Dean and Adam Winchester lived with their parents, John and Mary, during a time when children were tested in vitro for a gene that showed they would be special. The children who tested positive were taken away at birth to be raised in a government facility as possible weapons.

Some people disagreed with what the government was doing, so they would raid these facilities and rescue the children. Most of the time the children would be found and placed with families who agreed with the philosophy that everyone deserved to have the freedom to choose. Sometimes, the raids were disastrous and the raiders would be captured then later executed as traitors. One raid, though, resulted in the children escaping but their rescuers were captured. All but ten of the children were found by government officials and brought to another, more secure facility.

The other children, the ten who were never found, were considered dead. They lived. This is the story of those ten and the people who found them.

Little Angels

Chapter One-The Children

Michael and Lucifer looked around the abandoned cabin for traps. Many times, these old places were wired to keep the animals out but this one was okay. It had been abandoned as far as they could tell being dusty and in some disrepair. Lucifer was sure nobody would come back since it had been years since anyone had been there but Michael was ever the cautious one. Signally his brother to stay close, Michael went into the cabin and started to look around. Acceptable even if it was dirty. There were four stout walls, a good roof and a fireplace. Now, it was all up to what was found in the forest and whether or not they could put their safeties in place.

If the reports were favorable, he would have Gabriel put up sensors and alarms to warn them of humans approaching their area in time for them to vacate. Raphael was already scouting for areas to put his traps up but right now, it all came down to what their sisters found. If the forest could sustain their needs for food, water and healing plants, they would stay. Michael hated moving them but something always happened to make them go. Once it was that the government agents were close by, another time the twins had been seen by a well-meaning woman who called the police after she saw their collars. The last place they found was not conducive for life and he had to move them again, upsetting the youngest among them.

Sammael had a spectacular meltdown and wouldn't let anyone near him except for Castiel, his brother. Both brothers started to lash out at anyone who came close to them, even Balthazar. Since it was Sammael who had the meltdown, it took Raphael and Gabriel drugging him before Castiel would even consider calming down. Then, Cas didn't leave Sam's side at all, protecting his brother while he slept, letting only Balthazar pick him up when they had to leave.

Michael knew that that would happen, the two youngest were twins and their powers were the same. What freaked out their handlers was that their bond was different. It allowed them to share experiences and feelings both physical and emotional so that it made them impossible to separate. The doctors found that out when they tried to keep them in separate wings of the facility. Both boys ended up almost dying and had to be put in the hospital for months before they were deemed healthy enough to live in the general population. After that, they had never been kept apart. Even when the military started to test their abilities and punish Sam for his rebellious nature, they were always together. It was during the torture that the doctors found their bond was physical. Even though Cas was never punished, he went through the same pain and had the same scars that Sam did. The doctors practically wetted themselves when they found out. What they didn't know was that the twins were connected mentally as well and while Sam was being tortured, Cas would tell him never to give up, no matter what. Together, they were unbreakable but it was only a matter of time before the torturers decided to keep them apart until they broke. Luckily, the facility had been raided before that step had been taken.

Balthazar stayed near the twins, acting as their protector. Michael knew the British child would never leave their sides and would defend them to the death. When the facility was raided, he had found them hiding in the infirmary where Sam was recovering from a knife wound to the throat. It was thought that a guard had gotten tired of Sam screaming when he was being tortured so he took a knife and cut the young boy's throat. The doctors managed to repair the damage but the mental damage it had done to Sam was deep. When Balthazar found them, Sam was calmly drawing on the wall of the closet while Cas clutched his shirt. Balthazar got them out of the closet and got them to an exit near the main entrance. He had actually taken out a couple of the guards when they were leaving the facility. The guards were stupid and thought since the twins were so young and hadn't shown any abilities, they would be easy to grab. Balthazar decided to hand the guards their heads, literally. Using his superior strength, Balthazar ripped the guards' heads clean off their bodies and dropped them onto the corpses' laps. Then he picked the twins up and ran as fast as a cheetah to catch up with the other escapees.

When the trio had reached the others, Michael saw they had formed a brotherhood that was unbreakable. He had known Balthazar while they were at the facility. The British child was quiet and a loner, never saying much but making his point clear when anyone got close. It was Lucifer who found out that the child's parents actually sold him to the Americans when it was found he had powers that were wanted: super strength, super speed and telekinesis. Because the Americans couldn't test other countries' children, they instead had offered money to anyone who had special children. Balthazar's parents were very poor and the amount of money offered got them out of the neighborhood they were in and into a better part of London. Unlike the American children who were taken at birth, Balthazar had been with his family until he was seven. Now, he was a bitter teenager who kept to himself. But there was something about the twins that had touched his heart and he became their big brother, their protector.

