"It can't be done."

Lelouch saw how Syaoran's face fell, Kurogane and Fai frowning slightly. The white bunny-like thing let out a whine and complained loudly.

"Are you sure C.C.?" he quickly asked, "not even with another Geass?"


"I see," Syaoran muttered, "well, I suppose we must be going then."

"Wait a minute," Lelouch protested. Although he had kept his end of the promise, which was merely bringing the problem to C.C., he did feel a bit guilty about making Syaoran go through such lengths without having anything to offer in return. "Isn't there anything else I can give you? Just as my thanks for your help."

Syaoran gave him a lopsided grin, "I wouldn't know much else you could do for me."

Lelouch frowned, "I'm sure there's something. I have quite some power. Just name it."

"Your power is not one we can use," Fai said, balancing the Mokona-thing on the back of his hand, "it is only useful here in this world."

"That wouldn't be a problem if it could grant my wish," Syaoran added quickly, "but since it can't, we have no use for it."

"Are you seriously saying you're from another world? Suzaku said you had told him that as well."

"Do we look like we're from around," Kurogane scoffed.

"Well, you do seem as if you've lived underneath a rock your entire life," C.C. supplied without much emotion.

"What's that?" Kurogane raised himself menacingly at the green haired woman.

"Kuro-pon, don't pester a lady," Fai tutted. Kurogane looked about ready to smash the blonde's brain already.

Lelouch couldn't help but wonder about this strange trio. Syaoran serious – usually at least – and hard working, Kurogane gruff and short-tempered and Fai lighthearted and playful. Why were these three traveling together to regain one life? What did they have in common? This person they were trying to get back must be very special.

"When you leave, will you be returning to Sakura," Lelouch asked carefully.

Syaoran eyed him with surprise, "maybe."

"What do you mean, maybe?"

"Mokona can't decide which world will be the next one," the white thing happily sang.

"But we return to Clow Country quite often nevertheless," Syaoran added with a tender smile. He must love that girl very much.

"I've never heard of such a country?"

"That's because it's in another dimension, silly," Fai laughed.

"You talk magic," Lelouch chuckled, "I suppose it shouldn't surprise me after discovering Geass, and seeing that white creature as well."

"Mokona is Mokona!" The thing cried indignantly.

"Still, I hope you can see her soon."

"Thank you," Syaoran's smile widened, "and I'm glad I could help you get Suzaku."

Lelouch tried to avoid his blush, but couldn't force down the heat blooming on his face. C.C. gave him a curious look before her face split into a grin.

"Yes yes, thank you," he muttered, avoiding C.C.'s eyes.

"Are things going to be okay between the two of you now?"

"At least until Suzaku finds out I regained my memories," he sighed deeply, "I don't really want to know what happens then."

"There's no way to persuade him for your cause?"

"I've tried that already in the past."

"And you told him the entire truth, back then?" Syaoran grinned at the face Lelouch made, and he tried to fight back the almost-pout. "Try to trust him, or he won't trust you either."

"Says the one who has been lying his way all through Ashford Academy and my room," he muttered.

Syaoran smiled kindly, "we'll be off now."

"Is there really nothing I can give you?"

"Maybe if we return, you could lend us a hand in finding a place to stay," Syaoran answered after a moment's thought.

"Will you return?"

"Maybe," Syaoran grinned, "we can't really know."

Lelouch flapped his hand dismissively, "stop it."

"As you wish," Syaoran turned to Mokona, "shall we?"


Lelouch's eyes grew wide and he managed to stand up half – not further because of the ache shooting up his backside at the movement – when he saw the white Mokona creature suddenly grow wings, a large circle inscribed with strange symbols appearing underneath it. He gaped at the three men giving him a last wave before being sucked into the creature's mouth, and then it disappeared altogether.

"That was nice, wasn't it?" C.C. lounged backwards, giving a gaping Lelouch a lazily amused smile.


Syaoran stared at his princess, a discontent look on his face. He wasn't sure if he was relieved with her reaction, or if he should start crying for her innocence. She positively beamed at him, clapping her hands enthusiastically.

"But Sakura... Aren't you the slightest bit angry? Just a little bit?"

She tilted her head curiously. "Do you want me to? I mean, only just discovering this new side of you, don't you think it's a bit of a big step to start out with me like that? Not that I would mind, of course!"

Syaoran groaned at the implication. Maybe he should have kept this secret. But how should he have known Sakura was into these things? Hell, how did she even know about it!? Certainly not from her brother. Yukito maybe? No, that's not possible! Is it?

"I'm looking forward to all we can do together, Syaoran," she mewled, slinging her arms around his neck happily.

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