My name is Eleanor Movolo Riddle I have black hair and red eyes. I am the daugter of Lord voldermort last year my dad ended up on the back of a proffesors head and tried to get the philosophers stone, Harry potter faced him and won so now dad is just a soul in hiding I was living on my own in the Riddle house being the only one of my family tecnically alive. I heard a knock on the door. I got up and answered it.
"Hello Miss Riddle" Smiled an elderly man with a long white beard his blue eyes twinkling behind his half moon glasses.

"You must be Proffesor Dumbledore please come in, Would you like a drink sir" I said trying to be polite.

"No thank you I was here about Hogwarts actually, You will be turning 11 soon and there may be a place for you, however I do have some worries, due to your family history, I do hope you understand" Dumbledore said

"You mean because of my dad well I don't exactly have much to do with him do I?" I said truefully sure he turned up now and again but it was a rare.

"Indeed I will allow you to go but you will understand that the teachers and I will have to keep a close eye on you" Dumbledore said with a bit of worry clear in his voice.

"I understand why, I realise you have to take certian measures to ensure the safety of the other students especially after all the stuff with my dad" I said with a smile

"I'm glad you understand will you be able to get your things and head to kings cross alone or do you need transport?" Dumbledore asked

"I'll be fine, I'll go to london to get my things in a few days and then stay at the leaky couldren until school starts" I said

"Ok then, Heres your book list and you train ticket, See you at school" Dumbledor said and left

Diagon Alley

I had been around Diagon alley and got most of my things I headed to Flourish and Blotts, Lockhart pulled Harry potter to the front told everyone he was the new Hogwarts Defense against the dark arts teacher. After all that I spotted Luscious Malfoy and his son near the Weaselys I saw Hagrid the games keeper pull Luscious and Arthur apart after they ended up fighting I left the shop and caught up with Luscious and his son who were heading down the street.

"Muggle fighting don't you have any dignity Luscious" I smiled

"Who are you to tell me about..." Luscioius started turning to face me then stopped " oh i'm sorry Miss Riddle, it's a pleasure to see you again, as for the fightI assure you It was a momentary lapse in gudgement"

"yer anyway I'm going to get my hogwarts stuff back to my room at the leaky couldren" I smiled and left Once in my room I made sure everything was packed. Afterwards I went to sleep I would be heading to Kings cross the next morning.

Hogwarts express

I woke the next day put on some black shorts with ripped black leggings and a plain black t-shirt and some black high heel new rock boots. I grabbed my trunk, wand and owl. I headed off to kings cross station When I got there I walked straight through the barrier without caring whether I was seen or not. I got onto the train and found and empty compartment. I saw Luscious' son pass I opened the door.

"OI Malfoy!" I called as he was walking down the train with some friends of his (well I assume they were his friends) they turned

"Hey!, Riddle wasn't it?" He smiled

"That's right Eleanor Riddle, I saw you with Lucious, your his son right?" I smiled

"Yer the names Draco" He smiled

"Right, why don't you and your friends join me I need to get to know my soon to be fellow house mates" I said happily

"So you want to be a Slytherin?" a black haired girl with Draco asked

"Theres no want involed I'm a Slytherin through and through" I grinned

"Confident I like that" Draco smiled.

Me, Draco, Crabb, Goyle and the girl who was named Pansy talked for ages. Pansy left to go to the toilet, then came back in smirking

"This is going to make your day when I tell you what I just heared Draco" Pansy said grinning

"what?" Draco asked sitting up straight

"I just found out Potter and his friend Weasley the one in our year isn't on the train they missed it" Pansy smirked

"Good I can't stand the way everyone in the wizarding world thinks he so great it drives me mad" I said with a smile.

"You hate him too?" pansy said

"to an extent" I replied I didn't hate him (Although I used to)

"Excellent none of us Slytherins can stand Potter, his friends or any of the other Gryffindors" Draco grinned

Soon we were about to stop I got up and changed into my school robes. I followed the rest of the first years to the boats. Soon we were in the great hall waiting to be sorted. loads of people were sorted and finally I was called up.

"No question on where to put you" the hat muttered to me and instantly called aloud "SLYTHERIN"

I got up and sat by Draco soon everyone was sorted. Soon rumours started spreading that Harry Potter and one of his friends had arrived to school in an illegal enchanted car.

soon we were lead to our common room and dorms. As soon as my head hit my pillow I fell asleep.

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