The Many Misadventures of Becoming a Family: Chapter 1 ~ Working Up to the Arrival

Hey Everybody! Long time no update. So this is an idea I got during one of Crazyk-c from Tumblr's livestreams. ^_^ It's Post Avengers and Loki does live with them in Avenger Tower. Also, Coulson is alive dammit. xD So he's in the story as well. This is a multichapter fic, so please stay tuned! ^_^ I hope you enjoy it! And for everybody who reads my other fics, Cosmic Influence will be updated soon, but I'm really not sure when A Second Chance will be updated.

Disclaimer! I don't own the Avengers, or the idea of Superfamily.

The atmosphere in Avengers Tower was hectic. Each and every member was running around the tower, desperately trying to get ready. Steve and Tony's baby was arriving today. Agent Coulson had been entrusted with bringing Baby Peter to the tower safely. Everyone else was trying to make sure that everything was perfect.

Bruce was installing the new childcare system upgrade into Jarvis. He and Tony had spend hours developing it. The new upgrade would give Jarvis the ability to moniter the baby no matter where he was in the tower. It would also let Jarvis detect any sickness in the baby. Steve had asked for that particular detail. As Bruce was working on this, Thor came into the room.

"Doctor Banner! The Man of Iron and Captain America said that they needed a cradle for their beloved new child! So I traveled all the way to Asgard to retrieve mine!" He made a sweeping motion towards a solid gold cradle that Bruce surprisngly hadn't noticed.

"Wow Thor, I think Steve and Tony already bought Peter a new cradle. That one seems a bit too over the top for our standards. Even for Tony's child."

Thor pouted, "But this cradle will give the child everything he needs to grow up strong, like his parents!"

"I think Peter will be just fine. Why don't you take this cradle back to your room and we'll talk to Tony and Steve later."

"Very well." Thor said, sulking slightly. He hefted the gold cradle onto his shoulder and stalked off to his room that he shared with Loki.

Bruce sighed. If he worked fast, Jarvis should be ready before Agent Coulson arrived with Peter.

Clint and Natasha were just lounging around. They had put all of their weapons away days ago, after determining that guns and grappling hook arrows were not good things to have around a baby. Well Natasha had put her stuff away days ago…Clint had waited until that morning to finish.

Loki was hiding away, anxious about the new baby. While he had many children, he had never dealt with midgarian children. Despite everything, he was worried that he would somehow break the child. So he had decided to just stay in his room.

And where were Tony and Steve? Well They were in the baby's room. Steve had bought three stores worth of baby clothes for Peter, and nothing was fitting in the dresser or the closet. Tony was trying to help while avoiding a breakdown. He was terrified. He didn't want to be his father. Mid-breakdown, the doorbell rang.

Agent Coulson and Baby Peter had arrived.

To be continued in Chapter 2 ^_^