The others quickly succumbed to the twins also. Even Lucifer who had kept pretty much to himself at the facility became a brother to them. Michael smiled softly at that. His brother by blood, Lucifer only stayed next to Michael while at the facility but now was hovering over the youngest of their group. Michael wondered why the twins affected the family like they did. It could have been Cas' vibrant blue eyes or Sam's hazel puppy dog eyes, but he couldn't say for sure. Privately, he was sure that is part of their powers. He had read the reports on the twins, Gabriel was a whiz at getting information from any computer system without leaving a footprint, and the information he pulled about the twins pointed to two very powerful kids even if nobody knew what kind of powers they had. Michael hoped he could work with them to find out exactly what they could do but it would be difficult since neither of them talked.

Finally done with their inspection, Michael had Lucifer get the others. Unless Margaret, Anael, and Rachel said the area wouldn't feed or give them clean water, it looked as though his family had a place to live for a while.

Lucifer came back with the twins and Balthazar. "Gabriel is putting up the sensors and cameras now and Raphael has started to do the traps. He said he'll make a map for us so we don't fall in them when we go hunting or gathering." Michael nodded and gave his brother a smile. Then he led the small group into the cabin so the two older ones could lay their precious burdens down. After getting the twins on the only bed available, Lucifer turned to his brother and asked, "Have you heard from our sisters, yet?" He was worried since they were in a new place. Michael noticed the subtle shift of the temperature in the cabin. When Lucifer was worried or angry, he could throw off a cold that rivaled the Arctic and Antarctic together.

He went to his brother and wrapped his arms around him. "Hey, don't worry. Remember, you checked out the area very thoroughly and the girls are going to be okay. Now, please remember the twins can't take much cold so please, turn down the A/C."

Lucifer gave a weak chuckle and took a deep breath to calm himself. The temperature returned back to normal. "Guess I should go get some firewood, huh? Hey, Balthazar, could you please cover those two up? I'm a bit nervous, you know." Balthazar just nodded and got the blankets out of the duffle Michael had brought in. He covered the twins then looked around at the dirty cabin. Wrinkling his nose, Balthazar started to clean. He didn't want the kids to catch anything and dirt, in his opinion, was what started infections.

After a few hours, the family had settled into the cabin. Lucifer had brought back a lot of firewood while Gabriel and Raphael finished their protections. The girls brought back some food, Margaret was the best hunter they had and she had brought down a deer so they could eat for a few days. Anna and Rachel found some vegetables. They made a note of where the vegetables were so they could go back later to harvest them. They also found a stream and a small pond for their water needs, even though Anna said there was a fresh water well that could be dug by the cabin. Michael helped Balthazar clean the cabin and make up the beds so everyone had a place to sleep. When the sun started to go down, the family was back together, eating and talking. Michael lit a few candles and, after dinner, started to tell stories that would serve them well into the future. Finally, they started to fall asleep and they felt safe for the first time in a very long time. Michael looked lovingly at his family then closed his eyes. They were home.


Contrary to his worries, Michael found that it didn't take much to fix the cabin to his satisfaction. Lucifer and Raphael built a smokehouse so they could start storing food for the winter. Raphael also went with the girls to pick healing plants they had noticed on their initial survey of the area. Gabriel started to school the younger kids saying that to be able to live in the world, they would need to be educated. He also continued his research into finding a way to get rid of the collars they all wore. It was the only way for people to figure about who and what they were.

Balthazar was the best with a needle and thread so he took on the task of fixing their clothes and making new ones from the supplies Anael had "procured" during their run. Even if Michael didn't like the necessity of theft, he understood it was a way for them to survive. Rachel and Margaret went to hunt, fish and gather as much food as they could. Each older child working with their strengths to guarantee their survival.

Michael was the oldest child at eighteen. He had felt very lucky since he had been scheduled to be neutered as soon as he had reached his birthday. It was just a way for the government to ensure there were no unauthorized matings among their special children. Gabriel and Lucifer were the ones who would have escaped that fate until their twenty first birthdays since the facility had labeled them as breeders. Michael's talents lay in the ability to lead. Coupled with telekinesis, pyrokinesis and electrokinesis, he was very powerful but also had the more common powers.

