"Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Tree Hill. I hope you enjoyed your flights and I hope you enjoy your time in this unique small town. There is only one Tree Hill." The pilot of the plane said over the intercom.

Brooke was looking out of the window as the plane landed. In her lap sat her daughter Juliet.

After finding out she was pregnant Brooke fled to California with her parents.

"We're home sweetie!" Brooke whispered into the ear of her now five year old. It has been hard for Brooke to be a single parent but it has also been very rewarding.

"Is this our new home momma?" Juliet asked Brooke in her usual sweet voice.

"Yes sweetie. This is where momma grew up!" Brooke and Juliet exited the plane and entered the airport.

She held onto the little's girls hand as the two made their way through the airport. Everything still looked the same. The faux leather seats in the lounge where still torn in all of the same places with the cotton from the cushions still poking through. The smell of coffee still flowed through the air.

"It stinks in here momma." Said the sleepy five year old.

Brooke laughed, "I know honey! We'll be at our new house soon. It won't stink there I promise!"

Brooke's assistant, Millicent met Brooke and Juliet outside of the airport with a new car.

"Nice choice Millie!" Brooke said as she loaded her daughter into the back seat.

"Thank you." Millicent threw her boss Brooke Davis the keys to the sleek black Audi. "Your house is unloaded and decorated with no boxes in sight."

"Good job Millicent!" Brooke climbed into the driver side of the car.

"I guess I'll just take a taxi to my hotel." Millicent turned to fetch a taxi cab.

Brooke stopped her, "Nonsense! You can ride with Juliet and I and you can stay with us until you get your own place." She started the car and waited for Millicent to get in.

"Thank you!" Millicent ran around the black car and jumped into the passenger seat. "I promise not to be a nuisance."

Brooke laughed, "You are really unique Millie. You know that?" After for driving for only half an hour Brooke pulled into the driveway of a white three story beach house.

"Is this our new house momma?" Juliet asked from the backseat.

"It sure is." Brooke turned off the car and smiled at the sight of the house. "We're home now baby!"

"It's pretty!" Juliet squealed. "I can't wait to live here."

Both adults laughed at the five year old as they climbed out of the car. Brooke unloaded Juliet from the car and let her room up the stairs to the front door.

"Be careful sweetie!" She called out to her daughter. "Don't hurt yourself."

"I won't momma!" Juliet called back to her mother.

Millicent began to help Brooke unloaded her trunk. "So now that you're back in Tree Hill do you plan on telling Juliet's father that Juliet actually exists?"


"Uncle Lucas!" Jamie Scott called out as Lucas walked into Karen's Café.

Nathan and Haley got married the year after Brooke left and soon after they found out they were having a baby. Jamie Scott was now four years old.

"Hey little man!" Lucas picked up his nephew and carried him over to the counter in the café.

Lucas was grateful for Haley keeping the café open after his mom left to go travel the world with her new husband, Andy and his little sister Lilly Scott.

"I am not little!" Jamie tried to tackle his uncle but Lucas' stance did not budge.

Haley came from the back of the kitchen and saw her son struggling to knock his uncle down. "Jamie Scott you be nice!" Haley called out to her son. "Now you apologize to your Uncle Lucas!"

"I'm sorry Uncle Lucas!" Jamie said in a soft voice.

Lucas laughed and tousled his nephew's sandy blond hair. "It's okay buddy." Lucas turned in his stool to face his best friend and sister-in-law Haley Scott. "So what is today's special?" He asked.

Haley looked around the full kitchen. "Peach pie is today's special!" She said with a laugh, "You know I am no good with picking the special." She poured herself a cup of coffee. "Want some?" Haley offered Lucas.

Lucas nodded, "Sure. Thanks Hales." He turned back to his nephew. "Shouldn't you be playing with toys and stuff?" He playfully teased his tiny nephew.

He still couldn't believe Nathan and Haley had a baby in high school. The two made it seem so easy. He knew he could never do it and still come out in one piece.

Jamie raced back to his table of toys in the corner of the café.

Haley handed Lucas his cup of coffee. "With two sugars and a whole bunch of cream!" She smiled and took the stool next to him.

"You still remember how I take my coffee?" He asked as he took a small sip.

"Why wouldn't I? You come in here every day asking for a cup." Haley laughed and took several small sips out of her coffee.

Lucas laughed with his friend, "True. True."

"So how you doing Luke?" Haley asked.

After Brooke left Lucas and Peyton broke up. Peyton left to go to California to find Brooke but had no luck. Instead she found her old high school crush Jake Jagielski. The two started dated and got married just a few months ago. Now they were back in town and Peyton had her own recording studio called Red Bedroom Records. Lucas recently started dating his publicist Lindsay. The two were getting pretty serious pretty fast but Haley knew Lucas still harbored feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Davis. No one had heard from Brooke except Haley and Haley promised to not tell Lucas about Juliet.

"I'm good!" Lucas admitted to Haley.

He could now look at the billboards with Brooke's face on them and not feel like he was being punched in the gut. He hadn't realized how much he loved Brooke until after she'd left without a word. He wanted many times to track her down but didn't want to be a burden upon her. He'd only hope he'd see her and that beautiful smile again.