Chapter Five-New Beginnings

Something had been bugging Gabriel. He didn't understand how the adults had become so close so fast. Especially since none of the Paradise children trusted anyone they didn't know but now these adults snaked their way into the family. He could feel it, a tugging on his soul that made him trust those strangers so he decided to do some hacking to find the answer. Hacking into the Paradise breeding records, he found the surprising answer. He brought it first to Michael's attention for his advice. Michael was very surprised but said the family needed to know.

Michael waited until everyone had gathered for a Sunday dinner before bringing up Gabriel's findings. "Um, Gabriel had been wondering why we felt so happy with all of you so he did some digging and he found a surprise we would like to share with you," Michael began. "I…I…I just don't what to say but…" Finding he couldn't say anything, Michael put the papers down and let everyone look at them.

The adults were in shock when they read the print-outs. It seemed as though Raphael was biologically related to Missouri through a cousin. Michael, Lucifer, and Gabriel were all related to Jim by his brother. Caleb found himself with a younger half-sister in Anael while Joshua found himself to be the father of Margaret and Rachel. The biggest shock was who the twins' parents were. Gabriel couldn't find a name for them just a picture of their mother while she was in a coma and pregnant with them. The woman carried them for seven and a half months before she died after giving birth to preemies. When Bobby saw the picture, he was shocked to find out that his wife whom he thought died in a car accident had given birth to twins. Sammael and Castiel to be exact. He didn't even know she had been expecting since the tests they had gone through showed that both of them were sterile.

"Bobby," John began. "The reason Karen was pregnant was because thirteen years ago both Mary and I donated…she was so sad that she couldn't have any children and we wanted to give you two something for helping us when we needed it so we talked to a doctor we could trust. Mary went in and had some eggs harvested while I donated the sperm. The doctor fertilized the eggs then put them in Karen. It was supposed to be a surprise. She was coming back from the doctor's with the news that it had taken and the two of you were going to be parents. She called us from the clinic to tell us what she was going to do. Oh, God Bobby, I'm so sorry!"

"Bobby, they are your sons," Mary said gently. "We gave them to you and Karen as a gift."

Bobby looked at the two boys who now stood by his chair, wondering what he would do with two…no three boys since they would never agree to be parted from Balthazar. He didn't know the first thing about raising children and wondered what Karen would want him to do. Finally, he thought that they would be better off with their biological parents but before he could say anything, he felt a tug on his shirt. Looking down he saw Sam standing next to him, staring at the floor.

"Please be our dad," the young boy whispered. Everyone stopped talking. They knew that what happened to Sam at the facility made the boy afraid of talking. Bobby's eyes teared up as he looked at the child who broke out of his shell with a request from his heart. Bobby looked at the Winchesters and found they too had tears streaming down their faces.

Reading Bobby's sorrow and fears, Cas then went to John and tugged on his shirt. When John looked at the boy, he whispered also, "Please be our dad."

Balthazar then went to Mary and asked, "Please be our mom." It was then clear what the twins and the British boy wanted. They wanted all three adults in their lives as their parents. They didn't ask Dean or Adam to be their brothers since they already considered them like that. Bobby, John and Mary looked at each other in wonder then as one they said, "Yes."

Sam, Cas and Balthazar were very happy and wanted to give something to the people who loved them. Silently conferring with the others, they touched the people next to them. Michael touched Jim, Anael touched Caleb, Raphael touched Missouri, Adam touched Samuel, Dean touched Deanna and Rachel touched Josh. Then all the children closed their eyes and concentrated. At first, the adults felt nothing then a warmth enveloped them. After a couple of minutes, the warmth retreated and the children backed away from their new family members.

John was the first to notice that the other adults had wings. All of the wings were white with a bit of a difference. Each adult now carried a feather for the child associated with them. Bobby, John, Mary, Samuel and Deanna all had one black feather, one dark grey feather, one light grey, one teal and one emerald green. Caleb ended up with one red feather while Jim had one each of gold, red/orange and opalescent feathers. Missouri had a silver one while Joshua ended up with one each of a brown and a violet one.

A sound of other wings unfurling filled the air and the adults were able to see that the children's wings had also been modified to signify their family members. Since Jim and Michael had white wings, they had an opalescent feather to identify them as family. When asked why, Michael explained, "You are our family and we don't like having you unprotected. We shared with you our powers, our gifts. Our way of saying thank you."


Four Years Later

Milton Feeny, the manager of the Paradise Facility, was finally feeling better now that the yearly inspection had been done. The facility had gotten back their A+ rating that had been lost six years ago when the facility had been raided and they lost ten of their best children. Feeny walked up to his office only to be stopped by his secretary. "There are men waiting for you inside, sir," was all she had to say to ruin his good day.

Feeny scowled, wondering why his secretary had let the men in his office when she knew that nobody was allowed in his private sanctum. He decided to tear her a new one after he had gotten rid of his unwanted visitors. Deciding to make a grand entrance, he threw the door open, intending to startle his guests.

Instead of startling like he had hoped, Feeny's guests just looked at him like he was something they would wipe off their boots. There were six men, all looking dangerous. "What can I do for you gentlemen?" Feeny sneered.

"We want to talk to you about what you did to our kids," said one man who was wearing a ball cap.

"Especially when it involves torturing small children," said another man softly. This man had dark hair and a few days growth on his face. The man wasn't loud, that wouldn't have scared Feeny so much but it was the soft, quiet tone of the man's voice that terrified the manager.

"I…I…I don't know what you mean. What torture are you talking about?" Feeny bluffed. He knew that some of the children needed "persuasion" to show what they could do. Ever since Sammael had defied the doctors and evaluators, the incidents of what Feeny called misbehavior had been on the increase.

