This one is cliche for sure. I've done it myself before...

Fourth Quarter Quell.

The rebellion failed, like in most of the stories of this kind. Katniss and Peeta were dead, too. Gale was heartbroken, hiding who knows where in Panem.

The 100th Hunger Games was about to begin, but first, really old President Snow must announce it!

He announces that the twist will be to have three times as many Tributes. The President finds this ridiculous, being basically a rip-off of the second Quell. He looks around and says-

''Who is the moron that makes these things?''

And so, 72 Tributes were picked. For some reason, a lot of them appeared to resemble past Tributes. A few even had the same name as them. The Capitol didn't like where this was going.

The Chariots were a disaster! The horses could not hold any of the Tributes, and so most of them collapsed, save the cluster of 12 year olds from District 11.

The Interviews flat-out sucked. The only interesting one was a Tribute from 6, who loved to crack jokes about his District. He had a decent sense of humor to go with it.

And so, they all wished for him to win.

Later into the Games, this Tribute was one of two remaining, the other being a blonde from 12. It had been 8 weeks into the Games.

The boy from six was being chased by the 12 Tribute, who was armed with an axe. Suddenly, a parachute dropped, holding a knife. The District 6 boy threw it and killed the blonde from 12.

At the ending interviews, Caesar asked him what he thought about the Games, and he said back-

''Who is the moron that makes these things?''

''Thank you!'' said Snow from afar.

The end.

In some cases, the Tributes can be of different ages from the twist, or something romance related. But regardless, those Quells like that are boring. Review?