.

Shin Woo gasped: "What happens?"

« Where is Tae Kyung ? It's completly horrible ! » he said, collapsing on the ground, starting to whine.

"Tae Kyung is still sleeping. But what happens so horrible? « Shin Woo asked quietly." Manager Ma always amplifies things. Let's see the situation before declaring a disaster. "

Manager Ma stood up and handed him a newspaper. "Look" he whispered, before returning whining.

Shin woo read the newspaper. On the first page there was a Yoo He Yi 's photo with in catchphrase: "Exclusive: our national fairy Yoo He Yi tells us all about his relationship with Tae Kyung Angell! Shocking revelations!"

Shin Woo stiffened: "What is.."

"You should read the article" cut my Manager. "My God .. this is the end of everything .." he muttered.

Shin Woo opened the paper on page two, and began to read, worried. His concerns were confirmed and strengthened in every word.

" Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the young actress Yoo He Yi, which is our national pride. Her relationship with Tae Kyung, the leader of Angell, there is a little more than 6 months, marked the spirits as they were the perfect couple. Yet the charismatic confessed to the whole world that their relationship was just pure buisseness. Let's return to this declaration with the main character ».

" - Hello, miss Yoo He Yi. You wished to explain us what happened 6 months ago during your break with Tae Kyung. Why do you want to make it now while you refused categorically any interviews on the subject a few months ago? »

« "Hello, journalist Kim. Well, I decided to wait before making public the truth about our relationship. Indeed, I am a very sensitive and I did not want him to suffer more."

« " -To hurt him? But Tae Kyung said that your relationship was wrong and it was just a buisseness. »

« "-This is not the truth. Tae Kyung has always been in love with me. Moreover, it is he who has made our relationship public because he couldn't stand hiding his feeling,do you remember the kiss? "This is a very sentimental and very tender person ! Behind his cold image, he is a real bear."

"- It seems that you remain attached to him .. But in this case, why did he make such a declaration to the press? And what about his relationship with Go Mi Nam's twin sister ?"

" - I left Tae Kyung because he became too protective and sticky. He could not live without me. He was so unhappy that he consoled his self with the sister of Mi Nam.

"- He still seems very much in love with her. He even declared his feelings to one of these concerts.

"(Giggles) - Ha, yes it's true. I think he needed to convinced himself. Poor Go Mi Nyu,she is a sweet girl, I think she will be heartbroken when Tae Kyung will yet again ask me to give him another chance. And her brother Mi Nam, what a nice boy! He's pretty cute. "

" -We know that you are a close friend of the Angells. Has your former relationship with Tae Kyung changed something in your friendship?"

"- Not at all. I'm still close to Tae Kyung, because after all we have a common past. Though it is a little weird sometimes, then this is not the only weird things in this group (laughs).

"What do you mean by weirds things ?"

"Oh, that's quite a story. May be I'd tell you in another interview. »

Shin Woo stayed paralyzed and speechless. He staggered. He who was usually so placed and who never lost his temper could not remain calm in the face this bunch of bullshit.

"What is that?" He asked in amazement to Manager Ma.

This one fell to his knees in despair. "This is an interview realized last night. It has just been published this morning and is already running in loops info on all the channels. Gosh, this is the end. Tae Kyung will kill us all one by one!"

"Calm down. Yoo He Yi is really crazy, she just wants to take revenge for seeing Tae Kyung happy with Mi Nyu."

"Hey, you did not read the end?" Choked the Manager Ma. « She said she would probably reveal in an upcoming interview all the strange things about our group! You do not think she was talking about Mi Nyu? »

Shin Woo was silent. "Of course. She would be able of it if it enabled her to attract Tae Kyung's attention."

"Ommmmo, but what are we gonna do? I'm a dead man, President Anh will kill me .." cried the manager Ma.

"No, we must prevent this. Tae Kyung must go settle it with her. This is really urgent. His reputation and the one of the group is in danger. »

"Yes yes yes, let's do it!" nodded manager Ma "I'll go wake him up. Aigo, I risk my life .."

"No, let him sleep." Shin Woo said, a little embarrassed.

"Why?" Asked the other, surprised.

"We never know what happened between us" Shin Woo smiles. "It would be stupid to come to an embarrassing moment. Wait until he gets up, it's safer. I'll go see Yoo He Yi. I know where is her office. When Tae Kyung wakes up, announces to him the new softly. "He took his car keys and went out, followed by a completely dazed Manager Ma:

"What .. Mi Nyu, the nun, and Tae Kyung ..they make ... Shin Woo! Explain me back here!"

