Chapter 11: The tides are turning on Thaioshti

One month had passed; and Furyon felt much better. In the time that had passed, the mutant had often talked to Pan, but also to Tomam and Adan. It seemed, as if he had leant – or maybe – only remembered a lot. A part of his cells still conserved the memory of the king of Tsufuru; and at this time, he had surely been able to feel and think like every living creature. He knew, what it was like to feel pain and rage about losing his family, friends and his home planet to the Saiyans; but he also remembered that he once was able to love, support and respect people. The time that he had now spent with the people who cared for him, had had an effect on his still genius mind. He understood that it is not possible to force others to be ones friends, and that it needed more than constructing tools like Dr. Myuu to have company. Real friendship had to be earned. And slowly he had started to change – Maybe.

It was a rainy evening when Pan got the letter from the Rebels: They were ready. Every Rebel leader around the planet knew what they had to do as soon as the main group with Pan attacked the king´s palace and the big soldier-camp in the Capital City. The Taioshtian civilians also knew that something would happen, but of course they kept quiet and tried everything to distract the "Tribe´s" guards who patrolled their villages. In the case of emergency of course everyone, old and young, were prepared to fight, but… they had to cut off the snake´s head first, because a headless army was much easier to defeat. The Rebels took the greatest risk, because they would start the main attacks on the forts of the "Tribe's" soldiers, but they were ready to die for their dream, if they must.

Pan turned to the old couple: »It is time for me to go. It is now or never, because soon it will be impossible for me to battle against anyone.« She turned to Furyon: »And you will come with me. You are not strong enough to fight, but I want to keep an eye on you; even if I fight against the whole army.«

»You still do not trust me?« The Tsufurian asked.

»No… at least I do not trust you enough to leave you here, alone with my friends. I know that you behaved well in the last month and that Adan and Tomam somehow started to like you, because you behaved well, but… no. I am not ready to forgive you, not yet.« For a moment she was lost in thoughts. It is your guilt that I am so far away from home and that all of my family members are scared. She shook her head and smiled: »But be sure, I will be there to protect you, if you need me. Just stay at my side… Maybe that little test will convince me, that you have earned a little bit of my trust.«

Furyon sighed and looked down at his body. »But my host-body still lacks the one arm. I am not much use in a fight with only one arm. Maybe I will be a hindrance.«

»We´ll see when we´re there, ok?« Pan reassured him. »Let´s get ready now, we must be in the Capital City in time. The rain and the night will cover us a little bit.«

She retreated to her own room and tried the trousers and the shirt that she had brought with her from the Planet Senicar. Those clothes were made of an alien material, but better for fighting than the long garments the women at this planet wore. But she could not get the buttons of the trousers closed; they were already too tight around her waist. Had so much time passed, since she had come here? She shook her head, and tried to find some other garments. Finally Tomam gave her one pair of his own trousers, they were a little bit too big, but she could move rather well with them.

»Do you feel already strong enough to fly?« she asked Furyon, when she came back to his room. »Since we know now, that the "Tribe"-people cannot sense life-energies, we can use that technique. We only must watch out that no one sees us. And even if they are able to sense us, it is too late anyhow.«

Furyon nodded: »I think I am strong enough to fly.« He tried it, and hovered a few inches over the floor.

Tomam and Adan stared at him, and when Pan also went airborne, they stepped back with respect, maybe also a little bit of fear. They had never seen anything like that before.

»Don´t be afraid.« Pan explained. »I´ve shielded my real powers until now; and still I am not showing all of it. I know it is not usual for you to see someone flying, but it is nothing more than another of my techniques. Even humans can learn it, if they have a strong will and concentrate a lot; for example my mother and also my first boyfriend, whom I taught flying a few years ago. Or my friend Krillin, he also is a human and can fly…«

Tomam nodded: »Now I am really sure that you´ll have a chance against them. The "Tribe"-people are not very brave. As soon as they see someone who is a better fighter than they are, they drop their weapons and run away. I wish you good luck.«

Adan added: »But please be cautious. Come home safely, will you?«

»I try.« Pan said. »And I try my best, to free your planet. Furyon, let´s go.«

They flew out in the rainy night, where the clouds shielded them perfectly from any view, but after a while the Tsufurian needed a rest. He was far from being as strong as he was before; maybe he would never again get his old strength back… unless he´d start to eat up the life energies of people, but then Pan would not hesitate to attack and punish him.

