Hi! My name's Arwen1299, and here is my Tokyo Mew Mew story about... who else! KISSHU! And Zakuro, who is just the best Mew Mew ever. I might update at different times, but I am pretty obsessed with this story, so thats not terribly likely. Please don't comment on the KisshuXZakuro pairing. I think it's a good pairing. You can say what ever you want in your reviews, but don't comment on how Kisshu isn't with Ichigo. She's a neko baka b***h. For not getting with Kisshu. (Giving rights to 4Kids is a travesty and anyone who disagrees... um... cannot convince me!) Oh, and Zakuro and Kisshu are 16 in this story, and Lettuce, Mint and neko baka b***h are 14, Pudding and Taruto are 12, Pai is 19. On with the story!

Chapter One - The Church.

"Onee sama! Say something too!" Mint shouted indignantly, looking at the unlikely pair in the church, as Zakuro looked at Mint emotionlessly.

"Onee sama!" Mint shouted again.

"Zakuro san!" shouted Ichigo.

Zakuro ignored them and turned her head back to Kisshu, who was floating in the air, looking at Zakuro with his tradmark smirk.

"I've known for a while how strong you were. If you were to join me, I'd forget everything you've done to me so far.'

Zakuro's mind flashed back to Momoka and the alleged Mew Aqua pendant, and how Zakuro had given Kisshu a full punch in the face in anger. Flashing back to the present, Kisshu was still looking down at her, and so were the mews.

"Kisshu, it's enou...!"

"Ichigo, you stay quiet!" Kisshu shouted angrily. Ichigo's eyes widened, as Kisshu had never spoken to her so roughly before.

"Ichigo, what are you so upset about? Only one of your teammates is leaving you. Are you feeling insecure?" Kisshu smiled evilly, Zakuro looking at the mew's with a perfect copy of Pai's emotionless facade. "Well, no matter how hard you try and protect the Earth, there's no way you could possibly stand up to Deep Blue." he continued.

"Deep Blue... you've mentioned him before. What is he?" Ichigo shouted.

Kisshu smirked wider.

"He is the God who sent us here."

Ichigo's mouth stood agape.

"I'm telling you this because he has nothing to do with me anymore. Deep Blue is planning his awakening with the help of Mew Aqua." he uttered, his eyes widening in jubilance.

"What?" cried the mews (A/N: Except Zakuro).

Zakuro's purple eyes widened at the new piece of information.

"Heh. And an awakened God is invinsible!" jeered Kish, as he put his arm loosely around Zakuro and teleported.

Zakuro and Kisshu arrived at the cruise ship from before (A/N: Watch ep 42 guys), on a tall, lead pillar, standing a short distance away from each other. Kisshu had his back to Zakuro.

"Ja ne." Kisshu said cheerfully. (Ja ne means See ya.)

"Wait a minute." Zakuro said emotionlessly. "Why are you doing this?"

"I told you didn't I? The reason why we're looking for Mew Aqua?"

"I doubt that is your current goal."

Kisshu turned to face her at her words and smirked.

"I don't know why you approached me, but I was serious when I asked you to lend me a hand."

"What are you trying to do alone?" Zakuro said, the wind billowing in their clothes.

Kisshu turned away again, the smirk gone from his face.

"I have... something I need to do." he said, leapt into the air and teleported, leaving Zakuro to her thoughts.