Wearing his eternal blonde wig and glasses, Shin Woo went to Yoo He Yi's agency, quite anxious. He knew that He Yi was going to cause problems, it was inevitable. But this time, she had exceeded the limits. "Tae Kyung will surely kill her, I'm her last chance of survival" Shin Woo thought hopelessly. hat's why he came here before Tae Kyung: Even if what she said was hateful, it was necessary to try to settle things calmly before declaring war, what Tae Kyung would do anyway. Come on foot, Shin Woo saw a crowd of journalist clustered in front of the entrance, cameras in hand. Shin Woo sighed. "This will have a huge scale media."

Knowing that he could not enter by the main entrance, he took the entrance reserved to the artists and staff. He brought his identity card to gain access to the premises without too much hassle. As he had expected, three huge gorilla were standing before the door. Shin Woo took off his wig and glasses. The guards exchanged a glance, seeming to recognize him. Shin Woo smiled at them and said, "Hello.I'm Kang Shin Woo of Angell." he showed them his identity card. "I'm here to talk to Yoo He Yi. I guess you know what happened, and I'm here to talk to her calmly before Tae Kyung does so more viciously." "Sorry, sir, but Yoo He Yi has formally told us to prevent anybody to enter exept Tae Kyung" replied one of the guards.

Shin Woo paused, perplexed. "What ? She really said that ? «

"Yes. Nowgo please, you can not stand it."

Shin Woo bowed. He put his wig and glasses and went incognito.

"She will really die, then" thought Shin Woo.

He did not want to come home now. The atmosphere should be very tense and Tae Kyung would be unbearable. "Since I'm outside, I'll stay there. It's nice to be able to walk around without being recognized."

Shin Woo stopped at a newsstand. One of the magazines were all reserved for Tae Kyung. "Tae Kyung the unloved", Tae Kyung the sensitive " " The twin Go Mi Nam is a second choice for Tae Kyung! "Our national fairy is so sweet with her ex boyfriend who can't forget her !" Shin Woo wondered whether the interview had not been exaggerated by some magazines. He took three randomly & went to the cashier when he collided somebody.

"Sorry, I didn't have .." He paused. Behind her big sunglasses and hat stood Mwo Ha Ran. She smiled and said quickly: "It's nothing."

"We meet again." Shin Woo replied softly slightly lifting his wig and glasses. Mwo Ha Ran looked surprised. "Well, Kang Shin Woo, I have not really had the opportunity to thank you for your handkerchief." She took out of her pocket Shin Woo's handkerchief and handed him. "No, you can keep it. What are you doing here, and without a bodyguard? It is dangerous for a star like you to stay alone in a place as crowded ,without being disrespectful .." he finished blushing.

Mwo Ha Ran chuckled: "What good manners you have. I know a boy of your age who is not at all well-mannered "she sighed, thinking at Tae Kyung.

"Do not worry" reassured Shin Woo. "I have a friend who has himself some problems of manners." he smiled inwardly thinking at Tae Kyung.

Shin Woo, since you are so attentive and well behaved, I will offer you a coffee. I'm pretty stressed out right now and I want to relax for a moment. »

"No problem." Shin Woo said, paying his magazines.

Sitting in the café to discuss everything and anything, Shin Woo felt light. All the stress he felt due to the scandal seemed flew with the appearance of Mwo Ha Ran. She smiled at him and Shin Woo felt his heart contract. "This is an elegant woman" he thought. "She's sweet and attentive. Is this really the effect I do to people when they say that I am calm andattentive?" He asked himself, putting a hand on his heart. "That rather nice." The conversation paused for a moment and Mwo H Ran brought her attention to Shin Woo's newspapers, resting on a corner of the table. "What is it?" She asked anxiously.

"This?" Shin Woo took the papers. "A pack of lies." Mwo Ha Ran feverishly took a newspaper and remained impassive. Shin Woo knew she was pretending she knew Tae Kyung and he wanted to know how.

"Tae Kyung is not at all like that," he began innocently. "This Yoo He Yi is just jealous of the relationship that Tae Kyung had with Mi Nyu."

« Oh yes, these young people are together?" She asked in a fake detached tone.

