Evan felt nothing but pain. Pure agony filled his body and mind whenever he came somewhere close to consciousness, even semi-consciousness was too much for him. He tried to move. Not that he hoped to somehow make it out of his prison, no, he was far beyond this. He wasn't even sure, if he was still fighting to stay alive. But the thought that shifting a bit could ease some of his pains.

His body didn't respond to the orders his brain was giving. He felt disconnected with his limbs, but he was hurting too much. So that wasn't possible at all. It didn't take long and he lost consciousness again. Unconsciousness lasted longer with every time of passing out.

Evan didn't came back to awareness after this last attempt to move. He woke up now and then, but his mind had shut down. He was drifting in and out pain until he reached the point, where the agony didn't stop anymore, even in the deepest unconsciousness he could feel the pain.

"Okay, Aaron, I think it's time you start talking to us."

The young man just looked at him. Smiled. Didn't say a single word.

"You fuck-," -ing bastard he was gonna say, but knew it wouldn't help any. Sometimes, he hated to be a cop, he hated the rules he had to follow, the laws that protected the criminals and made it damn hard to let the cops do their job and protect the ones that really needed it; the victims.

Okay, he needed to get out of the room for a minute to calm down again. He didn't want to use violence. No, that wasn't quite right. He wanted to use violence, but that wouldn't do him any good or his career for that matter.

He was just opening the door, when the friendly voice of the man behind him, stopped him. "Come again?"

"I. want. to. talk. to. the. doctor."

"You're not hurt, why would you need a doctor?"

"I said 'the' doctor. Evan's brother."

"No, that's not possible."

"I'll tell him where his brother is. If you don't allow it, he won't find him in time."

The urge to wipe this smile out of the relaxed face grew inside the cop. So he left the room without another word.

His boss an the attorney were waiting for him. They had watched the whole interview. Before he was able to voice his anger and disagreement the attorney said: "Ask Dr. Lawson, if he wants to talk to him."

"Are you crazy!? This guy will only play with the doctor and not tell him anything at all, you idiot!" The detective yelled at the older man.

"Watch your language, detective!" His boss stepped between the two.

There wasn't a chance for of them to discuss the subject any further.

"What is this about?" Hank asked. Nobody answered his question. "You talked about me, didn't you?"

The detective was the first that found his voice again. "He wants to talk to you. He said, he'd tell you where your brother is, but he just wants to play with your mind. I know guys like him."

Evan didn't remember how he got the phone in his hands or how he came to wherever he was right now. All he knew was agony and the fear to die alone. The fear to die without hearing the sound again, that had been his lifeline since he had been a little boy. God, he was scared like hell. His mind wasn't clear enough to make any conscious decisions, but his heart knew what he had to do.

That was the story how he looked through blurry eyes at the phone, before one of his bloody and probably broken fingers started to dial a number that he knew without actually thinking it.

Hank was still trying to convince the detective and his captain that he would talk to Aaron, if they just let him. He didn't succeed so far.

His jeans vibrated. It took him a second to realize that it wasn't his pocket, but his phone in there. But the now playing ring tone made him nervous. The caller was unknown. He didn't know who could possibly call him and he honestly wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone now, not before his brother was found, but he hoped the men in front of him would change their minds, when he gave them a minute to discuss the problem without him.

Hank answered the phone with a trembling hand. "Yes?"

For a while there was nothing, but then he could here his brother's voice. Hank. His lifeline, his protector and best friend.


The only sound he was able to bring out was a painful groan. He was afraid Hank would hang up, if he didn't let him know that it was him.

But his brother surprised him. "Evan? Ev, is that you?"

Hank sounded strange. Like he was crying, but why would he cry? Evan was confused. Did his brother hurt, too?

"Evan? Please talk to me, kiddo."

"He-e-Hen- Eny?"

"Yes, Evan." He could hear tears. Yes, his big brother was crying. But he still didn't understand why. "Are you ok, Ev? Do you know where you are?"

"No tears."

He heard the sad laugh on the other side. Evan wanted to comfort his brother.

"I'll stop crying, when you're back with me. Promise."

"Hurts, Eny." Evan couldn't hide his pain any longer. It was more than he could take. He cried out, when a wave of agony shook his whole body. "Help!"

"Oh God, where are you Evan?" Hank felt a new level of desperation. His baby brother sounded awful, weak, exhausted, fighting for every breath and word. "Come on, man, I know you can make it. Tell me, where you are, Evan."

"Dunno. Pain. Hurts."

"I know, I'll come and stop the pain, okay?"

"So tired. Sleepy."

"No, please stay awake for me, just a little longer, okay?" Hank's legs gave in. He knelt down, trying to fight the feeling that he couldn't find his brother in time.

"Hurts, tired." Another groan, another cry in pain. Evan's voice was becoming weaker. "Sleep."

"No! Evan stay with me, I'll come get you."

"Love, Hank."