When they reached the new headquarter of Huryn and her Rebel group a few hours later, all of the Rebels were surprised to see them so early. On the ground one would need three days to travel from Relenni to this hideout, which was next to the Capital City, Saliki.

»How did you get here so fast?« Rukal asked, a little bit alarmed. Everything that was unusual seemed to terrify or intimidate the Rebels.

Pan explained it to him and showed him how she could fly, and like Tomam and Adan, also the Rebels were impressed, and two of them actually bade her to take her a little bit up in the sky to fly around. Pan promised that she would do that as soon as the battle was over, because it was too risky now. If the enemy would see them, the surprise would be gone.

Huryn asked, with Rukal as her translator: »But still you are alone, Pan. Will you really be able to fight all the soldiers in the palace all by yourself? We will, as we have planned, attack the soldier-fort, from where the soldiers might run out to punish the people of the city; that leaves all the palace-guards to you. They may have weapons, after all, and… you need to keep your baby safe. Wouldn't it be better to wait, until your child is born?«

Pan shook her head: »No. Definitely not. I want that my child is born on a free planet, and not in a giant prison. And by the way, as soon as we get rid of the occupiers, I can let my Aura shine again. Maybe my family will find me then… I hope so much that I´ll be with my husband when it is time… So I won´t hesitate! It is sink or swim now, Huryn.«

»Yes. Sink or swim.« Huryn answered. »We are ready. As soon as you take out the king, we will be there to attack the soldier-camps all around the planet. They will get an alarm signal from the palace, I assume, and as soon as our friends hear this… they attack.«

»Good.« Pan said. »I will fly directly to the main building of the palace, where the king uses to stay, and will attack it from the air. This will be impressive… I think they have never before seen anyone flying and using energy based attacks. Maybe the king will surrender ere I need to hurt too many people.« She pointed at Furyon: »By the way, may I introduce my special friend? He will be my so called "wing man" during that fight.«

Furyon asked: »I shall really stay with you?«

»Yes. I need you to be somewhere, where I can see you. That makes me… quieter. A good fighter keeps an eye on every potential enemy, you know?« She smiled.

The mutant nodded: »I know. I would not do otherwise, if I were in your place. But may I suggest some other strategy? If I understood you right, Pan, you want to attack the palace frontally. But there´s a gap in your plan that could be disastrous.«

Pan answered: »Of course. I respect you as a great scientist, and surely you are also a good planner and tactician. Tell me what you think. I will listen.«

Furyon started: »Well, you and I have been in this castle already and we have seen that it is made of very solid material. I know that you are strong, but it might not be useful if your attacks demolish the outer part of the palace, but do not get inside it. The king of the "Tribe" might flee to some safe place and surely he will send out a message to his soldiers from there, to warn them what happened in the palace. They would have enough time to react and prepare themselves for the attack of the Rebels. The soldiers are surely hold their forts for a long time, and Rebels are not strong enough to besiege a closed fort. Everything will fail when they hold up the Rebels with their weapons; and kill them – then the soldiers would surely seek revenge at the villages of the civilians. But if you, Pan, are able to cut off every communication from the palace beforehand, the other soldiers might still notice that something happened there; but they get no exact news, and they get in disorder and panic.«

Pan agreed: »I really almost forgot about the possibility that the king could warn his people… and in addition to that we must take care of the Thaioshtian servants that live in the palace. They must not flee, or the king might be alarmed. But they must be safe somewhere.«

Huryn said: »They know every room in the palace, even the secret bunker. Maybe you could send them there, to hide… and if they close the door behind them, the king has no possibility to use the emergency-radio to warn the other soldier-forts.« She showed them a hand-drawn plan of the palace that one of her friends had made in the meantime. »My friends say that something like big shiny worms made of iron come out of this room, and lead to the big iron thing on the roof.« She was younger than fifty; she had grown up without electricity, cables, and radio antennas and so on, therefore she did not know the real name and the use of it, although Pan had once tried to explain it a little bit to her.