"Yes. And they are very much in love. It is not that who will separate them. Tae Kyung is a very difficult to bear but he is very loyal."

"Really? You think your friend can not forget a person he loves, even if this personn had hurt him? She asked.

"Yes, sure. He is too proud to admit it, but he still will be hoping that this person came back."

"I hope so.." she whispered. Shin Woo heard her words and saw her smile. He raised his eyebrows , completly lost. "You 've probably meet him" he began, watching her reaction.

"So.. Sorry?" She stammered, shocked.

"We meet a lot of famous artists" he continued, smiling sweetly. "Maybe you have crossed his way."

"Oh .. well may be, I do not remember .. anyway, this article is monstrous. If it was my son who found himself so humiliated, I would be very angry and hurt .." Tears formed in her eyes. Shin Woo, embarrassed, decided to cut short the discussion.

"You .. you're alright?" He worried. "I'm sorry if I made you thinking about painful things .."

"It's nothing." she smiled weakly. "I'm too emotional, it's probably because I'm getting older. I'll have to leave, it was a pleasure."

"Me too" said Shin Woo pulling her chair. "You see, I was right to tell you to keep my handkerchief."

« What is this shit? "

Tae Kyung threw the newspaper which had given him the manager Ma in Yoo He Yi's face. When he woke up this morning, he found a Manager Ma and a Go Mi Nam completely destroyed. They showed him the interview ofYoo He Yi, and Tae Kyung had read it, paralyzed with rage and disbelief. The worst was that bitch having a great popularity in Korea, everything she said was necessarily taken by all the media and knew by heart by all citizens Koreans. Tae kyung had not only ruined his image of inaccessible leader but mostly she succeed to make believe to everyone he loved her to madness and that Mi Nyu was just a poor substitute of his lost love Yoo He Yi . Shin Woo had tried to talk to Yoo He Yi this morning, but she had categorically refused to receive anybody except Tae Kyung. This one then had rushed to her agency, mad of rage. And now he stood before her, the biggest liar that humanity had ever created. His anger was so big that he has violently her the newspaper to the face. Yoo He Yi took the paper from her face and challenged Tae Kyung of the glance.

" Omo, the great Hwang Tae Kyung feels helpless because of some small lies? "

"Small lies?" Tae Kyung managed to articulate, stopping on every syllables. "Are you fucking kidding me?" he exploded. "How can you say such things, I can not believe it !is not it ! You want to ruin my career, that's it ? You wanna make me pay for having rejected you so many times ? "

Stung, He Yi said to him in an icy tone: "How dare you humiliate me a little more each day? First unveiling our relationship was false to the public, then showing you every day with Mi Nyu ? I would not let journalists said that you're pulling through better than me, so I anticipate. You'll soon understand what it feels like to be humiliated in fornt of the whole world. "

Tae Kyung had a forced laugh: "I knew you were jealous of Mi Nyu .. Well then, what? You want to break my couple and you hope then I will come back with you? You should stop it now, Mi Nyu will not ever believe your lies. And .. "

"Are you sure? » she cutted him drily.

Tae Kyung stiffened. He had felt his voice trembling when he had spoke about Mi Nyu. Trying not to seem affected, he continued as if he had not heard her :

" And don't get stupid illusions. I would never return with you even if my life depended on it. You are the most hideous person that I have ever met. Then I advise you to tell the truth in the media before I tell them. We'll see which of us will be more humiliated. "

He Yi's eyes filled with tears. "The most hideous person ..? she stammered. «Never. I would not lose face like that."

They fought eyes. After long minutes past to challenge the eye, Tea Kyung said:

"Okay. But prepare yourself well. It'll be your word against mine and Angell 's."

Tae Kyung sent her a horrible grin before turning away.

" Do not be so confident" Yoo He Yi threw to him as he was about to leave the room. « The person who will make you flow sink could indeed come from your own camp. "

Tae Kyung stopped. Intrigued, he turned and approached her, despising her. "What?"

"It seems that Go Mi Nam is not insensible to my charms." she said in a fake sweet voice, running a hand through her hair. "He is a man after all, and I'm Yoo He Yi, it will be easy for me to make him join my cause. And if I can convince him, you know what'll happen next. Your fans will doubt you. I heard Mi Nam was more popular than you. "

Tae Kyung exploded with rage and grabbed He Yi by the collar.