"Sammy, could you come here for a minute?" the ball-cap wearing man asked the air. Feeny was puzzled until he heard what sounded like wings. He jumped as three boys appeared next to the men. To give the man credit, it wasn't that they appeared out of thin air that made him jump but that the boys had wings. After he looked at their wings, Feeny took a long and hard look at the boys themselves, especially the hazel-eyed boy. When he came to the boy's throat, his heart was in his own throat. He remembered this boy and what happened to him. Sammael, the boy who scared a guard so badly the guard tried to kill him. The other boys with him could only be his brother Castiel but he didn't know who the other boy was. "Was this man here when you were hurt?" Ball-cap asked Sammael. The boy's ebony wings flared and Feeny's eyes got even larger. Six, the boy had six wings just like the Archangels Feeny had read about. Then Feeny remembered about the Angel Sammael…the Angel of Death…an Archangel. Feeny moaned in terror. Ball-cap and Brush-face both smiled evilly.

"Okay, sons, do it," Brush-face said. Ball-cap and Brush-face watched as the boys advanced on the man who orchestrated their miseries and tortures. The man who would never be the same after his encounter with the three Angels.

While the elders, Balthazar and the twins were dealing with Feeny, Michael orchestrated the raid of the facility. Lucifer and Gabriel took care of the guards, doctors, and other government officials while Dean and Raphael went for the nursery to rescue the babies. Adam and Anael gathered the toddlers and those children in the elementary wing while Rachel and Margaret gathered the teens. After they had all the children in the facility, the six Angels teleported them to the farm where the others were waiting for them. Then the six joined Michael and went to where the breeders were kept.

Michael had Raphael, Gabriel and Dean released the female breeders while Adam, Anael and Margaret went after the male breeders. When they were busy, Michael and Margaret went to the room where the comatose women were kept. This was the saddest place in the whole facility being a place of life and death. Luckily, there wasn't anyone in the room. Michael's fury grew as he remembered what the women had gone through. Before he knew it, the room exploded and was destroyed. Both Michael and Margaret felt satisfaction with the destruction.

While the children were in the process of rescuing the others, the men went to the seclusion rooms where they found five children who had been tortured for being stubborn. John wanted to go back to Feeny and finish what Sammy had started but Jim held him back. No good could come from being murderers, Jim had told him. What was planned for the manager and the other workers would be enough. After the children were teleported to the farm, the adults who had been captured were ushered into the rooms. Michael and the others joined their elders to watch as the twins and Balthazar gave out the punishments that had been discussed before they had left.

First, the facility doctors and evaluators were brought out of their rooms. Sammael and Castiel looked at them for a very long time, remembering all the torture Sam had gone through because he didn't want to cooperate. As Sam remembered, Cas touched his brother then one of the people standing in front of them. He did that time and time again until all the adults had Sam's memories of the tortures. By the time the twins were done, all the doctors and evaluators were screaming, quivering messes that were dragged back to their rooms. Then, it was the orderlies, technicians and administrative staff's turn. This time, it was Castiel and Balthazar that remembered everything that happened to them. Sam touched both boys then the adults in question, giving the memories of his brothers to them. After crushing them under emotional weight that had them all crying, it was the guards turn. Gabriel then came forward since Michael felt that the twins might accidentally kill them. He snapped his fingers and changed the guards into rats. Then he snapped his fingers again and the hall was filled with the sounds of rat terriers. The rats were filled with terror and ran away. Michael grinned, and then it was his turn. Feeny and the board of governors were brought out. Feeny had stained his pants when he was confronted with three of the Winchester boys, now it was the adults and Michael he faced. The adults chained their prisoners while Michael fixed a collar on them. The collars had been modified by Gabriel to never come off. They also would deliver electric shocks if the men wearing them ever had a thought about harming another child. On the collars were the words: I am guilty of harming little Angels.

When they were done at Paradise, the group knew that it was just the beginning. The whole group had taken a vow that they would rescue the rest of the special children and make sure they would no longer be torn away from their family to be used.


At the Inferno Facility-

The guards watched as a group of people appeared at the facility's gates. In the lead was a blond haired, grey-eyed young man with six white wings. He had on a white shirt, blue jeans and a golden colored breast plate. Next to him stood a sandy hair, blue-eyed young man with six orange-red wings dressed in a red shirt and blue jeans. As the guards looked at the group, only two other people stood out: one was a young man dressed all in black with six ebony wings while the other was a young man dressed in a suit and trench coat with two dark grey wings. Of all the people standing outside the gates, it was these four that struck terror in the guards' hearts. A couple of the guards fell to their knees, praying for forgiveness of all their sins while another guard went to open the gates and admit the Angelic army they knew they could never win against.

Later, it was said by the survivors that the Angel of Death had passed over the facility and anyone not marked by God, died. When Michael heard the rumors, he smiled grimly. Then he thought, "Look out Purgatory, you're next."

It took a couple more years but the government's genetic programs came to a screeching halt. The current administration was thrown out by the will of the people and those responsible for the programs that tore child from parents were put on trial for crimes against humanity. During the trials, one thing kept happening. The defendants as one started to plead guilty. When asked why by the judges, all they said was an Angel of God visited them and commanded they atone for their crimes or be smote. The defendants would also look into the gallery and became nervous if they saw a young man dressed all in black with another young man in a suit and trench coat. A couple of defendants became hysterical and one actually died of a heart attack while in court. Every so often, a black feather and a dark grey feather would be found aftewards.

People swore that Angels were watching to make sure justice was served.