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Jack P.O.V

Rudy stared at us. His eyes got bigger and bigger, until Kim gripped my arm in fright. It made me feel well... Heroic I guess! I put my arm around her, and addressed Rudy. I spoke calmly and said

(Kim Normal Jack Bold Rudy Italics)

What are you doing here?

We can explain Rudy-

You see-

So he admitted it? Wow, I really doubted he would've Done that!

So why are you here?

We haven't got anywhere else to go!


So please let us stay!

Kim widened her eyes and pulled a sad she looked cute when she did that! Aww... Well it certainly soften Rudy. He sighed heavily, but ushered us in sending us into his lounge, warning us not to touch anything! Hd scampered off, I think into the kitchen.

Rudys home was really homely! It had comfy little chairs, and a wornout coffee table the centre of the room. Many family pictures hung on the walls, which were a bright yellow colour. Much more cheerful than my house anyway! Kim gingerly sat down next to me, and after an awkward silence, layed her head on my shoulder. Out of the blue, she kissed me, but it was perfect, full of love and cook passion. It felt like it lasted for hours but when it stopped, my heart felt warmer than before. Kim winked at me, just before Rudy entered the room. phew!

Kim P.O.V

Jack kisses like an angel. He made me so much happier. Although he could probably tell, I was grinning very obviously! Urfhgg I think I live him. I really do.

Rudy came in carrying an amazing sight - hot chocolate and biscuits! We gulped it down quickly and smiled gratefully at him. Greedily we foibles the food - we were starving! Rudy told us rather firmly that we should go up stairs to bed right now! He told us he had made up to camp beds in his attic, so we should be comfy. From behind him, he gave us some of his "niece" and "nephew" .sleep we're. Calmly promising me that they had been washed hundreds, Rudy sent us up to the attic with our sleeping stuff. We put up a sheet to separate us, whilst changed. After I'd finished I got my foot caught on the sheet and pulled it down, whilst flying thorough the air and landing ATM Jacks feet. Going red, i quickly stood up! I saw Jack and my world stopped - it just stopped.

He was.. His torso. His abs... Woah. I felt dazed. They ... I

Kim ... Why are you looking at my torso in a weird way?

I'm whaT?!

Damn it! What was I doing? I went pink. Hot pink.

Ermmm... Ha ha no I wasnt...?

Kim I know when your lying! Did you like my abs? Heehee I'm pretty flattered, ya know?

He winkedat me. I giggled and shook my head going even pinker! I lay on his chest, and I felt warm and dreamy. Everything began to fade...

Jack P.O.V

KIM fell asleep on me and I smiled to myself. she was adorable. She really aaas. In fell asleep happy.

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