"Be careful. I will not let you take advantage of the naivety of Mi Nam. He won't become one of the many boys who are at you beck and call. It is you who should not be so confident. He's may be stupid but he could not give up everything for a liar like you. "

"Let me go!" Yi He cried . Tae Kyung tightened his grip even more. "We'll see. But I'm sure I'll be able to make him so crazy about me that I will believe me without problem." She ended.

"Do not dream. You will be so embarrassed that he does not want to you that you 'll pathetically cling to him as well as me." Tae Kyung released her violently and Yi He fell to the ground in a heavy noise.

While the latter shouted insults, Tae Kyung left the agency, more determined than ever to help Mi Nam to seduce her. "Evil fairy, you want to play with us? Very well, you'll get caught in your own game .From now on, it's war."he thought.

While the afternoon came to the end, Mi Ny watched the sun set over the balustrade. She thought of the previous night. She had taken refuge under the covers not to look anymore at this hideous movie. The heat that emanated Tae Kyung very close to her had calmed and dozed her off in half a sleep. She had heard what he had whispered, like a distant voice which nevertheless had perfectly woken her. She had wondered if she had not dreamed. She had then realized that she was snuggled up in Tae Kyung 's arms, the head stuck on his. The slow sighs of his breath against her cheek made her understand that he was sleeping. She knew then that she had not dreamed, since the mouth of Tae Kyung was close to her ears. Mi Nyu shivered. She would never have thought that her star could be so unhappy.

"Are you meditating ?"

Mi Nyu jumped. Shin Woo appeared on the balustrade,smiling quietly. Mi Nyu was relieved. She was a little afraid of having to face Tae Kyung, she felt so embarrassed.

"Oh, Shin Woo Oppa .. No, I just watch the sunset. It's beautiful."

Shin Woo came to her side, smiling. "Yes, it's true. I am not unhappy that this day ends. This Yoo He Yi continues to make life difficult for us. But do not worry, everything she says is fake, you know."

"Yes, I know.. I saw what she said about me and Tae Kyung .. it does not affect me too much because I am quiet by nature,bur Tae kyung must be really angry. She is really mean."

"Oh yes," sighed Shin Woo. "He did not look very good this times ,you've noticed?"

Mi Nyu gulped: "Rea .. really? I do not know .."

"You would not dare lie to your Oppa?" cut Shin Woo. "What happened? Tell me." He put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I think I'm not the right person for Tae Kyung" she said softly.

Shin Woo was silent for a moment ."Did she has change her mind ?Did their feelings .. change? »He thought , heart beating weirdly ."And why?"he finally said.

"I make him unhappy. I heard him whisper yesterday he was unhappy because I was not close enough to him. »

Shin Woo let out a small laugh, relieved: "That's it? Mi Nyu, I thought you no longer loved him."

Mi Nyu looked blushing: "Of course I do."

"Tell him, then."

Mi Nyu frowned, "What?"

"Tell him, tell him that you love him" Shin Woo said quietly.

"Why should I tell him, since he knows, he even gave me his permission .." Mi Nyu muttered, blushing harder.

"But he needs to know what he is for you. You know that Tae Kyung, behind his associal's personality is very sentimental." Shin Woo stopped and looked at Mi Nyu. He guessed her thoughts and continued calmly: "You must not be afraid. Tae Kyung confessed you his feelings in the concert 6 months ago and I'm sure he did too since your arrival." he chuckled. " I'll go. Don't remain outside too long, you might catch a cold."

Mi Nyu grabbed his arm while he was going. "Shin Woo .." This one smiled.

"I was wondering .. did Tae Kyung had a lot of girlfriends before me?"

Shin Woo laughed. "Two or three, finally if you can call it girlfriends. You know, he was horrible with them. He was more authoritarian than ever and he just needed them for preparing food or taking care of the house. You're the one that he ever allowed to enter in his room, he ever kissed or even love. "

Mi Nyu's face lit up. "Me too, I love him so much, but since my return, I feel strange, as if something had changed. I'm getting more and more bad thoughts .." she hid her face in her hands, red with shame.

Shin Woo took off her hands and realized quickly what she was talking about. He spoke seriously, but always with great gentleness:

"Why are you ashamed? It is normal for a person to want to share these things with the one she loves." Shin Woo smiled inwardly : « I knew she was thinking about it . After 6 months , how Tea Kyung can resist the urge to jumped on her ? » he wondered.