Lucifer was seventeen. His abilities to control the temperature along with the same powers as his brother made him a rare commodity. It was the reason for him being a breeder even if he did have an attitude. He was marked down for a lobotomy when he turned eighteen to make him more pliable.

Gabriel was sixteen and also marked down as a breeder but hadn't been put through the psychological testing yet, though Michael had no doubt that he, too, would have been put down for the operation. Gabriel had a way of pulling tricks on guards, doctors and other handlers. Gabriel, though, may have only gotten electro-shock since one of his gifts was the ability to interface with any computer system in the world. He also was what the doctors called a living lie detector. Both wanted talents for spies.

Raphael, Margaret and Rachel were all fifteen. Raphael's talents lay in healing and telekinesis. Margaret's talent was excellent eye-hand coordination where she always hit her target with whatever weapon she had. Rachel had sharp eyes and was extremely fast. She could see a fly a thousand yards away and could run faster than a cheetah. All three were going to be spayed or neutered because their talents weren't rare enough to classify them as breeders.

Anael and Balthazar were both fourteen. Anael's special gift was teleportation coupled with electrokinesis and telekinesis. She was marked as a breeder. Balthazar's gifts were not only strength and speed but also mental domination. He also was marked as a breeder with a trip or two to the electro-shock lab.

Sammael and Castiel were twelve and the only ones that nobody knew exactly what they could do. The only thing that anyone really knew about was their bond but Michael suspected they had mental domination, telepathy, empathy, and the whole gamut of powers even if he hadn't seen it. Telepathy and empathy were the easiest to guess since they didn't talk but seemed like they communicated with each other. They also reacted towards feelings that the others had. The others were hidden from everyone but Michael was determined to find out what they could do and train them to use their gifts. He also knew that, thanks to the facility's way of trying to force them to reveal themselves, it would take persuasion and a lot of patience on his part. You couldn't erase that kind of torture in a short time.

After talking to Raphael, Gabriel and Lucifer, a plan of action was formulated. Michael went to Balthazar and asked him to help bring the twins out of their shells. He told the British boy that it actually was hurting the boys if they held their powers back since those powers would erupt at a time that could hurt others or get them exposed and captured. After being appealed to, Balthazar started to work with the twins. It took time, even for him since they were leery of showing what they could do and maybe taken away from each other but eventually they trusted him enough to show that they had the usual powers of telekinesis, telepathy and pyrokinesis. He got them comfortable in using those powers and showing them to Michael. Michael was pleased but he could feel they had something more since they were in the Paradise.

It was weird that Lucifer was the next one they showed what they could do and it had to do with fire. Lucifer saw a small grass fire happening in a meadow and tried to put it out before firemen were alerted. The twins had been with him for a walk when it had happened. When Lucifer got burned, the boys acted. A hard rain started where the fire was, soaking the older boy. When he looked around, he noticed the sun was shining and there were only a couple of clouds that was directly above him. He also noticed the boys. Cas was watching the sky while Sam was on the ground, his nose bleeding.

"Uh, guys? Getting a bit wet here," Lucifer said. Cas turned red then, with a slight widening of his eyes, the rain stopped. Going over to the twins, Lucifer checked Sam over and found he was still conscious. Without a word, he picked the child up and led Cas home. When they got home, Lucifer told Michael what had happened. Michael went to the boys and thanked them for their help, praising them in highest possible way…giving them hugs.

After that, the boys didn't hesitate to show what they could do and Michael, seeing their powers, vowed to keep them out of government hands. Not only were they telekinetic, telepathic, pyrokinetic and able to control the weather, Michael and the others found that they were electrokinetic, empathic, very strong, very fast, shapeshifters, and copy any powers that they came across, permanently and they could pass those powers on to others, permanently. It made them extremely powerful to say the least. The last power that Michael had figured out what they had was very subtle and was always used unconsciously. It was actually a defensive power, one that the government would have believed as unimportant: it was the power to make people want to protect the twins and it was something all young beings had but the twins carried it the extreme.

When the boys absorbed then gave powers to the others, it made the whole group powerful. Each person, whose specialty was now shared, taught the others how to control and use that power. Michael's natural gift of leadership enabled the others to help him plan the best course of action. It also was the one that got everyone shouting because they believed they had the best plan. Because of the arguments, the group decided to make Michael their father figure with Lucifer as big brother. Gabriel and Raphael were the next in line of authority so if the other two weren't there, they would be able to make decisions that affected everyone.

Michael felt that their family was as safe and secure as possible. It still was a matter of time before they had to move again but he hoped it would be a very long time.

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