Pan remembered the rooms and staircases that she had seen, when she was there a month ago to spy out the "Tribe" king. She said: »In order to cut off the communication system first, I change my plan. Furyon and I try to sneak into the palace again. If I am right, those wires that you have seen are some connection between the bunker and the antenna on the roof. We must destroy them, and then the servants of the palace have to hide in the bunker and block it, so that the soldiers and the king cannot go in. I will attack the king directly in his throne chamber; maybe I can intimidate him so much, that he signs a peace contract.«

With the first glimpse of daylight they started. In the disguise of the deliverymen of the bakery Pan and Furyon reached the servant´s entrance to the palace. Two guards were there; but the disguise was good enough, especially because the guards never thought that something like a rebellion could ever happen. They were young, and had never seen the Thaioshtians free; therefore they were used to have them as cowardly slaves. Without asking, each one of them took a piece of bread out of the baskets and started to eat.

Pan told every Thaioshtian in the kitchen that they should immediately prepare to seek shelter in the bunker, but to her displease one of the higher servants, an old man, informed her, that the king used to wear the key for the bunker at a chain around his neck; because he also used the safe room as a hideout for his most valuable treasures. This was a problem…

»We will give you the key.« she said. »Please try to sneak around in the whole castle to inform your people… but quiet. I try to get the key for you.«

Furyon and Pan went on, and had a look at the cables of the main antenna first. »Let´s destroy them.« Furyon proposed. »Only for safety – maybe there is another radio station in the soldier´s quarters. They won´t notice.« He placed his one remaining hand at the bunch of cables and fired a small amount of energy on them. They started to melt.

»You are already able to do this? Why did you never tell me?« Pan asked, a little bit alarmed. »I never assumed that you might be this strong again.«

Furyon replied: »I tried it for the first time since my downfall, Pan, and I have only one arm left, to concentrate all the energy I have, so it was not so hard to do it. The cables are gone. No one will send a message from here.«

They hurried down again and reached the throne chamber just that moment, when the king yelled out for his breakfast. He was sitting in his upholstered chair like a giant, dead and already slightly rotten squid, who´s mother had had a bad date with an orange warthog.

»Where´s my food!« he roared. »I want my food now! I want my food!«

His close bodyguards also growled and looked out for the servants. One of them prepared some kind of whip, because the delay of the servants had to be punished.

Three panicked Thaioshtian girls hurried down the corridor with big, almost immense tablets full of the best food one could imagine. They were so strongly trained to follow the orders of the king that they acted almost instinctively, but they were very afraid. Of course they had heard that there would be an attack and they were panicked that they would be trapped in the middle of the fight, once they were in the throne chamber.

Pan stepped in their way: »Give me the tablets!« she did not think of the fact that the young servants might not understand her, and they looked back at her in silent shock.

Suddenly Furyon said something in Thaioshtian language… and the servants understood. They gave Pan two of the tablets, each one in one hand, Furyon took the third one, then they started to run towards the bunker.

»Since when do you speak Thaioshtian?« Pan asked her companion.

»I had one month time to learn it a little bit.« he replied. »I had nothing else to do and Tomam and Adan helped me. That´s one of the major rules in warfare. You have to understand your enemy. And it was useful, wasn´t it?«

Pan smiled at him, but then they had to go, because the king yelled out again. They reached the throne chamber and the king started to slobber when he saw the food. Two soldiers carried a table to the king´s throne, so that he could eat without getting up. Furyon and Pan placed the tablets at the table, and then the time had come... to be very fast.

When the fat king leaned forward to reach out for a piece of cake, the chain around his neck, where the key hung, slipped out from under his garment, and Pan did not hesitate. She rushed forward, grabbed the key and threw it to Furyon. »Run!« she said. »Run and help the others! They must be safe!« She jumped at the table and towered over the startled and shocked king. She bowed down a little bit and said: »Your dictatorship is over now! I give you one single possibility to sign a peace contract and leave this planet in a peaceful way. I am not here to kill anyone… but I will fight, if I have to!«

»You insulting little brat!« the king of the "Tribe"-folk yelled back and jumped to his feet. He was much stronger than he looked like and his fat belly turned over the table. Everything smashed on the floor, and at first the soldiers were eagerly waiting to jump on Pan and nail her to earth, because they thought that she surely must have fallen down with the food… but she was flying and no one could reach her.

»I said, give up!« Pan shouted, a little bit louder, and took off the heavy bakery-disguise. »This is the last warning. We will fight for the freedom of this planet.«

»Freedom?« the king cried so loud that his voice nearly collapsed. »You are insane, girlie! Who will fight with you? I do not see your army, or have you hidden your soldiers under that little shirt, that you wear? I am the king and I am the ruler, and those Thaioshtians are nothing but cowards! They deserve nothing better than to be my slaves!«

Pan sighed: »Why by all gods, Kaios and Kaioshins do I always have to meet crazy people who think that they can dominate over others? Can´t this have an end someday? Raaah!« she screamed and charged her energy for an attack. She knew that she had to be impressive; maybe this would change the king´s mind.

