A bold attempt at a crossover between two series I've never written about, and a multi-chapter fic no less. I am not great with multi-chapter fics (I've published one failure before and gave up on 3 others), but I will be trying this again. I have a little confidence in this one for once.


1) This is a yaoi fic. A graphic one. Ultimately the pairings are meant to be SuzaLulu, SyaoSaku and KuroFai, but none of these will be present in detail. Instead, I pair off Syaoran with every male who dares to come close enough :P But the intentions are good.

2) English is not my first language. Please do comment if you spot mistakes that don't look like ordinary typos (I try to filter them out, but I don't have a beta)

3) I'm afraid some of my characters are a little OOC. But considering it's practically impossible to make a good cross-over without OOC characters (okay, Tsubasa is great for it, but still) I'll just beg you to cope.

4) Spoilers! This story takes place after the ending of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (that would be the manga). For Code Geass it would be somewhere early in R2 (and that would be the anime). I mention spoilers all around!

Disclaimer: I do not own either Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle or Code Geass

"We arrived in a new world!"

Syaoran looked up from his seat on the ground, peeking around quickly before Kurogane stood in front of him, dragging him to his feet.

"Looks like a war zone," he grumbled.

Fai's smile seemed a bit troubled and he did not make a lighthearted remark like usual, just skidding a bit closer to Kurogane and Syaoran.

"It doesn't look all too happy," Syaoran admitted, "but I'd like to explore the possibilities anyway. Do you sense any sort of power here Fai? Mokona?"

"There is some sort of strange power," Fai admitted immediately, "but it isn't magic. Not like I've seen before, anyway."

"Could it be what we're looking for?"

"I don't know. It... It feels strange. I can't make any sense of it at all."

"Mokona can't feel it," the little thing murmured sadly.

"Let's investigate it then. Can you pinpoint the location, Fai?"

Fai scratched his cheek with one finger and then pointed towards the right, where the broken down city they were standing in was abruptly replaced by a high tech looking one. "That way."

Syaoran glanced around again. The place they were standing looked eerily much like the by acid rain plagued Tokyo. Even though everything had turned out 'fine' since then, it was still a place none of them liked remembering. The big difference was this city was not worn down by acid, but more likely explosions. Bullet holes adorned every stretch of stone, large gaps with scorched edges were placed haphazardly in buildings. Everything was splattered with black paint. Syaoran knew it was blood, but refused to acknowledge that much for his own mental well-being.

The place they were walking toward was looking much more like Piffle, or maybe the Hanshin Republic would be a more accurate comparison. He saw an automated train move around the premises of the city. Whereas the place they were walking now was abandoned, the city in front of them seemed to be filled with life. Syaoran couldn't help but wonder what made the people abandon such a large part of town. Obviously they had been fighting a war here, but the city in front of them looked completely unharmed. Although abandoned, many places were adorned with memorials of deceased people, suggesting this part hadn't been abandoned for all that long. So even if this city was hit by war, why was that other part unharmed? They couldn't have rebuilt in such short time. Or was this something curious about this world, like the Kudan in the Hanshin Republic?

"Naaaaa, Kuro-rin and Syaoran-kun are being so silent," Fai suddenly complained.

Kurogane huffed, and Syaoran looked at the mage apologetically, "I'm sorry, I was just wondering what could have led to this state of the city."

"It looks horrible, right?"

"But that part is completely undamaged."

"Yes. Maybe we should try to learn some more before we barge in."

"That's what I was thinking," Syaoran mused out loud.

"Can't we just get it over with? I don't like staying here."

"Is Kuro-pon being sensitive," Fai leaned over to Kurogane, "our almighty warrior wants to leave this place because there's too much blood?"

"Shut it, idiot," Kurogane barked," this place is eerie. Something is not right, and I'm not in the mood to find out."

"Sir, are these elevens bothering you?"

Syaoran snapped his head up, meeting eyes with three angry looking men in uniforms.

"Eeeh?" Fai tilted his head in surprise.

"What the hell," Kurogane loomed.

"Step back, dirty eleven," one of the men spat.

Syaoran noticed the twitch in Kurogane's eyebrow and quickly stepped towards his mentor, putting a hand on his sword arm. He did not know what was going on, but starting their first meeting here with a fight didn't sound too wise. Besides, these people looked like military.

"Why would these people be bothering me," Fai asked, pretending not to have heard the man snapping at Kurogane like that.

