So, this is a spoof collection of all the HG cliches that we all know and love, save a few. So let's get crackin', shall we, Tributes?

Originality Much? By WrittenWithPencils.

Panem High.

On her first day, Katniss roamed the halls of Panem high without saying a word. Typical for a new student.

Along the way, she met a blonde haired baker boy named Peeta Mellark, who had a crush on her. And she met her counsler Effie Trinket, the sex on legs swimming coach Finnick Odair, and Prinicpal Snow.

As time passed, she and Peeta found each other faced by Clove and Cato, two of their classmates, and their friends that called themselves the Careers, Katniss met new friends, such as Gale, Rue and Madge. She also encountered a ginger she called 'Foxface'. A love triangle suddenly formed when Gale fell in love with Katniss. Just like Twilight.

Eventually it was all lovey-lovey in Panem High, and next thing you know, it's all Hayffie, Clato and... Peeniss... and Gale was forever alone, but he still had Madge, which lead to Gadge. All of the school girl's wanted Finnick, but he was already dating a teacher named Ms. Cresta.

At the school year's end, Katniss and Peeta are in love while Snow hates them. Forbidden love...

The end.

That is how most of them are, correct? You can pretty much wrap it up into a simple summary... review?