"What if Tae Kyung did not feel this need?" She said, stifling a sob.

Shin Woo stroked her hair, "Tae Kyung is a man. All men have this desire, believe me. Don't you see how he looks at you? It must be really hard for him to control his self while you sleep in the same bed. "

"Oppa!" she said indignant when this one laughed. "It's still embarrassing. Which is why I dare not be too close to him, I am afraid to do things he would not like."

"You should ask him what he thinks about all this " he teased. "Do not worry, he'll never reject you."Shin Woo pinched her cheek friendly and went into the house, leaving Mi Nyu cramming. He smiled. When he had thought she no longer loved Tae Kyung, his heart had jumped in his chest, not because of the hope that she could love him , but because of the fear that his best friend could suffer. « I Think that my heart won't ever race again for Mi Nyu » he thought happily.

I sat on the edge of the bed, ruminating my anger. Mi Nyu was preparing in the bathroom for the night. I was boiling inside. I have never seen a person who irritates me so much that nerve did she have to say that I loved her in the madness, but for whom she takes herself? Tch, what bullshit. She is so disgusting, this liar. Those who really know me can not believe that. Mi Nyu knows who I really am, I do not have to worry. But obviously I'm worried she is also concerned by this stupid interview. I do not want her to be hurt because of the devil.

I was really anxious. What if Yoo He Yi was right and Mi Nam believed his lies? He 'd hate me even more and the atmosphere of the group would be very bad. He might even decide to leave the group. The consequences would be disastrous. Angell 'd lose a lot of fan and Mi Nam 'd surely convince Mi Nyu that I'm a bastard. She would leave me. To avoid that these disasters beat on me ,I decided to attack the problem at its root. He Yi is tougher than chewing gum stuck on a sneaker. She will not give up before reaching his goal. She thinks she can make a fool of me and turn my friends against me? Tch, I must think calmly about it. I promised Mi Nam to help him to seduce He Yi, I am really going to make it. I think that spending time with her even this simpleton of Mi Nam could no longer bear her. I must act intelligently. How to make so that He Yi falls in love with the Mi Nam and that this one rejects her ? It will be very complicated, but it'll also be the worst humiliation for her. She 'll feel so stupid that she 'll have to admit that I'm right. Oh, Hwang Tae Kyung, you must be a genius.

"Kyung, are you worried?" Asked a soft voice behind me. I turned quickly. Mi Nyu came out of the bathroom and looked at me strangely. How long was she there? Has she heard me whisper my evil plan?

"Ye.. Yeah. I thought of Yoo He Yi, she will never stop pissing me off."

Mi Nyu sat behind me. "Yes, I saw on TV what she said. .. She is really malefic. »

I sighed. "She did everything to make us sink. She did not stand I reveal that our history was an arrangement. And since you're here,she must be really jealous and desperate to ridicule time I fear she might be really dangerous."

I felt Mi Nyu wrap her arms around my neck. I blushed, surprised, before a smile captured my lips.

"Why did she not give up? »She whispered, resting her chin on my shoulder. "She knows that you will never love her.."

"Yes, she knows, but she is so proud that she can not accept that someone could resist her. I hope you didn't believed a word of what she said" I paused, waiting for her reaction. She did not answer so I continued: "But the worst thing is that she knows Mi Nam is in love with her. She is able to use him to reach me."

Mi Nyu jerked her head, breaking her grip. I turned to face her.

"Wh .. What? Oppa is in love with her ?" she gasped, eyes wide.

"Tchh, I was sure you had not noticed" I told her in a haughty tone. « Yes, unfortunately it seems that this is brother is really not net .. In any case, I will not let this devil fairy harm us. Tomorrow we have a press conference, I'll put things in clear. "

Mi Nyu smiled. Her two big innocent eyes looked like those of a squirrel. Even if she physically changed a lot in 6 months, I was pleased to see that the expression of my Pig rabbit has not changed when she looks at me.

"Kyung .." Her smile flew. She looked at me with a seriouslook. She approached me a little and began to blush heavily.

"What .. What is it?" I felt uncomfortable, she was so close to me that our knees touched.

"Kyung .. I .. I .. I love you " she finished, redder than she had ever been. Despite the embarrassment, she did not turn her eyes for a moment.

