What those fics are like in the supposed future of Panem...

Triple-Digit Games.

Not much needs to be explained in this fic, really. Just that this not only was like the 500th Hunger Games, but it was a Quell with a dumb twist! Oh, wow!

The Tributes were reaped and sent to the far off city known as the Capitol. There, they were scrubbed down and readied for the Tribute Parade.

The Tributes costumes were a bit obvious. 7 as trees. 12 as miners. 11 as fruit. 2 as gladiators. Over the years, the costumes had gotten very, very boring.

The Tributes were then sent off to the Training Center. A bunch of Tributes from the middle to lower Districts formed an alliance while the Careers just showed off because that's how they roll.

Then came the darn interviews. Somehow, Caesar Flickerman was still alive, even though his time should have came long ago and he had gotten a bit sick of doing this crap. All of the Tributes acted obvious and the Careers were show-offs, especially the girl from 1 who was wearing a see-through dress, a fad that had started since the infamous 74th annual Hunger Games, all because of a dumb blonde named Glimmer.

Then the Games came. At the bloodbath, 7 or 8 Tributes died, for some strange reason, some of the deaths were from the perspective of them while being killed. Say what?

Anyways, the Careers set up their camp and dug in. They enjoyed their time killing Tributes and eating and having fun... in their own little way.

One day, they came across the pair from 8, who were their final two targets.

''Wait!'' said the girl from 8.

''What?'' asked the boy from 1.

''If you let us live, we can help you all win,'' replied the girl from 8.

The Careers were convinced.

''Fine,'' said the boy from 2.

The boy from 8 pulled out a strange object resembling a bomb. He then pulled out a slingshot and fired it into the sky. The force field suddenly collapsed as the bomb exploded, causing pieces of it to fly down. One of them landed on the Career pack, killing all 6 of them.

The 8 Tributes took some of their supplies and weapons and ran off, eventually exiting the Arena. Looks like someone finally figured it out.

The girl from 8 stopped and shouted at the sky.


And that day, people began to wonder if having people like Snow and Flickerman around forever was a good idea...

The end.

Why so many random triple digit Games? Anyways, I thank all of you who helped us reach such a high level of popularity. 'Originality Much?' is now one of the most popular parodies in the fandom now! I can't thank you all enough!