»Shut up and die! Kill that stranger!« the king ordered at high pitched voice and the bodyguards aimed at Pan.

But she did not stop to charge, instead she growled: »Ka-Me…Ha-Me… HA!« With both hands she shot the energy wave right over the head of the king, she still did not want to hurt someone, but it must be an extraordinary shock. Something strange happened; Pans Kame-Hame-Ha was much stronger than she expected, it was as if somehow some more energy than usual issued from her body. The energy blast did not only destroy the back side of the throne chamber, but also ripped the whole roof and parts of the corridor away. Stones, dust and some tiles rained down on the soldiers, but they were not severely hurt.

»Oh… whoops.« Pan said and let her arms down. »This was too strong…«

»Shoot her! Shoot her!« the fat king yelled. »And help me to my safe place!« Two of the bodyguards grabbed the king at his arms and dragged him out of the remains of the broken roof, then they started to run to the bunker, and the other five soldiers fired their guns on Pan. She used her speed to avoid the bullets, but they slowly chased her down the corridor towards the other soldiers that came running from the headquarter of the palace-guards.

A bullet scratched Pan at the upper side of her left shoulder – the hurt felt like the bit of a snake, and it seemed as if her powers started to decrease immediately. Did they have poisonous bullets? Her left arm went some kind of numb; it was not bad, but if one of that bullets would hit her full, and would remain in her body, it must be worse. It was going for her life now, and… for the life of her baby.

»I am sorry but you do not give me another chance!« she yelled at the soldiers and fired another mighty Kame-Hame-Ha at them, but she could only take one side of the corridor. Her back was unprotected and one of the soldiers wanted to use that. The "Tribe" people were cowards and did never fight fair. He threw a big knife at her. One moment before it could hit the target, another person was between the weapon and Pan´s back.

The knife hit the Tsufurian in the shoulder of the already missing arm, but he took it with pride, ripped it out again and yelled, smashing the weapon at the floor: »That fits you, you cowards! An attack from behind!« with his sane hand he fired an energy shot down the corridor and wiped out the soldiers that were there.

Pan whirled round and asked: »Why did you do that…?«

»To pay back a little bit of my guilt. But now let´s go to the bunker. Maybe they need you there. I gave the key to the old butler, but then I left them to come back to you.«

But luckily everything was all right. When they arrived at the bunker some young Thaioshtian men had caught the king. The two bodyguards were unconscious but alive, and there had been no severe hurts in the group of the Thaioshtians.

Pan went to the king and said: »And now you think again about the possibility of a peace contract. Maybe somehow your people and the Thaioshtians can find a way to live together in freedom. I cannot believe that all of your folk are like you, king… At least the children of your kind deserve a chance. This planet is their home, and everything they know.«

The king growled, but he nodded: »Yes, we can talk about… a new kind of treatment for the Thaioshtians. They could get more rights, maybe I will cut the taxes…«

Pan shook her head: »No, Sir! That is not what I meant. I was talking about a new world order; I was talking about freedom and independence for both of your species. It would not be a good thing to hunt your people away from this planet… because at least one full generation has grown up here and this is their home. But everything has to change! The Thaioshtians are definitely not your slaves anymore! Have you understood that now?«

The king of the "Tribe" bowed his head. Pan smiled. The Rebels would take over the rest. She was sure that Huryn and Rukal would be good conversation partners for this king, and it was true… the Thaioshtians had to start to build up their own future.

She turned to the servants: »I will look for the chief of the Rebels, who attack the soldier fort in the town, and send some representatives here. Keep the king and his surviving soldiers as your prisoners, but treat them well. Don´t be like them. You are different…

Before they left, helped the Tsufurian to get his shoulder bandaged, then they flew out through the window to the soldier´s fort. The rebels were still fighting there, but after two energy-blasts from Pan the soldiers gave up their weapons. She talked to Huryn and Rukal, who both agreed to go to the kings palace. The first steps for a peaceful and free future were done, and Pan and Furyon went back to Tomam and Adan.

