I recived a letter the day before we would be going back to Hogwarts, asking me to meet up with them, I knew it wasn't Fred as it didn't match his handwriting. I decided I would go mostly out of curiosity. I had been questioned by the minastry about the riots, I told them that even though I was voldermorts daughter I was rarely informed about the goings on of the deatheaters. I was sat with Terrance and Adrian on the train and we sat talking. We also sat talking throughout the sorting and the feast. We were informed that Alastor Moody more well know as Mad Eye Moody was our new defence against the dark arts teacher, but all the fuss was over the fact Hogwarts would be holding the Triwizard Tornement. After the feast everyone went to their dorms. I pretended to sleep, once I was sure everyo else really was asleep. I quietly got up, dressed and snuck out of the dungeons and to the bathroom on the third floor. Moaning Mrytle was there.

"Hey Mrytle" I smiled

"What do you want?" She snapped

"I was trying to be nice but if your going to be like that fine, get lost Mrytle" I hissed she let out a wail and vanished down the bathroom, maybe I was slightly harsh on her, my dad was the cause of her death, but there was no time to dwell on these thoughts as the door had opened behind me.

"Hello Riddle" Came a familar girls voice, I spun around to see Hermione.

"What are you doing here Granger, get lost, I'm meeting someone" I hissed

"I know, I wrote the note, so drop the act" she smiled

"Act?" I asked

"I know you and Fred are freinds, I saw you two in the Weaslys garden the night of the riot at the quidditch world cup" Hermione smiled

"What rubbish you must of saw someone else with him" I denied

"Look Riddle, I heard the whole conversation, he didn't go back for a snake named El, he went back for you, which you thought was foolish, you spoke highly of his family far greater words than you have ever said about yourself, even when you hide behind the Slytherin mask" She said the smile never leaving her lips.

"Whats your point in all of this, you dare... "I started but she laughed "What's so funny Granger?"
"I'm not going to say anyhing, I know whats at stake for you if people find out and its far greater than Freds family finding out he's freinds with a Slytherin, I doubt that if your dad does come back at some point and finds out about your secret meetings that you'll be safe because your his daughter, if anything you'd be more in danger, yet you still take the risk, don't worry, people won't hear it from me, I promise you that" Hermione said the smile never faltering, she then went to walk out.

"Granger?" I called back she stopped

"yes Riddle?" She aked

"Your all right for a Gryffindor" I said mannaging a small smile myself

"Your alright too, for you-know-who's daughter" She smirked and left, I laughed slightly at her reaction, she really was alright and I kind of liked her attitude towards me at that moment, it was confident compared to the Hermione I normally see. I left and wandered around a while when I ran into one of the twins, but I wasn't sure which.

"Watch where you going Weasley" I hissed. If it was Fred he'd roll his eyes or laugh, or greet me with my first name or one of his nicknames for me.

"Shut it Riddle" He snarled back, it was deffinatly George.

"Wheres your brother?" I asked curious, the only time I saw them apart was when Fred was with me.

"None of your business" He snapped

"Wow, and I thought Slytherins were supposed to be the stuck up gits" I said and walked off.

I was laid on the rocks by the black lack in the warm sun in my python form when I sensed vibrations in the ground, I raised my head slightly to see the twins and Lee Jordan walking, one of twins kicking rocks angrily as he walked. Soon they sat on the rock. I uncurled my self and began to make my way towards them staying hidden for a second, thinking about which twin was which.

"What the hell is wrong with you today George?" Fred snapped as soon as I knew which was him, I moved towards him and curled beside him. He spotted me and lifted me into his lap. George gave me a filthy look which I ignored.

"If you must know, I ran into You-know-whos daughter again" Georged growled.

"Dude, can't you just call her Riddle?" Fred asked as he saw my head move back in warning I would strike out.

"Dude why do you always say that?" George snapped

"Because even despite that cruel trick we played on her, she's not even tried to get revenge" Fred argued.

"Cruel trick, she deserves it" George snarled

"For what? she's never done anything, the amount of chances she had to hex us, in fact she's never done anything but treat us the way we treat her in fact, she treats us better, she's never, hexed us, hurt us or played any cruel jokes on us. but we have to her, yet the only way she pays us back for those is the odd snide comment and thats only when we make one first, most of the time she just ignores us" Fred snapped back. "We treat her like death eaters treat muggleborns and why just because her father is you-know-who she can't choose, who her father is"

I moved behind them, made sure no one was looking and change back to my human form.

"Fred's right, I can't choose who my father is, trust me if I had a chose it wouldn't of been him, I assure you" I said

"Did you just call Fred by his first name?" George asked and I looked at them shocked taking a step back. George stood gripping his wand. I backed off I took hold of my wand, at this George raise his at me, I raised my fury in my eyes.

"George Stop!" Fred asked looking worried but George was furious he wasn't going to give.

"Eleanor stop?" Fred asked

"I may not start duels but I will fight if challaged" I hissed

"Elle please for me" Fred asked there was worry and hurt in his eyes, I looked to him then to George then back at Fred, I then dropped my wand

"Do what you will George, I won't hurt anyone Fred cares for" I said looking to him then back at George, Lee was now stood beside him and both looked shocked their wands still raised, I waited but Fred stepped in front of me.

"You care about Fred?" George asked

"Ask Hermione" I said

"Hermione as in Hermione Granger?" Lee asked, I nodded.

"How would she know?" Fred asked

"The night the death eaters attacked the world cup, she was in the garden" I told him

"How long?" Fred asked

"She heard all of it" I said

"So she heard what you said about my family?" He questioned

"Yes, she said she wouldn't say anything, but I think she needs to talk to George" I said

"Go to her, Tell her I sent you and that I said she can tell you, if not send her to see me i'll be in the back of the library" I said looking at George

"Fine I'll go see her" George said lowering his wand He then walked off along with Lee Fred stayed behind

"Go with them she's more likely to believe them if your there" I told him, he nodded and ran after them. I changed back into my python form and curled back up on the rocks.