Chpt 1

I'm alive! Well, I wasn't gone long in the first place. Anyway, I'm coming to you guys with a new story, and, just so you guys know; I tend to write the entire chapter within an hour of starting. I never take more than a day, either. So, the day this is posted, is the very day I started writing it.

Now, if I owned DGM, I would not be in school; and I would not be eating tacos. No, I'd be writing more, but I don't own DGM, so I can't write more.


He stalked down the streets his long navy hair trailing behind him in his brisk strides. His father, Tiedol, had told him to find a woman within a year to marry, or he would marry Lenalee; the girl that thirst for his attention. He hated her with a passion rarely seen, and rarely showed. She was a slut, with all the perfume and make-up. The kind of girl that thinks she's better then everyone else.

Now, the question was, to run away; or to find a girl he could tolerate. He preferred to former, he hated all the girls. They had too much make-up, and way too many clothes. Like hell he was going to choose one of them. So it was decided, he would run away tonight.


It was a dark and stormy night…. Okay, it wasn't stormy, but it sure as hell was dark. He could barely see a thing in front of him, and he couldn't tell you where he was. But he knew he was in a forest, that much is sure. He could tell from all the trees and the soft grass under his feet.

Suddenly, as he made a turn, he saw a light, not too far away. Maybe he could stay there for the night. He wove through the trees to the strange light.

The light was from a medium sized cottage, it looked to be a bit old, but that was to be expected. The door was open slightly, letting a sliver of light out and into the forest. He knocked, but received no reply. So he opened the door, to enter the house.

Inside there was a carpet covering the floor, and by the door there was a place to leave your shoes. He closed the door and removed his, looking further into the house.

There was a small couch towards the back of the room, and a nice wooden coffee table in front of it. Though a door on the left there was a kitchen filled with the usual stuff. And in the back there was another room. This one was a bit dark, and had a large bed in it. To the left of it was a side table. But in the bed, was a young girl. She looked no older than 12, with long white hair falling to her lower back. Her lips were a lovely cherry red, almost matching a gruesome red scar that started as a pentacle, and ran down her cheek like a tear. Her skin was pale, but soft… Wait a moment, soft? Why the hell did he touch her!?

Kanda watched the beauty before him, and slowly drifted off to more concerning matters.

Where would he go? Tiedol would keep looking for him until he was sure to be dead. He could just keep moving, but Tiedol would find him at one point….

A small stir came from the girl in front of him, and she sleepily opened her eyes, yawning cutely. Her lovely silver eyes scanning the room, before landing on Kanda.

"Who are you?" Her voice came out in a whisper, surprising him by speaking in a bit older version of his native tongue. She watched him with curiosity, but also with wariness.

Kanda didn't know what to say, other than she was flat out gorgeous. For once in his life, the great Yu Kanda was tongue-tied. But he managed to find his voice after a few, a light blush dusting his cheeks.

"Yu Kanda. What about you?" He watched her as she sat up and faced him, her eyes tracking every move he made.

"Ellen Walker." Was the reply.