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Chapter one: Old friends come back

*Deep in a thick jungle, 20 miles away from the valley of peace *

A figure was walking through the jungle on his way to finish some business his brother started.

But he stopped and saw an escort heading to the valley of peace with a wagon he didn't know why so he jumped on a tree to see what was inside he saw what to be a panther and a doctor wrapping up his chest, back, and arm.

So the figure followed the escort all the way to the valley of peace and soldiers of the imperial army guarded the panther well but when they got there he saw master shifu open the door and just stand there stunned to see the panther. Then he screamed for someone then a tiger what seems so be a female feel to her knees and cried the figure jumped out when the guards left and had an evil grin on his face.

"What do you want stranger" shifu said. The figure removed the hood of his cloak to reveal an orange Siberian tiger and he had a scar from his left ear all the way down to his right cheek.

"No why are you here Alex" Tigress screamed. "I am here to take your friend there from what I can see he would make a great assassin." Alex said in a low tone. "You leave Chris out of this he did nothing to you or anyone." Tigress cried.

"If I can't have him in my army no one can have him" Alex yelled. Tigress got up and kicked Alex in the face and he fell backwards, he jumped up on his feet and charged Tigress she dodged him then grabbed his neck then threw him into a tree he hit hard on his back and walked away. "I will return and your precious Chris will die by my hand.

*Jade palace medical wing*

It has been three hours since Alex attacked then Chris woke up in painful groan. "Aw my aching head". As he woke up he looked over and saw Tigress running over with tears in her eyes. "O Chris I thought I would never see you again when you shipped off to join the army so what happened why are you here" Tigress said. "I don't know actually the last thing I remember is being wacked with a stick with what felt like needles" he said.

"Well I am happy to see you in one peace shifu sent me here to show you to your room in the barracks" tigress said. Chris nodded his head then slowly got up with the help of his old friend and walked together.

Chris is a black panther with a vest like tigress but is purple and has the symbol for honor and aggression in black. When the got his room he sat down and said he needs to talk to shifu and tigress left to go get him. When came into Chris's room he sat up with pain and said "shifu I need you to get the doctor I have a problem and don't want to make tigress worry about me". He nodded and went to find doctor.

Isha when she walked in she said "what is wrong" Chris stood up and he turned around and took off his vest showing his back with at least 100 scars Isha stood there with a look of horror on her face "what happened to you" Chris put his vest back on and didn't think about it he only asked if she had a way to stop the pain and gave him a case of gel.

When Chris put on the gel and he screamed out in pain "AHHH". That's when tigress came in and saw her friend in pain. "Chris are you ok" she said. "I'll live but I guess I should show you" he told her in a sad tone. "Show me what is everything ok" Tigress said.

He stood up and took off his vest showing his friend the scars. Tigress looked at her friend and saw years of pain, suffering, and missing his only friend. "The reason I came here with those troops is because yesterday I was heading after my 2 year service but I can't wear my armor like this so they brought me here" as he said that tears started roll down his face.

"I think I am going to sleep now tigress and I am sorry I came back like this" he said. She looked at him and saw pain but she left friend alone but not willing to leave.

Tigress was almost asleep when she heard something coming from Chris's room she snuck over trying not to wake up the five or Po and when she entered his room he wasn't there but and the window was open and the only jar of gel left was missing to fix his scars she went out the window and saw her friend by the sacred peach tree just sitting there.

But she wasn't quite enough and he turned around and smiled. "well the pain from my scars are gone and I am staying here with my best friend so what do you want to do tomorrow" Chris said. She stood there and said "lets train later after we sleep ok" she said and they went to sleep.

*valley of peace rooftop*

"Tomorrow I will come and kill you Chris then your best friend" Alex said with a big grin on his face.
*jade palace training hall*

Chris and tigress bowed then got ready to fight. Chris waited for tigress's attack and that's when she charged and he did a round house kick to her jaw that sent flying across the floor she got up and she did a flurry of punches but Chris blocked them all that's when he did a chest pulse then did a drop kick and he had won the duel.

"Good job but you should punch all the way through don't stop at contact you can you can use that moment to throw another punch" Chris said. But when they walked outside Alex was standing right there with a big grin. Then Chris and tigress charged him but before tigress could stop Alex he stabbed Chris in the chest and he fell to the ground but he wasn't dead then Po and the rest of the five came out and got ready to fight then Alex fled saying "spend as much time with your friend because it won't last long".

They looked over and saw Chris laying there twitching when tigress said "Crane go get Isha, monkey get Shifu, Po help me get him inside". Tigress thought hang on Chris please hang on I can't lose you again.

Isha walked in with a bandage, and medical tape and said, "tigress on the count of three when I take out the knife put the bandage on one, two THREE." Isha removed the knife and tigress put the bandage on then Isha wrapped the medical tape over it. "Ok now what do we do" Tigress asked. Isha turned and said "all we can do now is wait and pray for him to wake up because he lost a lot of blood". Three hours have passed and Po said "Tigress come on its time for lunch there is nothing more you can do for him" pointing to the unconscious panther. All tigress did was give him a death glare then Po left them alone. Come on Chris wake up I need to know you're ok, because I love you tigress thought as tears came rolling down her face.

That's when Chris sat up and tigress hugged her best and only friend and the walked to the dining hall but Chris was really out of it he was stumbling everywhere. Tigress had to guide her friend to the dining hall he sat done and got a death hug from Po "Po _you're _crushing_my_lungs". Then Po let go and Chris took a deep breath after Lunch Chris went out to the lake and just sat there motion less then tigress came up and at beside him then he smiled but it faded fast. I can't believe that guy stabbed me I am going to make sure that doesn't happen again he thought to himself.

Then in a blur shifu came out of nowhere with a facial expression that said something bad happened "Chris I am so sorry" he said. "Wait what are you saying shifu" Chris said as he and tigress stood up, "Chris, Alex is holding your little sister captive". Chris fell to his knees and slammed the ground with his fists and the ground crack (When Chris was away his parents passed away and his sister is his only family left except for tigress who is like a big sister because he is only a year younger) he felt tears coming but he fought them "it's ok Chris we will get her back" tigress said putting her paw on his shoulder trying to calm her friend. "Ok let's go get my sister back". I will come for you Alex and I will get you Chris thought and Chris, Po, Tigress, and the rest of the five went to get his sister back.

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