I felt my heart stop, then start beating faster. She said it . She finally said it, after so long time . My mouth wide open didn't managed to pronounce a sound, and I felt ridiculous. Mi Nyu in front of me was waiting for me to say something, and I stood there, unable to tell her what I had told her several times before. She felt my upheaval and came closer. She gave me a passionate kiss, which made me lose my senses. Was she the innocent Go Mi Nyu I had known?

I broke the kiss and held her against me. "Repeat it" I whispered, haggard.

"I love you" she repeated tenderly to me in my ear.

I said in a giggle: "Me too, silly rabbit pig." I hugged her as if I had not seen her in months, which usualy was true. I had so hoped and expected her to tell me that , that now I was so happy. I was sure my face showed that ridiculous baby smile that Mi Nyu loved. Aissh, fortunately that the others do not see me, it would give reason to this plague when she said that I was a real teddy bear.

I wanted her to stay longer in my arms, but she withdrew from my embrace, took my hand and led me further on the bed. I kissed her tenderly. When I felt her tongue in my mouth, I shuddered. She did not surely know the effect it had on me. But when she put her hands on my thighs, my breathing becomes panting. I understood that she did it on purpose and she wanted more than just a kiss. But it was too much for me. If she continued like that, I could not restrain myself. I broke the kiss to try to calm myself. Mi Nyu looked at me innocently. Now I'm wondering if this naive look was not a simple strategy to make me crack up. Tcchp, pig rabbit, you're more clever than you look.

" Kyung .. " she began to blush "You .. you do not like?"

I coughed to hide my excitement "It is not that, but .. it's late, I think you're tired .." I walked away my legs from her. What a rotten argument, but I have no choice, I will not jump on her like an animal.

"I don't feel like sleeping," she replied, bowing her head. Damn, why must you be so cute, it's so hard to push you away.

"Oh .. we can watch tv then" I said quickly, knowing that I was not at all convincing, eyes sparkling with desire.

She looked at me sensually and replied: "I want to be with you." I swallowed. "I do not know if it is a good idea." I got up quickly from the bed but I felt two little hands closed on my thighs.

"You ..you do not want to?"

I turned. I saw that her eyes misted with tears. Tae Kyung, you're really stupid. I sat down beside her wiping the tears who were beginning to flow down her cheeks.

"Don't cry. Of course I want it .." I said in a hoarse voice, turning my head. "But I do not want you to think I jumped on you because you told me you loved me."

How an embarrassing situation. I'm sure I'm as red as a tomato. Mi Nyu snorted and rested her head on my chest.

"I want it to be you."

I let a deep sigh. "Look at me." She raised her head and I saw that she was not crying anymore. « I do not want you to regret it later, because once we started I could not stop myself. Think seriously about it. »

A nervous smile appeared on her face. She took my hand and placed it on her belly. "I'm me."

I looked once more into her eyes. I felt how she was determined, and how much she loved me. She was really ready ,so I no longer had to restrain myself . I took her face in my hands and kissed her tenderly. I slowly toppled her back and found myself lying on her. My lips landed on Mi Nyu's neck and I heard her breathing increase. She patted my back before the end of the slide under my shirt. I smiled and grabbed her lips sensually. I felt her firing slightly at my T-shirt and I understood that she wanted to remove it. I helped her by raising my torso. I found myself bare-chested and I saw that Mi Nyu was not indifferent to it seen the color of her cheeks. I lifted her and gently laid her head on the pillow, moving the covers to make it more comfortable to her.

I began to lower the braces of her top. I kissed her shoulder then lowered my lips towards her breast. I removed completely her top and I felt the excitement overflowing in me. I removed her bra and remained stunned one moment in front of her breast. It seemed that the word beautiful had been created for her. Mi Nyu looked at me with tenderness and put her hand in my hair, pulling me to her lips. I moaned when she stroked my pants. Intensifying my kiss, I removed her belt and then lowered her pants. I stroked her perfect belly and caught her size to feel her closer to me. Mi Nyu gave a little groan of surprise, smiled shyly and lowered my fly. I felt my man's instinct roaring when she brushed with her hand my masculinity. I doubted that she did not do it on purpose.

When we were both in boxers and pants, I stopped kissing her and told her unblinkingly "Mi Nyu. If we go further, we can never go back. For the last time, are you sure you really want to do it? '

She looked at me deeply for a few moments and replied: "I really want. I love you."

I smiled. "I love you." I took possession of her lips and felt her grip my boxers before passion fires my heart.