At the next evening there was a big party at the village of Relenni, and they heard of many other feasts and celebrations round the planet. All the young people had to learn what it meant to be free, but fortunately there were still some older ones, who would teach them. And Pan was happy; finally she could let her Aura shine, so that her family would find her. Unfortunately there had been no trans-universe-radio in the palace or in one of the "Tribe´s" space ships – because they had no friends to which they´d like to talk to out there, and the spacecrafts were too old to fly. She could not get away and she could not call them, so she had to hope that her family could sense her Aura somehow.

To relax and calm down after the exciting days, Pan went for a lonely walk through the small wood, when all the celebrations were over. For this time she left Furyon alone with her old friends, because one day she had to start to trust him somehow; she couldn't be there to supervise him the whole time, and after all that fighting and celebrating she noticed, that the efforts of the last days had been almost a little bit too much for her. Slowly she walked around the little lake, where she had first met the Rebel Rukal, when her foot suddenly bumped against something that lay in the grass.

She bowed down and picked up the crystal ball-like thing. It was so ugly that she nearly decided to drop it again; but then she took a closer look at it. The thing was greenish with a very dark center-sphere. Three other semi-invisible spheres were around that fourth center sphere and each of them rotated in another way, issuing eerie greenish-and-dark light effects. Somehow it remembered Pan of a Dragon Ball – like if it was an odd sibling of the Four-Star-Dragon-Ball. Maybe this thing had some kind of meaning… so she took it with her, despite its ugliness.

When she arrived at the house she called her "home" on Thaioshti, everybody else was asleep. It was quiet and calm, but to be sure that he had done nothing, she took a short look after the mutant. It was, as if suddenly some shadow of doubt had crept in her heart, so that she mistrusted her own judging… But he was asleep too, as well as the two old people; and she could sense nothing different. He surely had not tried to attack Tomam and Adan, but... Pans doubt was not gone. Did he really change or was he only up to betray her, waiting for the right moment? Darn, how could I ever trust him

She retreated to her room and placed the Dragon Ball-like thing on the little cupboard next to her bed. It filled the small chamber with his unholy, greenish light, and when she was ready to lie down, she looked at the crystal-ball and the whirling and changing movements. It was as if every move inside that greenish globe would raise the fears that she had tried to lock up deep inside her for a long time. The nightmares were returning, and without really knowing why she started to cry, tears ran down her face. They were all dying. The mutant´s creature did not do it because it hated them; it was only because it was able to do it. There was no emotion on the face or in the eyes of that creature, but her family… was gone. And then it started again, more detailed, she saw Vegeta die horrendously slow and painful, and her mother, how she cried when Urian was killed before her eyes… no!

She sat up with a shriek and only a few minutes later Adan was at her side. The shock of the visions had not really gone, and the old woman softly shook Pan to call her back to presence. »What happened? Have you had a bad dream?« Adan asked.

Tomam and Furyon had entered the room too, and whilst Tomam went away again to make some calming tea, Furyon stretched out his hand for the green crystal ball.

»Where do you have this from?« he asked. »Why is it here, next to your bed?«

»I found it outside.« Pan explained. »It somehow remembered me of a Dragon Ball.«

»In fact, it is a Dragon Ball.« the Tsufurian answered. »But a bad one. I once read the story about the Black Heart Dragon Balls, and this must be one of them. They are a source and storage device for negative and vicious energy. They suck up all the fears and violence they meet on their way to bring them back to their master, so that the energy serves him as a life source. It must not stay so close to you. Throw it away.«

Pan replied: »But somehow I know that it is important that I keep it.«

Adan shivered: »Then let us put it into the big cupboard where we do not see it. I do not like that thing too. It makes me shiver.«

Pan agreed, but it was also clear that she would not find sleep again right now; she was still too nervous that the nightmares might come back. Tomam returned with the tea, and put the cup on the little cupboard next to the bed.

Adan proposed: »Why don´t we talk a little bit? Tell me something from your family. Some nice memories would be fine. I am sure that you have a lot of them.«

»If you´d like to listen…« Pan said and smiled a bit. »Have I ever told you how it happened, that Trunks and I ended up married?«

»No, you never did.« Tomam said. »You hardly ever spoke about your husband, because it was easier for you to lock your missing love away deep inside you.«

Pan smiled: »Yes, it was, but… I think you will like the story.«

Tomam and Adan nodded, but the old man went out again to get chairs for himself and for Furyon, because they could not all sit at the edge of Pans bed. Then she started the story. »As I told you before, I know Trunks since I can remember and…«