"They're elevens," the man rolled his eyes. "Shinjuku ghetto is still a risky place to go sir, so seeing a Brittanian being followed by two elevens can mean nothing but bad intentions."

"I assure you we had no ill intentions," Syaoran dared to throw in.

The man gave him a look of disgust before turning to Fai again.

"Please be careful sir. You shouldn't wander around the ghetto's alone, it's not safe. Terrorists are hiding everywhere." Syaoran couldn't help but notice the quick glance he gave Kurogane at the word 'terrorists' and he suppressed a shudder.

"Don't worry, good man," Fai fluttered forward and lightly tapped the man's shoulder with the flat of his hand, "I was just on my way back and these two were merely accompanying me around. But maybe I could ask you a favor, dear sir? I was examining recent history of this place for a small written work, could you by any chance direct me to a library to find anything about it?"

"Recent history? You're from the homeland then? I suppose that does explain why you are so easy with elevens, if you've never met scum like that before." The man pondered for a moment while Syaoran gave it his best try to convey calmness through his hand into Kurogane, feeling the muscles under his fingers tremble with anger. "The best place to go would be late Tokyo Tower. The museum there shows how Area 11 was taken. There's a small library there as well, I think."

"Tokyo Tower?" Fai did not show his surprise. "How do I get there?"

"Just follow the signs in the rail station." This was the first time another of the men spoke.

Fai smiled brightly, "Thank you~! I'll be on my way then!" He hesitated for a moment. "These two can come with me, right?"

The man huffed, "yes."

Fai beamed at him again, drawling out another 'thank you' and then started skipping towards the city.

Syaoran quickly followed, just catching one of the man wondering out loud whether Fai was on drugs.


The museum taught them a few important – if unpleasant – facts. First, they were in Area 11, what used to be Japan, but the original culture was being brutally oppressed by the current rulers: The Brittanian Empire. Kurogane and Syaoran obviously being (part) Japanese left them as part of the suppressed elevens, without the right to even call upon the name of Japan. For Syaoran this wasn't that bad – part because he wasn't completely Japanese to begin with (only his mother was born Japanese) and part because that was so long ago he no longer felt any strong connection to the nationality of his past – but for proud Kurogane it was a different matter entirely. Still, Syaoran had a bit of difficulty figuring out how he could best introduce himself here. Introducing himself normally would make him sound like from the Chinese Federation, which might not be the brightest way to walk around with in the Brittanian Empire either. Taking on his ancestor's name 'Reed' would lead him to be at least partial Brittanian, but he definitely looked nothing like Brittanian at all. He settled with going for Reeds name and stating his family had mixed so much in history his appearance was just jumbled up.

Elevens had hardly any rights. Even getting full citizenship was a very hard thing to do. To Kurogane's utter despair, he would be the one needing the most protection in this world. Fai with his appearance would have it easiest, fair skinned and blonde, looking all the way Brittanian.

They did find out some promising facts as well though. A resistance force calling themselves the Black Knights had a leader who was rumored to have special powers beside being a master strategist. Sadly enough the Black Knights seemed to have fallen apart a year ago, but their leader Zero had been reported to have appeared again recently, so it would be worth looking into. Kurogane had quickly decided he would be the one looking for these Black Knights, he would rather be damned than walk around this city being spit upon on every street corner. Going to a Japanese resistance he would be fine with knowing just the Japanese language (albeit a bit archaic), leaving Mokona to stay with Fai and Syaoran so they could converse with the people in the city who all spoke the Brittanian language. Fai would definitely be better off not looking for the Black Knights, as they supposed he would get about the same treatment there as the elevens would get from the Brittanians.

They decided on meeting back at the late Tokyo Tower at dusk, Kurogane stalking off back to the ghetto's and Fai and Syaoran off to find themselves a place to stay. They figured it would be easier without a large angry looking eleven looming over their shoulders.

"Tokyo again, hmm?" Fai muttered as they strolled down the street, keeping Syaoran close.

"It seems so. But this is definitely different from the country with the acid rain."

"Could it be... A different version of the same place? I mean, it is also the same country as Kuro-pon's, in a way."

"I suppose that could be it. Clow is also just a version of Tokyo further on in time."

Fai laughed," Everything seems to come back to Tokyo in the end, right? Maybe we travel different worlds, but still remain in the same place all the time."

"That just could be very accurate," Syaoran muttered with a smile.

"Tomorrow, let's find that power I feel," Fai vaguely gestured towards one side, "It may not be the same as that Zero-person."

"Okay. We may be here for a while, I guess."

Fai nodded gravely.

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