It sounded just too much like a goodby in his ears. He couldn't let that happen. If he'd tell him now, that he loved him too, he knew Evan would take it as an agreement to let go. Henry wasn't ready for that. "Listen to me, kiddo. You've got to wait for me. You have to dry my tears." That was mean, but he didn't know what else to say.


"That's good, Evan. I'm so proud of you. I'll talk to someone who knows where you are, please stay on the phone and stay awake."


Hank got on his feet. The captain had left to find out from where the call was coming. Henry told the attorney and the detective, that were waiting for any news, that he would go in now and that they couldn't stop him. The detective wanted to protest, but the attorney held him back.

Hank entered the room and sat down at the table. His eyes locked with Aaron'. "Where is my brother?"

"Ah, the doctor. Hank, right?"

"You know who I am, so tell me where my brother is."

"Not so fast, Henry. You have to be patient."

"Well, I lost my patience the moment Evan was taken away from me."

"Yes, that was kinda cool, wasn't it, doc?"

"Where is he?"

"I'm sure you want to do me a favor."

Henry took a deep breath before answering. "What do you want? Money?"

"Oh no, don't be silly. We already have all the money from your accounts."

That was a surprise. He honestly hadn't noticed that his money was missing, again. But right now, he couldn't care less. "Where is Evan?"

"Well, since you mention him. He gave us what we needed to get your money. Your little brother betrayed you again. But don't get too upset, I can assure you it wasn't easy to get any information from him. The worthless ass was pretty stubborn. He needed to learn some lessons, before he was ready to talk. Didn't think the bitch had it in him."

"SHUT UP!" Hank grabbed the man's shirt.

"Shut up? Really? Didn't you want to know where he is? Make up your mind, doc."

"Okay, what do you want?"

"Let me see; give me back, what your brother took from me."

"What could that be?"

"My childhood, the happy beautiful woman that my mother has been before I was born. The father that I missed for too many years. The life that I lost because of this selfish bastard!"

"He isn't older than you, why do you blame him?"

"Your slow, doc. Think about it, brother!" He spit the last word out.

Henry felt dizzy as he finally understood. "So Eddie is your father, huh?"

"Yeah! And it's your brothers fault that he didn't leave your mother, while my mother was pregnant with me."

"I'd say it's Eddie's fault. He ruined my life and most of all my brothers life and if you want to blame anyone than blame your damn father!"

"Sure, the little bastard had the good life and childhood that I had wanted for myself."

"Eddie never gave him a chance. He abused him mentally and physically. Hit the kid since he was a baby. Evan never had a childhood either."

Aaron didn't say anything for a while. While Hank was fighting sickness, they looked at each other. But then there was a noise on the phone. He almost forgot about Evan. "Hey kiddo, just stay with me, okay? I'm coming for you."

"Love you, Eny."

No, not again. "I know where you are, I'm there in no time, okay, kiddo?" He lied, he hated it, but he had no choice.

"Too much pain, so tired, sorry."

"NO! EVAN! STAY WITH ME!" He could tell that Evan was unconscious. That just had to be it. He couldn't be dead. Not Evan R. Lawson, CFO of HankMed. The pain in Henry's chest felt like his heart broke in thousand pieces.

"I tell you where your brother is, if the police let me see my father."

"I'm sure they won't. But how about another deal? You tell me where my brother is and I won't kill your fucking dad!"

"You wouldn't do that. His your father, too and you don't have it in you. You're not a killer. And you wouldn't survive in jail."

"If I lose my brother, there is nothing else left for me to live for. I'm sure you know what they say about people that have nothing to lose. See me like a wild animal, like a mother bear that protects her kids."

Aaron wasn't scared, even though he had reason looking in Henry's mad eyes and the cold look of his face. But he didn't want to risk his fathers life. "Come closer, brother."

Henry bent over and Aaron whispered the address in his ear. He got to the door and didn't turn around anymore. But when he left the room, he told Aaron loud to never again call him 'brother'.

Hank didn't wait for the other men that had watched the whole conversation. He just ran away. Determined to find his brother and not be too late. He put the phone to his mouth. "I dunno, if you hear me, Evan, but I'll be with you in a few minutes, just wait for me. Please don't leave me."

Evan didn't hear his brothers begging words. He didn't hear anything. He didn't move. There was no pain anymore. Every feeling had stopped. He was gone.

Someone, Hank, screamed his name. Knelt down beside him, felt for a pulse, looked for his breathing. The policemen that had followed his big brother waited for the ambulance. Strong hands pulled him up. Hank pulled him to his chest, held him tight to his own heart. Let his tears fall down on his brothers face, his lips kissing Evan's long hair. "Nonononononono, I love you, Evan, nononono."

The sirens were coming closer. Hank didn't hear them. He was in shock. The paramedics didn't get him away from Evan. They had to sedate Hank in order to get to the man he was holding so dearly in his arms.

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